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Time heals many wounds.

Time wounds many heels.

I use Titan and Vaseline Intensive Care


Royal Enfield

Hello Royal (?) Enfield,
How it is hanging?
Is there a place on the internet where one could get the technical names of various OEM parts? It is very disgusting to ask, “भैया, *ये* वाला देना”!!!
My email regarding the same is also unanswered, for the last few months.
You, after becoming the whopper of a market leader, have gone down the Najafgarh Nullah in customer service. (Had I bought shares, in 2004, in stead of the Electra, I would be having ~6 Crores in my kitty!)

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Allure of White Skin!

Conrad, ‘The Rover’, “The perfect oval of her face, the colour of herbsmooth cheeks, and the whiteness of her throat forced from the Citizen Peyrol a sigh through his clenched teeth.”

Your Latest Trip.

Manik arrives from Chandigarh after finishing his and we leave by 12 PM for this with Gaurav.


We leave without any deadlines to reach anywhere or get back. 13th October, 2016.

Ye Achha plan haI!

Photos to come, as they happen.


Manraj breaking the mental lethargy!

He starts.

25 great films you might not have seen before

25 great films you might not have seen before

​Suddenly, my whole life whole life makes perfect sense!!!

​Suddenly, my whole life whole life makes perfect sense!!!

  • Bad handwriting
  • Bed-wetting
  • Stuttering
  • Nail biting
  • Shyness and being withdrawn
  • Defiance and provocative behaviour
  • Poor concentration
  • Bad memory
  • Reading difficulties
  • Problems with spelling
  • Neurotic personality
  • Physical tiredness!


 “I don’t like the word feminist. I don’t think women trying to be men is feminism. I also don’t believe in being outspoken for the sake of it, or just to prove a point. Feminism is just an overused term and people make too much noise about it for no reason. Women have been given these bodies to produce children, and the spirit and tenderness to take care of people around us. It’s fine to be an outspoken and working woman. I don’t want to be a man. One day I look forward to making dinner for my husband and children. I don’t want to be a career feminist.”

SriSri RaviShankar Totally Destroyed Yamuna FloodPlain

​And so many of my friends and lovers, present and past, keep insisting that I become more spiritual and join their best babba/babbi!
“He/She is not like others. She/He is different!”

I wonder what else this RaviShankar chap had to lick/suck, besides eggs, to get here! तलुवे, I am sure; it is the other word that start with त or ट that eludes me!

#ArtOfLying #SriSri420 #SriSriRaviShankar #ArtOfLiving #FraudBaba

Keynote Speech – ANU Sex & Consent Week. Tuesday August 2nd 2016.

My name is Lucie Bee and I’m, according to SWERF rhetoric, a ‘Happy Hooker.’

SWERF, if you weren’t aware, stands for ‘Sex Work Exclusionary Radical Feminism.’

So, I’m a ‘Happy Hooker’ and I’m here to tell you, that’s a Goddamn Lie. What I am is an Angry Hooker. What’s worse for the SWERF movement, including ‘divinities’ like Melinda Tankard Reist, is that I’m a Loud Angry Hooker.  I’m a loud, angry, tired hooker.

I apologise if that word makes you uncomfortable. But it’s thrown at me like a knife so often these days, even when accompanied by seemingly benign words like ‘happy’, it’s thrown at me so much that I feel like I’ve earned the right to say it. To reclaim it. To call it my own. I usually don’t hold court much with the notion of reclaiming words, but disarming them, disarming people with them, is something I spend a great…

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If dreams came true!

My grandfather, Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma, who raised me, came alive! Everyone was happy and swarming at our place. I, like I had done all my life, again started sleeping, hugging him. This time, we smoked together!


There was this customary cricket thing in HRMS.

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Dry smoked pork fry.

​Amazing smoked pork! Just made some and it is very flavourful, some credit to me, too.

I followed your instructions but increased onion (ulli) and garlic and fried them in coconut oil at highest heat.

Crushed half teaspoon of star anise, cumin, and cinnamon and one big helping of black pepper.

Rest all was same.

While boiling, I used very little water, just enough to half submerge the pork and after 4 whistles, nearly 2-3 tablespoons of rich black juice was left which was further reduced and used for cooking.

Oh How! How could that Black Gold be thrown!

Rohtak Gangrape case – The Story Untold

Fake rape! #FakeRape???

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Nation has been raging against the gruesome crime of “double gangrape” in Rohtak for the past few days. The incident reportedly happened on July 13th, when the girl was allegedly abducted from outside her college and gangraped by the same 5 people who had gangraped her in 2013 too. As per complainant’s family, all the accused repeated their crime in order to teach her a lesson for not compromising the case filed before.

It is not surprising that media is presenting only one side of the story caring little about the facts of the case and the history of the case because in today’s day and age, it is not facts that draw attention of viewers but sensational stories that shock viewers beyond belief. Facts are boring. Details don’t interest audiences who anyways have very less time. So a story even if evidences on ground go against it – are served…

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Celebrate Women’s Dignity before Women’s Day!

“. It was a woman’s right to throw all her education and training, experience and wisdom by the wayside, and to appear in court as a mendicant seeking maintenance from her separated or ex-husband.

