Jyoti Shiv Kumar Urwasti Kampala 420 YogaAcharyaDhiraaj ShriSirSri YogAyurveda House! #YogAyurvedaHouse!

The Chief Minister,

Himachal Pradesh.



After having searched far and wide for a possible treatment for a long and persistent Leukoplakia, having consulted several doctors, I finally found a “Jyoti” Shiv Ram “URWASTI” (one man) at
‘Yog Ayurveda House, Vashishth, Manali’ (http://YogAyurVedaHouse.wixsite.com/YogAyurVedaHouse and https://www.facebook.com/YogAyurVedaHouse) through Internet and he took my case up saying that he will cure me through a combination of
“Naturopathy, ‘Herbology’ (whatever that means) and English medicines”.
(WhatsApp text and voice messages are available at http://www.bit.ly/JyotiShiv420)

I have a long-lost relationship with Himachal Pradesh dating back to the time when my grandfather, Late Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma (with whom I spent my life till the age of 17) was the President of All India Trade Union Congress for Himachal Pradesh, as well. On division of the state, he went on to become the Chief Minister of Haryana and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to revive those ties with the land by living in Himachal Pradesh for 2-4-6 months and breathing in the pure air and all that that accompanies the Godly‑land.

We agreed on the schedule -to begin on October 23rd 2018 which was a “very auspicious and beneficial” full moon night-, activities, pricing and Shiv Ram informed me that “they” are moving the winter “camp” to Archhandi as Vashishth gets too cold and is inhospitable for nearly everyone who stays.
Later he asked me to delay my arrival. (What happened to the “full moon”? Will “The Yogi” make it wait?) The dates kept changing. (Reason will become clear on seeing the European woman’s messages.)


I reached Naggar on 16th October 2018 where a friend had invited me for the inauguration of his restaurant, Café Saffron.
Upon confirmation of the repeatedly delayed date of arrival, by Shiv Ram, I reached Archhandi at the beautifully made of wood-house of Sr. Adv. Shri Ses Ram Thakur on 23rd of October and was assigned a room.
I had slipped and hurt my coccyx on 19th October and so the Yoga and other activities that were to begin on the morning of 24th October were postponed for a fortnight. I was having home-grown and cooked food and drinking the magical waters of Himachal so I did not mind the days going by as that in itself was a healing, away from the pollution of the plains. (The pain I had in my great-toe and ankles due to excess uric-acid went away in 4 days, only because of drinking that plain tap water, I would like to think.)


However, on 07th November, he dropped this bomb that he had to leave and I may stay back at Archhandi, alone or accompany him on this Archhandi-Rishikesh-South India trip. I had to ask him that if was in his right mind, asking me to lug my 40 kilograms + luggage through this all India trip when it was (kind of) decided to stay at one place for treatment and Yog and I had packed my bags accordingly, carrying books, three pairs of footwear (as asked by him), honey, coffee grinder and tea-making equipment!
He had no answer and he continued packing his bags.
When we were there, he made me spend money on all daily excursions and activities including getting him petrol (he mentions this in his chat) for our and his excursions to pick and drop his guests from Vashishth to Kullu bus-stand saying that it will be “adjusted” as he was without any money, presently. I was okay with it because I had come here on pure-blind-good-faith as I was fed up with this disease and made myself see a little ray of hope in this little man! How foolish!


Seeing the big picture, I did not lose anything, financially, as the hosts, Anil and Geeta Thakur Ji told me that as I had already paid and though they did not receive their due, I should not suffer or get a bad impression of Himachal and Himachalis and thus the accommodation arrangements shall remain the same in spite of no payment going to compensate them for their loss. I, shamelessly, agreed as the home-cooked food and the familial atmosphere was too great to just Fall in Love with those Himachalis!

I tried to compensate as much as I could by getting groceries as and when I went to Naggar.


