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There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that it did not behove any of us to find fault with the rest of us.

ISS SSTV Reception Hints

via ISS SSTV Reception Hints

Jyoti Shiv Kumar Urwasti Kampala 420 YogaAcharyaDhiraaj ShriSirSri YogAyurveda House! #YogAyurvedaHouse!

Jyoti Shiv Kumar Urwasti 420 YogaAcharyaDhiraaj!
The FRAUD of Vashishth.

Selective destruction! By #Dobby_Does!

My #Dobby_Does! came potty-trained and listen-the-NO and this-is-what-I-know-I-am-NOT-supposed-to-chew/decimate trained from the forest where I found him at approximately 1 month of age! Abandoned and an orphan! Not so, anymore! However, if I am out to town for a long enough time, to show his anger, he will SPECIFICALLY target those very items that he NEVER […]

Arbitrary? जिसकी लाठी, उसकी भैंस?

‪Good morning, @DelhiAirport! While travelling to Bhopal via #SG2623 today morning, the @CISFHQrs staff made my bag go through BIS scanner, 3 times. Good, they were doing a good job! The item that piqued their interest and suspicion in my baggage was a string of magnets.‬ However, while rummaging through my wallet, the personnel opened […]

“Why do you need 4 knives?” #JhaHaHa Time for a Kephart 5″?

Ouch ouch OUCH! That had to hurt. Kephart’s knife. The overall length of this model is traditional, blade about 4 1/2 inches. The knife’s signature profile is a straight top-line 1/8-inch thick… Weight 0.4 lb Blade Length 5.125 inches Overall length 9.625 inches Edge Angles 20 Degrees Shape Drop Point Blade Thickness \ profile (90*) […]

#Corsair #FlashVoyager #GTX 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (#CMFVYGTX3B-#256GB)

#OuchOuchOuch! Feels like a scam though I know that it is not! Surely, feels like it, though. I purchased it in 2015 and today, it is nearly one third the price. This is how fast technology is progressing. Otherwise, Chandan Indoria​, it runs BLAZING-LY fast. Thanks a tonne for recommending it, Tabassum Insaf​. I run […]

भगवत दयाल शर्मा My E V E R Y T H I N G!

This was, probably, said to Om Uncle, “र्रै देखिए ज़रा, कदी पंडितायिन (सावित्री देवी) ने भी तो पार्टी नहीं बदल ली है!” #भगवत_दयाल_शर्मा- My Baba! My maker! My Mummy! My value system! My friend! My doctor! My toy! My Papa! My teacher! My E V E R Y T H I N G! History headline: Gaya […]

Dobby_Does! attacked for the second time by the same bitch! Say, what now?

Today, attacked for 2nd time by neighbour’s bitch whom I have promised to kill if repeated. She showed and practiced #MightIsRight and I’ll reciprocate, on behalf of my Dobby_Does!; #Zimbly! Dogs are smart enough to understand repercussions. Mine is! If she isn’t, her owner should put her on a leash!

Man proposes, God? Well, well, well!

Methinks that God read this Facebook post of mine and said, “Achhaa Bette! Taking decisions? Let’s see!” This #Dobby followed us to the house, 1 kilometre uphill and stayed back! What to do? Let’s keep in mind that MamaJi Colonel Kuldip Singh Sandhu says, “This is the most #RudderlessShip that I have seen”

Hardware Notifications For ISS Flybys — Hackaday

Since Sputnik launched in the 1950s, it’s been possible to look outside at night and spot artificial satellites orbiting with the naked eye. While Sputnik isn’t up there anymore, a larger, more modern satellite is readily located: the International Space Station. In fact, NASA has a program which will alert anyone who signs up when… via […]

Mathematics, my most favourite subject and I failed most in its examinations.

Calculus Rhapsody! This was my most favourite part in XI, Calculus!    


#Expedition58 – #ARISSSeries12

My aquarium and flikr.

  Aquarium Rocks, #FuckFlikr    

Bada Shingri/Shingdi trek that was #DesignedToFail

We contacted a Mr. __ Sharma of Naggar to suggest a trek and to lead us / arrange for a trek. Upon his suggestion (?), we decided to trek to the glacier, Bada Shingdi. He agreed to the same for a per person cost of Rs. 50,000 for the trek that was to, ideally, last […]

Politics of cleavage and other female body parts. Exposed body parts!

Bournvita advertisement;-  

Sexualisation of girls and disabled comments and number of thighs! Obviously!

I had to stop at because the deptavity of it all was ejaculating from my eardrums and wetting my mipples through my reeshirt!   But, they are just little girls! Kids, you perv! What is that enchanté word? टूचे!