This new idea of “women’s empowerment” gradually began obscuring the erstwhile virtue of dignity. “

Fight for gender equality

During my childhood, I often heard older women advise young girls in the family about the importance of being educated. It had little to do with the noble goal of gaining knowledge, but it was about something more practical. It was about securing employment so as to not depend on one’s husband completely, or being employable should the husband lose his health, life or limb.

It seemed, at times, that these old women were a paranoid lot who were overly worried about the possibility of ending up alone. However, I now know that some of the really wise women were actually focusing on the importance of living a life of dignity under any given circumstance.

As a child, I saw some married women, and also widows, who ran a “pooTakULLa illu” providing sumptuous meals to many hungry people, and using the money thus earned to maintain the household and educate…

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I just backed System Shock on @Kickstarter

Write to DGCA for making weapon carriage fee a % of fare rather than the flat 5000 Rs.

Hello fellow weapon lovers,

The DGCA has invited public comments on the new, proposed fare rules at LalitJi’s email address at ( and should reach positively before 27th June, 2016. LalitJi

I request fellow lovers to exhort the DGCA to pass appropriate rules, stopping the blatant robbery by all airlines on the matter of weapon carriage.

It was started when the USD was about 50 INR.

Mindlessly applying the international rate of $100 on domestic carriage, 5,000 Rupees was fixed as weapon carriage charges.

It is acceptable, purely by my standards, to pay 5,000 on a 50,000 Rupee’s ticket.

To charge the same on a Rs. 2,090 ticket is ridiculous, to say the least.

Please take time to visit the website and send email, containing your suggestions, to Lalit Ji for rationalising the fee.



Some more ridiculous changes that are proposed, here.

Save and free Kesha

Women Compromising Standards to Get Ahead


Recently Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s “Shark Tank” sent out a tweet that would be deemed by many as controversial. Her tweet stated, “I find running a #business in a man’s world to be a huge advantage. I wear bright colors, yank up my skirt + get attention”. She came to her own defense and argued in summary that she simply works her assets to her advantage. Specifically for her, she feels her legs are her greatest physical feature, therefore, she shows them off to gain attention and close deals.

Barbara Corcoran Tweet ABC Article

This story was featured on many different news shows and has been shared voluminously on various other outlets. Comments and feedback typically fell on one of two sides of the coin:

1. No problem showing the assets and flirting. Work what your mama gave you.

2. That is disgusting. Have some respect and earn business with your brain.

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Why this focus on ’rapes in India’ by world media?

Judging from media reports, India has a BIG problem with rape. No other country seems to come even close. All over the globe “another rape in India” is reported ever so often.  On my last visit to …

Source: Why this focus on ’rapes in India’ by world media?

AskMeBazaar Customer care is worse than UP Government office

Hello JaswinderJi and other contact personnel,

1. Thanks a tonne for that, however, I received just one phone call from your pickup person and that call was disconnected by me as I was in a meeting.

2. I am subscribed to missed call alert, so would have known via SMS, if there were more calls while my phone was out of reach.

3. Within 100 minutes I got an SMS telling, “(1/5) Dear buyer, in regards to your complaint logged for Prepaid, DGA8476287, we made multiple failed attempts to pick up your order. Kindly send the…”
4. Do you tolerate lying and irresponsible vendors? झूठे, स्साले!
4. There was no call on my secondary number, I would like to point out.
5. Your number being out-going only, probably, was unavailable for my return call.
***6. I feel that you take your customers for a liability. It is the customer’s mistake to trouble you by contacting you and “She must be made to suffer! Slow, painful torture.”

And justice prevailed.

To, Ms. ___ Jalan. (MM)
Court room 104, Rohini Court.

Respected Ma’am,

  1. On 18th April, 2014, I was returning from Rajender Nagar side to Punjabi Bagh when I was stopped at 11:50 AM for traffic light violation at Vivek Cut Light vide Challan number PNC-2335-00929-14.

  2. Apart from the Chalanning Officer, HC Sanjeev (1833/T) the police witness was Ct. P. Bhaskar (5618 T), there were 5 other policemen sitting there on their bikes and scooters (one of them bright red), at the spot.

  3. I hereby categorically submit that I did not jump the red light and as I crossed the first light, it turned Orange and even as I passed the second pole, it was still Orange.

  4. Delhi Traffic Police that day acted like Delhi Challaning Police. Or Delhi Trapping Police!

  5. I never jump red lights or take wrong side ‘shortcuts’ or even cross the stop line, or wait in the wrong lane on a matter of principle, as is the wont of many drivers (from 2-wheeler’s to swanky Rs. 3 Crore SUVs) on Delhi roads. Having learnt my driving and then spending considerable time in Chandigarh, I grew up to respect the Zero Tolerance they have for even touching the stop line with the wheel, on a red light. Not even Minister’s or Chief Minister’s official or personal cars are spared!

  6. Then there was the experience in Kerala that becomes relevant here. On highway pedestrian crossings are posted traffic regulators. Once enough pedestrians accumulate on either side of the road, she raises her STOP sign and the entire traffic, highway-high speed traffic comes to a halt, 20 metres on both sides, and people cross the road! The mere presence of the authority in uniform matters.