On hastily leaving me at Archhandi, within one hour, he called the excellent hosts, Adv. Anil Thakur
S/O Sr. Adv. Sh. Ses Ram Thakur, and incited him to get rid of me by telling a story that only a mentally‑sick person can invent.
That –
i. he had just received a phone call from the CID informing him that my family has lodged an FIR about my kidnapping and police of two states, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh is looking for me.
ii. it is just a matter of time that they track me by my mobile phone signals/locations.
iii, the house-owners shall land up in trouble! Therefore, I should be asked to leave, as soon as possible.
– and, that too after collecting money for a whole month’s stay that he did not forward to the homeowners who were to host me for, with meals.
Adv. Anil Thakur, my host, was also upset upon Shiv Ram usurping the payment that was supposed to go to him and argued to no avail as Shiv Ram had spent/transferred that Rs. 25,000 within a few minutes saying that those were old loans that were to be taken care of. “The Yogi” mentioned that he will keep the monies of all the clients whom he procures and “anyone who is interested may find a client and keep that money.” We had to educate him that-:

  1. A Partnership does not work this way. Each one: earn one! All the material resources being used were those of Adv. Anil Thakur ji and he was to only provide me with Yog lessons.
  2. I was his “client” and he had to give me all those Yog classes and treatment as he had promised in the initial conversation. (Attached)

This was the messages I sent and received from another of his “shikaar”. She is a European and practices Yog and suchlike. So, I am not the only victim of this thief of trust!

“I never could decide which is true and which is not true what he said. :-/
You know he said many things that he is a healer and this and that but we never had any session or knowledge from him and that’s why I had doubt in his words

Plus he never has money only if somebody give him I think. Like you or me or Lars.

His bank card doesn’t work. Only online. We couldn’t have come to Kullu from Rishikesh if I am not in the car with cash to put petrol.”

(He delayed the dates of the commencement of my treatment as he did not have money for petrol to come to Archhandi from Rishikesh where he was roping in more “clients”!)

Why is there no complaint against him, as he claims and that I am the first one, see the footnote; he primarily deals with White tourists.

His bank account is in Goa, if that is an indication.

Footnote:- Methinks that this is a general attitude/assurance in tour operators, service-providers /yoga-“healers”, in and around Manali wherein they are sure that things will go their way, no matter how shoddy the service, as they deal primarily with White tourists.

These tourists have been receiving a healthy dose of “Atithi Devo Bhava” right from exiting the Delhi airport doors where the taxi-waallah starts fleecing them to Paharganj hotel guy to the dhaaba owner who sells |THEM| a roti for 20-30-50 Rupees to the hotel guy in Kaza who offers the same room to Indians for 800 per night while charging a lone European woman 6,000 for the exact same room to these well-educated, fluent English speaking charlatans who can break the dream-trip sitting in their heated office by carefully “arranging” the whole thing to fail.
If lives get in harm’s way, so be it! “The poor suckers have signed an indemnity, have they not?”
One plays with your faith by giving bogus Yoga lessons and another with your life!


What can be done about such a person?

  1. Lodge an FIR?
  2. Bind him or her and each and every transaction with them with a legal and actionable contract?
  3. Was there a written contract?
  4. Beat the goodness out of him using your belt?
  5. File a case in consumer court?
  6. Abuse him in public?
  7. WHAT?

I cannot figure out.


In the meantime he shall continue doing this chicanery to hapless and trusting ‘clients’ / “friends” / fellow‑yogi of his!

I write to you, in some vague (as there is no legal case!) hope that some semblance of justice shall be served and this man contained, accordingly.

Yours truly


Rahul Sharma.
Friday, December 20, 2019


  1. The Health Minister.
  2. The Tourism Minister.
  3. SHO, Manali.
  4. Shri Ses Ram Thakur. Senior Adv. Kullu.
  5. Shri Anil and Geeta Thakur. Archhandi.



Bada Shingri/Shingdi trek that was #DesignedToFail

  1. We contacted a Mr. __ Sharma of Naggar to suggest a trek and to lead us / arrange for a trek. Upon his suggestion (?), we decided to trek to the glacier, Bada Shingdi.
  2. He agreed to the same for a per person cost of Rs. 50,000 for the trek that was to, ideally, last __ days.
  3. We (8 people) reached his resort at Naggar on _ at _ and were accommodated in cottages / suites.
  1. We were told that the main guide, Mr. Negi and his team of porters along with the hardware shall meet us at __.
    b. At the very beginning of the planning of the trip, we were told to not carry any of our own gear except for personal effects as everything else, viz.