Forclaz 0 Light Sleeping Bag

Quite a useless piece, this #Forclaz0Light, for what is being advertised as 0-5*C sleeping bag. I am in #Archhandi and these days it goes down to 5* C and it is still so uncomfortable. I wear a Neva thermal under my tee shirt and a Du-pont thermal lower and -33 F socks while sleeping. I […]


via About The motivation for it came from one of those lovely thought-terminating clichés so prevalent in discourse today: “Why would a woman lie about rape?” It’s a question that is patently absurd from a rational standpoint. Why would anyone lie about any crime? Is rape some especially unique type of crime that renders deception […]

Man Falsely Accused of Rape by Mentally Disabled Woman Sues Fremont

In our case, “Last Seen” matters a lot! It refers to an aircraft that flew over my head whose flight data we captured

Ooooooo! A radical changes experiment!

​These #FeministTypes are fighting hard to absolutely un-sexualize female bodies. The skin! In the process, they gain to de-sexualise men! Simple! (I don’t want these assholes getting clicks from my site.) These whiny bitches refuse to acknowledge the role biology plays in men staring at nude, naked female skin (it could be her toe, […]

RTL-SDR for Linux Quick-Start Guide

via RTL-SDR for Linux Quick-Start Guide “RTL-SDR for Linux Quick Start Guide v2.18 by Kenn Ranous – KA0SBL Page 3 Introduction Page 4 Antennas & Feedlines Page 5 Installing Drivers Page 7 Gqrx – General Purpose Radio & Spectrum Software Page 8 Frequency Correction – PPM adjustments Page 10 Cubic SDR – General Purpose Radio […]

The Girl who cried Wolf!

via The Girl who cried Wolf!

Yes, I am a shameless, cheap blackmailer; there I said that.

If you say ‘plz’ because it is shorter than ‘Please’ then I’ll say ‘no’ because it’s shorter than ‘yes’. In pursuant to and @idea_cares I called on 13th Sept to change my plan from 999-99 as I gave up smart phone. Till date, not done. Who will pay? C1-99950120087 — Rahul (@Rahul_Does) October 18, […]

Optimus Nova cleaning needle, use/abuse. #PlannedObsolence

The manual does not specify that the control valve should be open when using or removing the cleaning needle. If closed, it is difficult to remove an one might end up damaging the control-valve’s small protrusion under the nozzle. Maybe, it was a part of #PlannedObsolence. Or, perhaps, one is expected to figure it out, […]

What puts South Asians at higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, despite being less obese than Caucasians? Sangeeta Pradhan RD, CDE explains this paradox

Originally posted on South Asia Fast Track (Sustainable Development Communications):
Type 2 diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases globally due to unfavourable changes in modifiable risk factors and a high genetic susceptibility in certain populations. With obesity growing at sky rocketing rates worldwide, the metabolic disorders that go hand in hand with it…

Maharashtrian Special Lasun Chutney / Garlic Chutney

Originally posted on LoveCookingFood:
Maharashtrian Special Lasun Chutney / Garlic Chutney This post is all about the Famous Maharashtrian Special …. LASUN CHUTNEY!!! Thank God… Chutney is now a famous word. Otherwise god knows how I would translate it. I think it is always good to know the original name of the recipe. In that…

KWZI Inks Test

Source: KWZI Inks Test

Feminism and Karl Marx!

Katie Pavlich: How Feminism is Linked to Marxism Karl Marx wanted family to be dead, he succeeded! He succeeded by convincing the Western women that they were powerless pieces of helpless #अबला_नारी who were being abused by the Family System. The women drank that propaganda like #MaleTears, without even belching! Now, most of the progressive […]

My 3 year long association with Idea mobile services come to a bad end.

So! A “valuable customer” who was satisfied, generally speaking, with the services, was driven away by the customer care, just like he was by Reliance who drove him to Idea after having him for nearly 10 years! Full circle, anyone! Having returned recently from Kenya, I had developed some strange kind of fever.

Caterpillar’s falling standards and incommunicado customer care. UPDATED. Resolved 28/12/2019: After a protracted mail-mail game, they sent a new jacket and it is good. Not tested in rains, yet. Warm, it is; just like the old one.

Air Arabia and Kenya Health staff involved in Yellow Fever scam at Nairobi airport and in en-flight.

Dear #AirArabia, You may constitute a rewards programme / lucky draw for passengers who enter the food bill number in your website / system, after the flight. En-flight, the attendants just “forget” to give the bill and when one asks for it later, they give such a glaring look! On my flight to Nairobi (Delhi […]

Scammed in Kenya and Air Arabia.

You may constitute a rewards programme / lucky draw for passengers who enter the food bill number in your website / system, after the flight. En-flight, the attendants just “forget” to give the bill and when one asks for it later, they give such a glaring look! On my flight to Nairobi (Delhi to Sharjah […]

Kenya, #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी and others.