  7. Here I have an empty road, I am the ONLY vehicle (as the traffic rush is on the other side, at this hour and I was coming from Sidhharth Hotel side from where, due the timings of the two lights, I ended up being the only one) at a 20 seconds’ pedestrian crossing light and there are 7 policemen, about 50 metres down the road, very visible, who form a human chain barricade and swoop on me alleging that I jumped.

a. Even if I were a ‘jumping kind’, the sight of so many policemen would have deterred me, I am sure!

  1. Just 2 kilometers down the same road we have

a. Shadipur Metro station under which there are hundreds of auto, cycle and the menacing e rickshaws parked on the road adding to the chaos and unstopping vehicles that pedestrians face while crossing the road,

b. Shadipur crossing where traffic going right towards PUSA spills over to the left most side of the road and blocks the traffic going straight, in spite of a green light

c. AND another 1 kilometer down we have the Kirti Nagar-Moments Mall-Rama Road crossing where pedestrians risk their lives, literally, as it is flanked by two wide flyovers and the traffic there is at a breakneck speed. On both sides of the road.

There is nary a policeman in sight!

  1. Instead of bunching up at an innocuous spot waiting to ambush violators jumping a 20 second red light couldn’t these people have been doing a better thing? Like, managing traffic?

  2. Probably it is their ‘targets’ that they have to fulfill.

  3. Venture out of Delhi and one sees 20-30-40 spotless white and blue attired Delhi Traffic Police men, once again, all bunched up at one spot Challaning commercial vehicles; both coming in Delhi and going out.

  4. Same is the scene, albeit the number of the ‘ambush’ is lower 5-10, on Delhi’s inner roads where it is the LMV drivers that are being Chalanned, in a long line.

  5. One always sees a semblance of traffic management in the Luteyen’s zone and also, to be fair, at many other locations where the traffic policemen are actually toiling to restore and maintain order on the road.

  6. The regular updates on their Facebook and Twitter page, about broken-down DTC buses leading to jams, and other advisories are really a boon, in the age of always connected smart phones. Using these, many a times, I have altered my route and reached the destination on time!

  7. However, it is this highhandedness, the utter disregard for what is right, the submission that, “we are so many here; are you suggesting that we are lying about your jumping the light?” makes one uncomfortable about the misuse of power.

  8. To counter the suggestion, if I took a whole bus load of traffic violators and jumped a red light, I shall have a clear majority of people who shall side by me saying that we did not! However, as Gandhiji said, “Majority is not always morality.” or something to that effect, their being seven against one does not make them right or true or correct.

  9. I repeat, I did not cross the light and I was Challanned wrongfully. I challenged this Challan and refused to pay up the “mamooli Rs. 100” at the spot, as was suggested by the traffic policemen.

Ma’am, I humbly request you to grant me justice and quash this Challan and take appropriate action against the offending policemen.

It would be worthwhile to look into the priorities of the Delhi Traffic Police, as well!

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Rahul Sharma.
Friday, December 12, 2014, 4:05:34 PM
New Delhi.

Honourable Railway Minister.

I have thought at least a hundred times, since 6:25, after catching this train at 4:50, “To tweet or not to tweet!” Some people earn this way, their daily bread.
The reasoning of the TTji is that they’re’nt hawkers but pantry car employees and are out of the purview of point 9 mentioned in The Charter.
In this Punjab Mail, not one stretch of 5 minutes has passed, in the last 8 hours that 1-2-4 people have not walked the aisle, selling…… without pause, chai-chai-chai, omelette-cutlet, paani-juice-frootti, and what not; NON STOP!
The hawkers are so much better. At least, they stop when their round is complete or they run out of their wares. No such problem with this staff. Full of energy, even after 9 hours of hawking the wares for the commission. Mean of me as this is the way they earn but I have gone and grown mad after enduring all these 4,978 minutes of …
Watch videos; note time stamps.
PNR:2114650125,TRAIN:12138,DOJ:07-02-2016,TIME:05:15,3A,NDLS TO BPL,Rahul Sharma,B4 30.

‘The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis’ BY MAX KUTNER

NEWSWEEK: ‘The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis’

When you are the most notorious alleged college rapist in the country, it takes a lot of guts to attend your graduation ceremony.
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The pseudoscience of everyday sexism

I love the look on her face when she is being peeled by Milo the Great!


“When it comes to the crunch, it’s best to leave your notes at home and just be real”Emily Sidonie Grossman

Dr Emily Grossman is an extremely intelligent, multi-talented expert in a number of diverse fields.  She graduated from Cambridge with a Double First in Natural Sciences, has a PhD in cancer research, subsequently trained and worked as an actress and has now combined both passions to great effect in her current career as a science communicator, teacher and broadcaster.

She also happens to be a passionate advocate for gender equality in science and sadly, is now in the unenviable position of emerging as one of the nation’s foremost experts in an extremely dark and unpleasant communication strategy that seems to be blossoming in the age of the internet and new media.