  1. Tents
    ii. Sleeping bags
    iii. Crampons, if needed
    iv. Stoves, fuel, cookware, provisions and groceries.


shall be provided by the operator as it was a fully paid trip! “Don’t worry, Macha, just do not worry!
We are regular trekkers and own the best and the most efficient stoves, tents and sleeping bags in the world, by the way.

  1. The next morning, we moved towards Battal, reaching there by __.
  2. Tents were pitched, food cooked and the next day (Day 2 of leaving our homes) planned with Mr. Negi. It was to be an acclimatization walk around Chander Tal that we all did without any physical discomfort, having just landed from the plains to this high altitude region.
  1. Day 3, we halted as our eldest member developed slight health complications and we had to camp 2 hours short of the base-camp. Let’s call it Wild Horses Camp. All these are attached as KMZ files that open in Google Earth. The route was tracked by the location provided by photos from iPhone 4S location data from various photos that were arranged time‑wise.
  1. We reached a sort-of base camp, Wild Horses Spring/Pond on day 4 and set up The base camp to leave the excess and the spare items that we were carrying and start the march to Bada Shingdi.
  2. By 1 PM of day 5, 1st day of the trek from the base-camp, we realized that it was not the cake-walk and a “hard-slope trek” that we were informed by Mr. Sharma and but a treacherously morainic route covered with rocks as varied in size as
    a Liv-52 tablet to an auto rickshaw to a 1-BHK apartment and more!
  1. A route just not meant for slightly unfit amateurs like 3 members were in our party and definitely NOT with the ill-planning (did any planning at all was done or was it planned to fail, we wondered with hind-sight.) that went into it.
  1. The leader/guides had not been informed of the physical status of the members of the party that was to do the climbing and was hurriedly commissioned to accompany to whatever distance was possible. (A day or a minute or whole trip, you pay for the full stretch, in advance!)
    b. No reconnoitring had been done for our trip, particularly and for the last few years, no one has “done” this route, generally.
  1. The seasoned guides and porters were completely unaware of the geography and topography as it changes every year! Check the satellite images of the pond just before Bear Pond) They cannot be faulted as they were not informed, well in advance, of a party going up this glacier.
  1. Everyone was clueless and we just carried on without knowing where the next camp would be or where a water source be found! Please check the photos of the terrain.
  2. Advance parties were dispatched to find water as there was no way that we could turn back and the cold night was fast approaching.                                                        http://bit.ly/BadaShingdiFail
  3. With great luck, the porters who had ACTUALLY ran forward, found what we shall call Bear-Pond as we were visited by a Momma Bear with her cub, the next night. Check photos. Our tents were pitched in the valley (?) and we were too tired to notice. (???)
  1. This was the night when one of the stoves broke. Not, broke-down but “broke.” (TooT Gayaa) The burner came off the pressure tank and for fixing this, only soldering is possible and, that too, only in Manali. Bear Pond to Battal to Manali!
    These are hardy stoves that any ordinary or VIP tea seller could be seen using for decades. Only the most rough use with absolutely NO maintenance break joints like this. When stored improperly and for long, the joints are led to oxidize and corrode; only then these things break otherwise kerosene keeps them protected, unwittingly.
  1. The main trekkers moved forward the next day with one stove for X-4 people and with two of the aforementioned trekkers and two porters staying back. One porter ran back the Horses Pond to fetch the third and emergency stove.
  1. Rations / Kitchen
    • 25 Kgs of wheat flour and 5 kgs of rice, for 8+2+3+12 pax for __ days a sure-shot recipe for failure as, as we all know that how much extra fuel {3-4x} (that we didn’t have, in the first place) is needed to make roti at that altitude and temperatures.
    • Broken stoves. On day one of the trek, the porters’ stove broke.
    • No spare needles to clean the jet or spare jets, valves, washers, piston and/or leather. The porters were not not carrying even the basic spares as they were given all this unmaintained junk pre-packaged by Mr. Sharma, Ex‑Director and IAS!
  2. Tents were leaking and were not suited for the climate. They were warm weather tents. Tents for such altitude have vents for disbursal of perspiration as to reduce condensation (yes, we know that it cannot be avoided completely.) But, these were just not up to the mark and were dripping, making small puddles inside. {Photo}
  3. No member was asked to undergo basic fitness test before embarking this gruelling, perilous and DEMANDING journey that some people have said is as close to Mt. Everest itself as there at Sagarmatha you need only stamina and money and no skill as so much of help is available. Here, there is no help. You are on your own and evacuation is also well-nigh impossible as there are no resources on stand-by unlike Everest.