Even in Kenya, where I am presently, हमारे #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी भाइयों ने इस देश की भी G ले रखी है। As soon as I reached Kakamega, near the bus stop, just by looking at the garbage heap, I was reminded of home and, YES, that building is housed by Indians, I was later informed. A Kenyan […]

Breaking the silence against imposed “martyrdom”

Originally posted on Silence is not an option…:
During the last few months, there has been a wave of praise in the mainstream and social media for an Indian documentary film on IPC section 498A entitled “Martyrs of Marriage”. The filmmaker, Deepika Bhardwaj, has been extolled not only for technical excellence in filmmaking, but has…

rOtring Initial F Fountain pen, lousy cap and $ 110!

Lousy cap that died within one year. Doesn’t stay!

In Defense of Arranged Marriage

Originally posted on Khatvaanga:
The purpose of marriage is children. I know I link to Darwin Reactionary a lot, but fact is he addresses the idea in such detail it is hard not to reference him. But perhaps there is no need to go into utilitarianism, let us discuss the story of Swetaketu instead. The rishi sees…

Bengaluru mass molestation: primary victim changed her story

Originally posted on The Male Factor (TMF):
Earlier in this article I have shown how media could not provide any credible evidence of alleged mass molestation in Bangalore. The first person who claimed molestation in her FB post had natural tendency to blow things out-of-proportion as she would “punch a man’s face with a bat”…

Demonetization will adversely impact 97 percent Indians: Prof Arun Kumar Demonetization is a foolish step… The poor will suffer the most: Prof Arun Kumar November 24, 2016 0 Economics professor ARUN KUMAR is one of the most widely quoted authors on black money. He has authored The Black Economy in India (Penguin, 1999) and Indian Economy since Independence: Persisting Colonial Disruption (Vision Books, 2013). In an interview to India Legal’s Editor-in-Chief, […]

‘Being-overly-good, at-least-trying-to-be’ syndrome! If one gets to know that the neighbours cannot have a child because AuntyJi has a medical impediment; it shall be, by no means, be called an act of kindness if you kill your father to get UncleJi married to your now newly widowef mother. No! Just NO!

Animal meat meet meat lover. I know someone who shouted, screamed at me, “ज़ख़्मी कर दिया तूने; बुज़दिल, नपुंसक इंसान, उस बेचारी को” when I hit, with a stone, a bitch who was trying to get to my marinade. (The तलफ़्फ़ुज़ has to be stressed!) I looked around to the horrified and disgusted looks from the nubile PYTs sitting […]

VIP SkyBags hopeless customer care.

Subject :- I am going to be killed. Please save me. Dear Madam / Sir, Please go through the following Tweet. I purchased this bag and the raincover was porous! Your Social Media team coordinated across Facebook and Twitter and sent me a new raincover after 20+ reminders and 2-3 months. The joke? […]

Royal Enfield

Hello Royal (?) Enfield,   How it is hanging?   Is there a place on the internet where one could get the technical names of various OEM parts? It is very disgusting to ask, “भैया, *ये* वाला देना”!!!   My email regarding the same is also unanswered, for the last few months.   You, after […]

Allure of White Skin!

Conrad, ‘The Rover’, “The perfect oval of her face, the colour of herbsmooth cheeks, and the whiteness of her throat forced from the Citizen Peyrol a sigh through his clenched teeth.”

Your Latest Trip.

Manik arrives from Chandigarh after finishing his and we leave by 12 PM for this with Gaurav. Update. We leave without any deadlines to reach anywhere or get back. 13th October, 2016. Photos to come, as they happen.              

Manraj breaking the mental lethargy!

He starts.

25 great films you might not have seen before

25 great films you might not have seen before

​Suddenly, my whole life whole life makes perfect sense!!!

​Suddenly, my whole life whole life makes perfect sense!!! Bad handwriting Bed-wetting Stuttering Nail biting Shyness and being withdrawn Defiance and provocative behaviour Poor concentration Bad memory Reading difficulties Problems with spelling Neurotic personality Physical tiredness! ” Never Force Left-Handed Child to be Right-Handed 302 Replies Update: An edited form of this article was published […]

#FeminismIsAIDS  “I don’t like the word feminist. I don’t think women trying to be men is feminism. I also don’t believe in being outspoken for the sake of it, or just to prove a point. Feminism is just an overused term and people make too much noise about it for no reason. Women have been […]

SriSri RaviShankar Totally Destroyed Yamuna FloodPlain

​And so many of my friends and lovers, present and past, keep insisting that I become more spiritual and join their best babba/babbi! “He/She is not like others. She/He is different!” I wonder what else this RaviShankar chap had to lick/suck, besides eggs, to get here! तलुवे, I am sure; it is the other word that […]