Dr Grossman recently gave a fascinating and incredibly insightful talk about her experience of online sexism and misogyny which hopefully will generate further discussion and encourage others to talk more openly about their own personal…

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EYE Review 2015 – Part 2: #SexistSums



Sadly only 1 in 5 (new/old) Labour MP’s had the courage of their convictions and to defy Harriet Harman’s whip and vote against the cuts.  Cheerfully there were plenty of female MPs amongst the 48 ‘rebels’ but unsurprisingly leadership candidates Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendell both abstained.

As did former glamour model and Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities Gloria De Piero, which was particularly rich given that she had spent the run up to the election co-piloting Harriet Harman’s barbie bus telling anyone who would listen that women were bearing 85% of Tory austerity cuts.


Of course this dramatic headline grabbing statistic was only possible by exhibiting the sort of information basis that would make a Marxist economist blush.  For starters she had to assume a savagely Stalinesque scenario where men are airbrushed out of the family unit entirely when it comes to counting tax credits and child benefits etc and, secondly, she (and the journalists who uncritically parroted her propaganda) had…

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One of the gladdest days of my life! The music of my life, Sensations, found!!! after being lost for 10 odd years! Last time, it got lost for ~5 years. This is fate! This cassette has been playing on and on in my life for the last 20+ years!

But, where are you, Nandu Bhende​ Sir? :(

Nandu Bhende

Nandu Bhende’s Sensations, Babla Disco Dandiya, Our own, Eruptions due to delayed ejaculations

Nandu Bhende Sensations Chords

Chords and scales of Sensations by Late Sh. Nandu Bhende

Babla V Shah​ Disco Dandia, dubbed and rearranged by my father, Rajesh Kumar Sharma​! Please forgive the piracy.

Digitizing them all, ASAP!

Messages from/to Bhende Sir:

Dear Sir.
Could one get a CD of Sensations?
My cassette is there but it is pretty much worn out! (It was lost, I did not know.)
Thanks for the answer.

Septembarrr 10, 2010
Nandu Bhende
9/10, 7:01in the mornin’
Nandu Bhende​

A CD was never made commercially available. Let me c if I can do anything about it.
Great to know that something one did way back in the eighties is still being heard!
All the best,
Nandu Bhende

Being HEARD!!! Almost all of the song’s chords were “researched” and then noted down on the cover page / jacket during 1995. The arrangement “studied” and various instruments assigned to friends with various talents. We were to recreate it!”

An email that was to become a letter never sent.

Dear Sir,

I have happy tears in my eyes as I listen to this, after so many years; something that I grew on!
I was force fed a constant diet of Babla since 1979, at 4 years of age. Jayanti-Honey followed and then came Sensations. It was THE constant on my so many cassette players.
The cassette, along with other gems got lost (a relative had taken them, without telling/asking) in 1996 2002. I found all the lost cassettes in her house in 2007 and I remember crying on the discovery!
And, the tears turn to a deluge when I open this link that does not even LIST/Mention “Sensations”, the music that I listened to for close to 10+ years, tried to emulate with my friends, lost for 11 years and found again and LOST again!
There is no mention of that Sensational album or Jayanti-Honey anywhere on the internet except for my short review.
Whenever I visit this relative’s place where I lost the 4 MOST PRECIOUS of my cassettes, I get this physical kind of a blow, somewhere in my lower abdomen.
1. Sensations,
2. my best of Babla in a 90 minute Sony tape,
3. Jayanti and Honey’s 1985 hits and a
4. 90 minute tape of our band’s “Eruptions’, if it could be called thus.I had got these 4 MOST precious cassettes to get them converted into MP3 and she seems to have forgotten where she kept them in stead of giving them to the neighbour who has this facility.

Sirjee, kuchh karo! Please. I NEED Sensations.
I have been pestering you for the last few years and shall continue to do so.
Your most Bhayanakally BHAYANKAR Fan,
Rahul Sharma.

Back to feed, Indians!

FEEDBACK Please equip your stewardesses with झाड़ूs and चाबुकs (or hire circus trainers) for us unruly Indians, to be used liberally on all the ladies and gentlemen; girls and boys’ buttocks. Especially, at the time of landing; when we stand up and start walking towards the gates with our luggage, even as the aeroplane is taxiing! This was my second flight with Ms. Shweta and she is awesomely courteous, even to the aforementioned fellow citizens! Good job! YGIB3

Bihar and Magic of ModiJi!

Decimated is too strong a word for them for the 90 seats but, yes, ModiJi’s Magic has started waning.
He is, probably, the most जादुई charismatic one; for the shortest time, as well!
I have seen an AuntyJi turn off the gas with a roti on the tawa when her husband shouted, “ओेए चंचल्ल! ओेए ऐत्थे आ! ओए वेख, मोद्दी ने जर्मन की चाए पीने से मना कर दित्ता।”
while the चाटू India TV was going on and on and on AND on with the burning questions,
१. आख़िर क्या है राज़?
२. क्यों नहीं पी मोदी ने मर्कल की चाय?
३. क्यों?
४. क्या है रहस्य?
५. किस कारणवश नहीं पी, मोदी ने चाय?
६. क्यों।
and she watched, fascinated, as if he is her son or grandson!
All the while cups and plates and tea-cozies were revolving and breaking and bursting around Modi and Merkel! 



