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Ashar and I!

It was love at first sight! I met him in 1979 and we became best of friends. In 1981, he changed the school and I raised my tantrums to be shifted. I was, as usual! 1982 end, I was admitted in The Daly College, whined about the hostel life and returned to Delhi in 1984. […]

Late. Mr. Ata-ul Ghaffar!

An अंकिलजी since 1979; an inspiration since 1991; CLL fighter since 1996 a friend since 2001. Mr. Ataul Ghaffar is being sorely missed! Everyday! Every moment reminds of his overwhelming presence with his attention to AND persistent follow-up of the minutest detail! Bhopal is my The-Mandatory-Stop when crossing equator of India. Sometimes, due to exigencies beyond […]

Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon This song *NEVER* fails to bring that odd-childish tear in my tired old eyes. So much so, I refrain from listening to this song in public! Now the question that bothers me for QUITE a few years (Since Denali Training.), off and on, is:  who am I?

High Time?

Yesterday I went to the marriage and later reception of Jaideep, son of Gursharan Uncle. I met many of my Father’s old friends and was especially impressed by the unforgettable social skills of Raman Saluja and his devoted wife. Had two large ones of Smirnoff Vanilla on both occasions. Came home and slept. Now come […]

Contentious Voter.

I went to the voting booth early as to avoid the rush. I should not have! There are 20 votes at our address. (My Father was an MLA from this constituency and hence many people got themselves registered at our address) ALL the names were there except mine! Tried to inquire with the officials and […]

Happiness… … …is being with YOU… …

Still Blank…

There is quite a lot that has happened over these few months and might even be written over here and shared. Especially about my coming to Aapdo Aamdabad (Our Ahmedabad) and the various experiences. However, whenever I sit with this page in front of me, I get BLANK. Today, again the same happened. For how long, […]

Cleaning Grandfather’s .30 SpringField Carbine.

.30 SpringField US Carbine, shot using Nokia N-73. I was trying to provide some basic protection against the elements, as the monsoon is approaching and the care-taking abilities of Police in India are well known.

Papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Papa… Almost GREATEST… EveryOne Ship Matches in New York, USA ??? He WAS Loyal, you must say… Maybe, not a Loyalist…

Ms. Bhutto

Last night reminded me of the night when I heard the news about Mr. Rajiv Gandhi! The feeling was just-so the same! The anger, the helplessness and the futility of it all… I *do* mind this scheme of things. Ra.

This is my new Job…

A Short Synopsis of the story that we are working on to be made into a full length feature film. My contribution, here it is… Wishing that horses could fly, Yours truly Ra.

Thus Spake Novalis

It is certain any conviction gains infinitely, the moment another soul will believe in it… My conviction, shall write about it later!!!

An Engagement and a Few Fallen Stars…

She could be THE Eternal Spring!!!


One of the BESTEST parting email that I ever received. Dear Friends , As Its TIME for me to bid ADIEU to TEAM INTUIT , I want to take this opportunity to THANK TEAM from the bottom of my heart for my success in the organization . I feel lucky to have been associated with […]

House That Father PRODUCED…

No professional architect or contractor was engaged. Using his PC and Brains, he designed each and every detail! He Slogged here…ALONE… Day and at times at NIGHTS! He PRODUCED This ONE, like a BABY… This was HIM… Ra.

BESTTT compliment, EVER…

Yesterday I had gone to attend my Ex-Principal, Mr. B.B.S. Pathania’s daughter, Garima’s wedding. He was talking to someone and said,

Travel and Travel And Travel !!!

It all started on 13th October, 1997, my 22nd Birthday…Spending Wasted- Time, doing nothing, living alone in a house with 8 Police Constables as company as all Family had left for Banglore. Dr. Naveen Kotwal, my God-Father of sorts came at 5 PM and said (not ASKED) “What are YOU doing here like this on […]

Snakes and Leeches…

Here is something I emailed to friends a long time ago… Sidhu Saaheb posted its reply HERE… 19-06-2001 8:59:20 PM, Today I got my Fifth Leach bite and THE FIRST (TURRUM PUM PUM!!!) Snake Snick. OK! Not a snake bite but YES!!! Surely a Snick… Ab hua yoon ki, I was walking down the fields, […]

So now, Chautauqua of the day…

Go Fuck Yourself… Else I shall do it, Soon, Baby, Soon…