I am the King of the World… OK, My World…

On 18th June 2007, for the second time in my colourfullll life, I was Coronated the King.


Why ???

Shall write more here, soon.

Till then, all you Employed ones, You are My Karinde…





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  1. Posted Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 10:43 | Permalink

    That’s a great philosopy and I was thinking that it was about time you started subscribing to it.

    For instance, for me, I am the king of my own world and I DECIDE who shall or shall not be a part of it. Whoever wants out shall be granted their wish at the earliest possible by Ma-badaulat!

    Whatever I think or do not think about myself is my prerogative. Others are welcome to express their own opinions about anyone or anything, including myself, but it is up to Me, whether to accept those or not.

    By the way, your jerkiness, what’s with the berozgaari? Going full-time into film production, are you?

    Yes, my fellow King, Yes… Details to be posted here soon…



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