“Why are we here today?” she asked.”To make revolution,” they answered.

“What kind of revolution?” she replied.

“The Cultural Revolution,” they chanted.

“And how do we make Cultural Revolution?” she demanded.

“By destroying the American family!” they answered.

“How do we destroy the family?” she came back.

“By destroying the American Patriarch,” they cried exuberantly.

“And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.

“By taking away his power!”

“How do we do that?”

“By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.

“How can we destroy monogamy?”
Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears. Was I on planet earth? Who were these people?
“By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!” they resounded.

From Slate : False rape accusations exist, and they are a serious problem.

Crying Rape

False rape accusations exist, and they are a serious problem.

Photo by Stokkete/Thinkstock
False accusations of rape are rare, but we should stop pretending they don’t exist.

Photo by Stokkete/Thinkstock

In the emotionally charged conversation about rape, few topics are more fraught than that of false allegations. Consider some responses to the news that singer-songwriter Conor Oberst had been falsely accused of sexual assault. Last December a woman writing in the comments section of the website xoJane, going by the name Joanie Faircloth, claimed Oberst raped her when she was a teenager. The charge spread across the Internet; Oberst denied it and brought a libel suit against Faircloth when she refused to retract the story. In July she completely recanted, admitting that she had made it all up to get attention. Yet instead of showing sympathy for the ordeal of the musician—one known for being supportive of feminist issues—some chided him for taking legal action to defend himself against a false, career-damaging charge. In the Daily Dot, pop culture critic Chris Ostendorf decried the lawsuit, arguing that it could intimidate real victims of rape and that it promoted the idea of men as victims of false accusations—even though that’s exactly what Oberst was.

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गुड़िया की फ्रोक!

I was quite indigent for quite some time. So was, in a manner of speaking, he.
He got a windfall of about 20,000 Rupees.

After paying off his local debts, including 800 to the chaiwala, he was left with 1200.
He went and paid the entire amount against my phone bill.
I complained that the bill was for 600 only and didn’t need paying and he should have bought some small gift/item for his family.
“अरे यार, गुड़िया की फ्रोक तो बाद में भी ली जा सकती है!उनसे ज़्यादा तुझे ISD फ़ोन की ज़्यादा ज़रूरत है ।”


Rape Case inside Taxi in Delhi wasn’t Rape but an ugly fight over Rs. 500 Taxi Fare.


Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Woman, who alleged that she was raped by the Taxi Driver actually fought with the man over fare of Rs. 500 which she refused to give. A fight followed in which both the driver and the woman attacked each other. Medical as well as Forensic evidence have established that there was no rape committed upon the woman. Judgment also mentions that the woman demanded Rs 5 lacs from the driver to settle the case.


In April 2015, shortly after Uber case, another news of rape in a taxi in the dark hours of the night, made headlines in Delhi. According to reports splashed across various news papers Times of India  India Today DNA and also various leading TV channels, it was alleged that driver Ramesh Kumar had raped the woman, sexually assaulted her and threatened of dire consequences.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.40.39 pm

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.38.34 pm

Six months into the incident, the case has reached it’s final judgment and…

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I have removed one screen, <The TV>, from my life.
3 remain. A dysfunctional £ 1,000 laptop that takes 3-4 minutes to open a browser, that shan’t be replaced, this stupid iPhone and a Panasonic साथी।
However, as asked again and again, for whom do I disconnect?
Friends who cross my house twice a day and who I have been begging for the last 5 years to stopover for a chai/whiskey/Limbu paani, without avail?
Relatives and Ad-hoc Momma#1 etc. who value सूसूराल सिमर का more over your visit?

My pork roast.


The new house!

…Revelation of the day!!! Maybe, I am not important enough for them!!! Yesss! That MUST be the case!

Maybe, I never was!



Bike trip? Smartyphone? You?

Just dreamt of you.
You were test riding a bullet. I asked you three pointed questions.
1. How long are you in India for?

  1. Are you planning a bike-trip?

  2. How much of “me time” you require so that I don’t bug you?
    You were busy with your phone. Searching for a helmet and other accessories.
    You walked away, looking at directions to an auto-spare shop, still looking into your phone.
    I woke up. Now going to toilet.

False Witness – Final Installment

तुम्हारा नाम क्या है, बसंती?

Why do I have this  feeling that I can very safely bet some of my body parts like, half of eyebrows, half of मूँछ, half beard and one bloddy eye on the fact that these gents, both class II Head Constables,

Bearded Dhannos!

were imparted weapons training by Mrs. धन्नो? Not the one of, “धन्नो की आँख, शराबी, रे, हमका लागे!” fame but the aforementioned one. “तुम्हारा नाम क्या है, बसंती?” This is such a depressing video. They hold and fire guns like they did in FTTI Yudhishthir movies. ZERO training! What WAS happening during their basic training? Was this green t-shirt doing dishes at the local SP’s residence?

You do not even have to aim! Come on!!! You Pakis! You can do it! We all are standing in a bunch!

A woman’s age!

Morning visitor. HathniKund rest house.
He asked your age.

I was having my mattar mushroom fried.

You told him.

He commented. “मैडम, आपके बदन को देख कर तो नहीं लगता कि आप की age इतनी है!”