Methinks that this is an attitude/assurance in tour operators, service-providers /yoga-“healers”, in and around Manali wherein they are sure that things will go their way, no matter how shoddy the service, as they deal primarily with White tourists and those tourists have been receiving a healthy dose of “Atithi Devo Bhav” right from exiting the Delhi airport doors where the taxi-waallah starts fleecing them to Paharjang hotel guy to the dhaba owner who sells |THEM| a roti for 20-30-50 Rupees to the hotel guy in Kaza who offers the same room to Indians for 800 per night while charging a lone European woman 6,000 for the exact same room to these well-educated , fluent English speaking charlatans who can break the dream-trip sitting in their heated office by carefully “arranging” the whole thing to fail. If lives get in harm’s way, so be it! The poor suckers have signed an indemnity, have they not?”
One plays with your faith by giving bogus Yoga lessons and another with your life!

Sticky Post…

Time heals many wounds.

Time wounds many heels.

I use Titan and Vaseline Intensive Care


DelhiVery does not deliver!

Dear Haldiram, NEOrigins, BunnyCart, BlueTokai, Adil Quadri, Syska, Amazon, Bata and Flipkart (On Twitter),
I write this to inform you that I shall not order anything from you until you use someone else other than the really pathetic DelhiVery as your logistics partner.
This is the fourth delivery that has been messed up in the last 2 months.

I have to go 2 hours, one way, to collect my latest orders from Haldiram and Syska.
If DelhiVery cannot deliver at a SPECIFIC Pin Code why do they accept the shipment!
Last time, my live plants were roaming in and around Bangalore for  5 days, covering 50 kilometres.
Before that, two Ertugrul hats crossed my house 4 times but the DelhiVeryman tells me that they don’t deliver there.
Forget about it!
I shall confirm with your customer support before placing an order and if DelhiVery is the deliverer, I shall not place the order.
India Post delivers everywhere, by the way.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Rahul Sharma. 

Encounter at 3 AM.

A mongoose killed our 50 chickens and we cleaned them all to distribute to willing villagers.
Hurt my heart to skin the Desi murgi with all that delicious fat but time was short. Tired, we discarded all the wings and feathers and all the shit-filled throat-sacs in a pit near our kitchen, 20 metres from my room.

I went pissing in the open as the toilet is one floor down.

I swung my penis जी to disperse the urine and on one swing my torch caught THEM! My urine immediately stopped, my eyes popped out and I could feel my heart in my throat with my chest as tight as a mouse’s asshole.

My heart is beating at 140 BPM.
Barely 30 metres away, under an apple tree, looking at me, relishing the chicken innards, burning a hole in my soul, were the brightest, like Ambassador car headlight, two-two eyes of a panther or a leopard!





Cost of Living in Penang


Oh MY Expat Life

Thinking of moving to or retiring in Penang? This is how much it costs to live here.


It’s really no wonder why International Living ranked Penang as #6 in their roundup of the “10 Best Places to Retire Around the World in 2017.” Our friends keep asking me if they should retire here, so this is going to be the first in a series of stories about what it’s like to live in Penang and considerations to make before moving here – be sure to subscribe if you’d like to see more of these articles (scroll down and look for the “follow this blog via email” section on the right side of the page).

This fabulous urban island routinely ends up in retirement top 10 lists because of the vibrant multicultural festivals that happen just about every month, world-class food, modern amenities, natural beauty, ample nearby adventures

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Constrictor Knot

Constrictor knot. My new best friend!

Boating Safety Tips, Tricks & Thoughts from Captnmike


The Constrictor Knot is a knot that should be in every boaters skill set.  This knot can be used for emergency repairs and quick whipping on the end of a line to keep the line from unraveling until a permanent repair can be made.  The Double Constrictor is a variation that clamps a bit harder.  The Constrictor is a binding knot that is difficult to untie, many times it needs to be cut off.  The Constrictor can be tied easily and quickly either right or left handed.  A Single Constrictor is a variation of the Clove Hitch with a single overhand knot tucked from the outside  to the center under the crossing wrap section.

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Rhodesian War.

