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Ashar and I!

It was love at first sight! I met him in 1979 and we became best of friends. In 1981, he changed the school and I raised my tantrums to be shifted. I was, as usual! 1982 end, I was admitted in The Daly College, whined about the hostel life and returned to Delhi in 1984. […]

Words make the world go ROUND!

Words from Soumya . “Honest is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Rahul. It was a true pleasure training him because of his keen interest in the training. It didn’t seem like he was sitting there because he was paid to do so. He actually wanted to learn. That […]

I am the King of the World… OK, My World…

On 18th June 2007, for the second time in my colourfullll life, I was Coronated the King.  Berozgaar.Raaja


One of the BESTEST parting email that I ever received. Dear Friends , As Its TIME for me to bid ADIEU to TEAM INTUIT , I want to take this opportunity to THANK TEAM from the bottom of my heart for my success in the organization . I feel lucky to have been associated with […]

To All The Womyn!!!

*************** *************** Hi All! This one is dedicated to All Ye Womyn !!! The men reading this, INTROSPECT !~!

House That Father PRODUCED…

No professional architect or contractor was engaged. Using his PC and Brains, he designed each and every detail! He Slogged here…ALONE… Day and at times at NIGHTS! He PRODUCED This ONE, like a BABY… This was HIM… Ra.

So Mote IT Be!!!

  You come face to face with your fate today Libra and it doesn’t look too bad after all. A special link between your ruler Venus and the karmic node indicates you’re in a special place where life moves forward quickly and easily. There’s no chance of you making a mistake and missing your fate […]

Pakistani Strings…

Today we had our IBM annual day. Strings from Pakistan were there. Methinks, they should be made Ambassadors for No-Smoking Campaigns… For 3 NONSTOP hours that they were there were there, I did not move one SINGLE inch for 1. Water. 2. Cigarette. 3. On the House Beer. 4. Rest to my Tired Feet and […]

Protected: … If Wishes Were old, lame, Horses… (The Password is around. You need to fish it…)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

BESTTT compliment, EVER…

Yesterday I had gone to attend my Ex-Principal, Mr. B.B.S. Pathania’s daughter, Garima’s wedding. He was talking to someone and said,

How I Spent My Sunday….

Technically and CommonSensically (Also Egomaniacally), I consider only 4 matches. My Father (Glori ), My God Father, Umesh (My Old Cook) and Tanveer. Tanveer was checking out my Pistol and then commented on the “hardness” of the Trigger. I told him that this was the factory default and “I have to live with it”… Not […]