I choked!!!

We laughed.

He left.

The Sexual Harassment Quagmire: Digging Out With True Equality


My "Male Side" To Gender Issues. Member of the National Coalition For Men ( Since 1985.

Updated November 3, 2014

An in-depth analysis of what Male Matters considers the sexes’ most destructive behavioral difference

Courtship in 1882 In 1882, before dating evolved, a man would call upon a woman in her home.


We all behave pretty much according to societal expectations. A large part of these expectations is gender-role expectations. As everyone knows, males have certain role expectations and women certain others.

Individual men and women interpret each expectation in their own way according to how they were socialized to interpret it. They also decide how the expectation should apply to them — or whether it should apply at all. Thus the sexes can have a broad range of behaviors in response to each expectation.

Take, for example, the traditional expectation that the man should initiate male-female interactions and relationships. Some people fully believe in this expectation and act accordingly; some do not believe it in the…

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The Tragedy of TrueTwit.

HaaHaaHaa! Beautiful. Made me laugh, early in the morning!

bad twitter

Dear Fellow Author on Twitter:

I’m writing this open letter to you because I just received a direct message from you saying, “[your name] uses TrueTwit Validation Service. Please click here to validate.”

Now, I know there are a lot of people out there giving social media advice these days to authors trying to gain visibility for their books. They’re a dime a dozen. In fact, there are so many of them, I don’t want to be one of them. I would rather spend my time writing zombie books. Yet here I am, writing a blog giving advice on how to use social media. I’m doing this letter to you as a blog, and thus not calling out your name(s), because I’m too polite–and I don’t want to harm my own brand–to send it to you directly. But you forced me into it. So here goes. Although it’s not…

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Football’s Gender Pay Gap Problem


The Invisible Atheist

A few nights ago, my Husband and I were sitting together in the living room of our London apartment having a fairly typical Saturday evening. It had been a rather stressful day so we’d settled in with a bottle of wine to enjoy a relaxing evening together. While we were close in proximity however, we were somewhat divided in our activities.

His idea of relaxing on a Saturday evening is living vicariously through groups of very rich Men kicking a ball to one another, every now and then commenting about how they “almost scored there” or some such nonsense while I tend to curl up with a good book, this particular evening’s reading was ‘Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men — And What to Do About It by Evelyn Murphy.

A fairly standard Saturday spent together, whilst enjoying completely unrelated activities you might think. However, for…

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The New Indian Arms Rule, 2015

***UPDATE*** 16th June, 2016.
Please visit and request the DGCA to instruct airlines to revise policy on weapons on board, *BEFORE* 26th June, 2016.

New Indian Arms Rule 2015 is coming up. Please go through the proposed changes.

Some changes are RIDICULOUS like all bullets to have serial and batch number and these to be entered in the license at the time of purchase! .22? Anyone?

You want to get your gun repaired? No Problomino! Just pay a GOVERNMENT FEE of 5,000 (to the DC???) and Titu Afzal Bhai will do it!

Unfortunately contrary to what everyone had hoped these new (draft) Arms Rules are much much worse than the executive order issued by the previous government in March/ April 2010. We NEED to raise our collective voice and stop these rules from going through in their current form, to begin with PLEASE send in your objections to the rules and put your dissent on record ASAP.
This draft response is attached along with the post viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23372 and can also be freely/ directly downloaded from:
All feedback is to be e-mailed to”

I do not know what shall happen. We are neither as many as the Net-Neutrality waale nor as politically-fashionably-correct Nirrabhaya rape waales. (The Verma Commision waale laws are draconian, accept it! The effect can be felt even now, the JJ act, anyone?)

I have this sinking feeling that we shall lose this battle and our voices shan’t be heard!

The full text of “Public Response”

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Domestic violence – the anti-male bias of politicians and public bodies which leads to a lack of support for male victims of domestic violence

Justice for Men & Boys

[Note added 20.10.14: The world’s most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website has just published our piece on this – here.]

We recently sent a letter to Theresa May, Home Secretary, in connection with the Home Office’s highly flawed and ideologically-driven proposals to strengthen the law on domestic abuse. We publicly challenged her to hold a public inquiry into the proposals, and we await her response.

The letter was one of two documents we submitted to the Home Office last night in connection with the associated equally flawed public consultation exercise – here. The other document was our 154-page report – here. The document outlines in detail the anti-male bias of politicians and institutions including Theresa May, Yvette Cooper, Home Office, Crown Prosecution Service, Equality & Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Justice, the police, the judiciary…

The report was primarily the work of one of…

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#4sqDay is when FourSquare died on my Home Screen!

Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit by Foursquare Labs, Inc.

16/04/2015:-( hopeless app without the checkin feature! Totally bullshit application update. Cannot even see my old tips.

Not uninstalling for nostalgia sake. Removing from home screen. चुत्तड़ app!

They killed it!

It was on my home screens for the last 6 years, ever since I got into smart phones! Sometimes mine, most of the times loaned! Managed to install it in so many friend’s mobile phones and got them to use it. The feeling one got after using this application was pretty heart-warming. (If that is the right word!)

Bloddy wankers’ management! “this was not our vision” Screw your butt-holed vision! This was my MOST USED app and is now being relegated to the last page of the extra folder.
Let Mr. Crowley follow his/His/its/their vision, I will save my time on this application. This is the last time that I bother with it.

That I am writing this review/ rant at 531AM should indicate how seriously passionate I WAS about foursquare!

January, 2015:- The application is great but only makes one feel like a cripple IF one has been a pre-Swarm user.

I, for the love of Gol-Gappe, cannot understand the logic behind taking away the Check-In feature!

“They” tried to fix something that ain’t broke and destroyed the user experience!

I used it only for decimating information about little known GREAT-food dispensers.

Now, I cannot add a new place with the same enthusiasm as the CheckIn is gone!

Still, as a loyal user, I do my bit but miss the CheckIn sorely!y

This is less of a review and more of a rant against the removal of CheckIn but, as we Indians say, “What to do only!”

nb 14th March 2015. Zomato has brought in Check-In! Foursquare??? Please do not force me to abandon you!!!


#GFY #4sqDay

Uninstalled! 15/12/2015


War of Choices – If you have, HE HAS TOO!

War of Choices – If you have, HE HAS TOO!.

बसस्टॉप पर जादू वाली चाय मिलती है!

बसस्टॉप पर जादू वाली चाय मिलती है!

इन्तज़ार करते रहो एक घंटा, बस नहीं आएगी। कप में चाय डलते ही, बस!

तीसरी बार आज हुआ। चतुराई दिखाते हुए, आते ही चाय बोल दी। कप के हाथ मे आते ही बस भी आ गई!

आज सोचा, चाय फैकूंगा नहीं।

चाय समेत चढ़ने की जद्दोजहद में, लैपटॉप वहीं छुट गया।


 C’est la Vie¿

Some Rules About Consent Are ‘Unfair to Male Students’



Matthew Kaiser is a white-collar criminal defense attorney who has represented a number of students accused of sexual assault at colleges and universities.

The Vice-President recently spoke out on campus sexual assault, reminding us that “No means No.” And he’s right; if a woman says no, and a man doesn’t respect that, it’s rape.

But I’ve represented a number of male students accused of sexual assault on campus, and I haven’t yet seen a case of the kind Joe Biden is talking about.

The cases that are prosecuted by schools tend to be much more ambiguous. And a lot of that has to do with how schools view alcohol and consent.

Of course, if someone has sex with an unconscious woman, that’s sexual assault. And if a woman is drunk and another person forces sex on her because she’s vulnerable because she’s drunk, that’s also rape.

But many schools take…

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Sunday Funday 🌼


Wonder Of My Worlds

The event is Sunday and reason is because it’s a Funday. Have a good one! xx

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Letter to my father!

Here are the No.s of the PWD Minister

Mr. MK Muneer (R) 314601, 317651
Mr Kunha Hamed PS 335366. 326771

I could not get his numbers. I shall call him on Monday… The problem is that I am very busy during the day as out of the regular
crowd of 5 Assistant Managers, we 2 are left… So during the day I am running around these beautiful mountains… by the time I get
back, the offices have closed… But on this Monday, there is a new assistant coming and I shall be in his house to welcome him.
From his house I shall call the PWD minister. The Internet here is also acting up. I shall buy BSNL account next week. This Satyam
account is gifted by a friend who closed his cyber cafe… so till November, I have free Internet… Unlimited. This laalach is
stopping me from going in for a new account. But for emergencies, like this mail which has been lying in my outbox for the last 4
days, I shall buy one 25 hour one.

On Monday I shall post you the requisite certificate/ whatever from the company saying that it won’t be too bad if I have a firearm
with me while bringing cash from the bank. You shall get it be Wednesday. And also, tell me if you need an affidavit from me. And if
you do, then what shall I write in it. Sahil shall be coming to you within 10-15 days and he can handle the double chambering
problem of Beretta. What is the status of the carbine???

Rest later.

That Parminder called and thanked for your help that shall be coming forth. I assured him that everything shall be fine… Let us

Here is the mail in text format…

Hello OM

1 I shall let you know of the rubberized roads in a day or two. There are these Onam holidays going on here and the secretariat is
closed. The PS of the Surface Transport Minister shall help me. I shall ask if he has email and then get you two together if
anything develops.

2 I am unable to connect to the internet for long enough time to search for an appropriate digital diary. I shall ask my
Kottayam-native assistant to look around a few shops and even ask for a Casio distributor/showroom and get me details of the
available models. He is an intelligent man and I am sure that he will understand what I want and get me the same. Till then there is
not much that can be done in this respect.

3 Today I had a half day due to Onam and the WHOLE day I spent reading the Saad Ali book and ARRL radio handbook. And now I am
having BIG TIME acidity!!! Hi. Is there a way to get that rig from that BAS$%^& VU2LMP??? The rig I have is having the same problem
or blown up display and there is nothing that can be done here. So if you mobilize VU2MY or someone else and get these things done,
then it shall be fun and right now MY shall be too happy to oblige. If you are in good terms with MY, then even I shall write him a
sentimental Uncle-letter. That LMP does not respond. So many letters, so many years.

a. This place and the job are really conducive for the hobby. There is a lot of spare time and I am living at a top of a hill. There
are a lot of trees around but I don’t think that shall matter too much as I shall be using an inverted v, and can change the
direction at will. That is the best thing to have.
b. On second thoughts, I can even make a 3 element Yagi or Loop Sky wire or X Beam or something like that as there are 2 factories
with FULL workshops and a lot of scrap at my disposal. HeHeHe. ;-)
c. Am also ready for I Grade license. Morse is good and theory I can read and cram up. But then I DID complete 40 contacts in one
year so I automatically am eligible for the Upgrade. I have lost my license but do have the number.

4 The Beretta Letter, I shall let you know tomorrow. I shall ask the GM to tell me whether or not I shall get the letter and if not
then we can manage without the bloody letter, I am sure.

5 The Beretta needs a new grip. I searched the internet but could not find one. That sardar in Jagadhary promised to make one. But I
don’t trust him, somehow. Look what he did to the Marlin. Did you get the sighting pin cover back? I don’t think so as I am SO SURE
he lost it. So you can try some good guy in Chandigarh and get it serviced as well. The double shot thing was there when I fired it
the last time. One shot shall go, that shell will come out, taking an unspent bullet with it while chambering a fresh round. That
doesn’t seem like a serious problem. Even Rakesh mentioned this one.

6 There is this problem in the passport form that they want the current address so I think I shall not take any stoopid chance and
fill it up with all correct knowledge. If I mention the present address as Dy CM’s, then it might become a BIG issue if caught. So
shall go the honest way. And tomorrow shall go and get the snap snapped and send you a few extra copies as well. But the quality of
passport form and the stickers for the signature tell a lot about the state of the nation! Even Pakistani passports are better, MUCH
better than ours. You Politicians! HiHiHi

7 My friend sent me two Maglites and I have already lost one. :-(  But this torch is SOMETHING!!! Right now I have the 3 D size
thing. The small one fell in some jeep when we were going to the club on a RAINY night! Anyway. It had to happen!

8 Rest tomorrow as and when I get the information about that road thing. This might be postponed till Monday as they might have an
extended Onam.

9 Write soon. In the same vein.

—– Original Message —–
From: Rahul Sharma>
To: Rajesh Kumar Sharma <RAJESH@DCPBHARYANA.COM>; Rajesh Kumar Sharma <>; RAJESH KUMAR SHARMA
<>; Rajesh Kumar <>
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:35 PM
Subject: Long Mail

Print this mail so you can follow up the points.

Call me some day, Will you???

Rahul Sharma

Assistant Manager

“Kuduakarnam” Estate

Hope Plantations

Peermade. Idukki

Kerela. INDIA. 685 531

Ph:-)  +91-486-332370

Ashar and I!

It was love at first sight! I met him in 1979 and we became best of friends.

In 1981, he changed the school and I raised my tantrums to be shifted. I was, as usual!

1982 end, I was admitted in The Daly College, whined about the hostel life and returned to Delhi in 1984. 700 kms and 2 years away from my “love at first sight friend!” We were 9.

That is when our friendship started, to use Ashar’s words.

I had a vague idea of his home address and I wrote him a letter and he responded.

Over mails, till 1988, our friendship continued to become deeper. We met briefly in 1988 and by 1991 I had become a मंत्री-पुत्र and joined my parents for the first time in my life.

The perk of leaving my Delhi friends was STD phone! Nearly free. (Monthly limit, Rs. 20,000, not too much)

… to be continued. Ashar, write in.

Late. Mr. Ata-ul Ghaffar!

An अंकिलजी since 1979; an inspiration since 1991; CLL fighter since 1996 a friend since 2001.

Mr. Ataul Ghaffar is being sorely missed!


Every moment reminds of his overwhelming presence with his attention to AND persistent follow-up of the minutest detail!

Bhopal is my The-Mandatory-Stop when crossing equator of India. Sometimes, due to exigencies beyond my control, I had to cross it, half heartedly!


Never ever did I cross Bhopal, in train, without him delivering the most amazing kababs and roti made by Rafia Aunty. Be it bitter winter or pouring rain. He would be there on his trusty हमारा बजाज चेतक। People would peer out of their sheets to sniff out the source of the nearly-magical aroma! Sniff and look at my resolutely indifferent (mean) countenance, sigh and go back to sleep!

He would come to pick me up at all odd hours from the railway station. Only once I took a taxi from the airport because it was a surprise visit when I had to escort the couple to Delhi in Bhopal Express. It was one of the worst days of this life that I am not too interested in, lately. The return-train was empty due to terrorism of press and that was the first time I decided to sport a BIG tilak; a BIG symbolic tilak.


This could be a confessional! My Bua, who raised me like her own son, used to complain that it seems that I come to Uncle and visit her whereas it should be the other way round! So, we hit upon a novel idea! I would not brush my teeth and rather luxuriant head of hair, after spending 3-4 days at Ghaffar place and then he would drop me at the railway station at the time of arrival of the train and I would happily be driven to my relatives’ place! Not that I resented going there but this is to just emphasise on my heart’s priority. I hope she forgives me for this sleight!

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