#WeWereNeverAsked! Watching videos on YouTube and reading a lot on these and more on #RhodesianWar! What real men were those. The last #DogsOfWar, the last #GunsForHire. We are pussies! (#Pusillanimous)!


https://youtu.be/D04XoWGYYe4 What swagger! What guts! Did they do all this for money? Did the natives miss them?

Digital India? Joke? Conspiracy to keep poor, poor? Post Office Recurring Deposits scheme, paper wastage?

This is the only way that this “schedule” of deposits is accepted in Rajouri Garden Post office. Try to make it efficient and more legible by pasting all this in a spreadsheet and they throw it back. Bureaucracy is, indeed GOD!

Kershaw Blur 1670 in S30V.

I needed something to supplement my Buck 110 as taking it out of the sheath was a long drawn process and I had broken its tip by using it as a prying tool. #IAmThatIdiot.
After much research, I settled on this and I have never regretted it, even once. This one is nearly perfect!
Everyday, for the last 2 years, this knife has been used at least once a day. It leaves my 511 trousers only when they go for washing.
Out of the box, all knives come sharp. All!
This, however, is still pretty sharp even after having sliced through paracords, twine, 1″ hemp ropes, meat, ligaments, joints (of more than one kind), cardboard, leather, wood and I forget what-all!
I have been using (futilely and mistakenly?) Lansky’s BladeMedic to touch up the edge, every now and then. Recently, I read over the internet that, indeed, #IAmThatIdiot to be doing this as BladeMedic is not capable of working on SuperSteels like S30V. All the sharpening that I felt was a psychological, placebo effect.
I am reading more on this. I shall have to get a whetstone from the USA, as I got this knife, as in India all these things cost 4-10 times their MRP. I won’t buy a Chinese item not-built-for-USA as the difference in those and built-for-the-rest-of-the-world is remarkable. Overwhelming, even.
Till now, this knife as not given me a chance to complain about anything.

And, the way it opens, pure bliss! https://youtu.be/dCk2Xjzh3KU

Intel took off all “OLD” drivers from their website. Why? Cost-cutting!

What a cheap move by @intel! At a time when storage is cheaper than dirt (organic?), this really #CheapMove by @IntelIndia is so CHEAP!
Can I count on @AMD @AMDRyzen @AMDIndia till the #SunExplodes?

My stolen/robbed PC works just fine but…


Profile of a TRUEST Andh-Modi-Bhakt.

And, what a retort!

links from that post.


O Brother! Please shoot me!

In Indian weddings (and, now, cremations) we videotape and photograph almost everything. Some guys I know have been known to spend Rs. 44,00,000 ~ $ 63,000 on Photographerji alone!

At my sisters’ weddings, we had that whole crew. There was this one particular woman whom my father hated with all his guts and revolvers.
After the weddings when the VCDs came, in one shot he was seen joking and laughing with that woman but we couldn’t make out what was being said as it had been overdubbed with a popular song.

We went to the photographer and asked him to give us the original/master recording as we never were asked for those songs and wanted to hear all the banter. He kept us waiting while his assistant arranged for it but after 30 minutes informed that it had been deleted, already!
Heated exchange ensued and to precipitate and close the scene, he offered apologies with a cherry-on-top, “O brother, if it makes you happy, shoot me!”

At nearly Sundance Kid speed came out my #Beretta418 and was shoved between his legs.

He urinated.


#HotCrazyMatrix vs #HotRICHMatrix

What a DUMB and illogical BITCH trying to be as smart as men naturally are, or maybe, even more (In an attempt to wear short hair, padded suit instead of a bra and pants and become a CEO?)!

#HotCrazyMatrix. #HCM. The man drew a graph with hot (positive) and crazy (negative) axes. This STUPID donkeyess draws her RESPONSE HotRICHMatrix with hot (Positive) and rich (Positive? Negative? Does this slutty gold-digger even know what she is talking about?)

Teton Polara Sleeping-bag

Beyond my (usually) great expectations! Much beyond!

I have used it mostly as a blanket and not utilised its full potential of trapping the body-heat as yet because I have not been able to go that far up North in India. I have not been able to use/test this in anything less than 4-5* C but even at those temperatures, without the PolarLite fleece, I used to sweat in it, constantly tossing it away, in my sleep, for crying out loud!

The PolarLite fleece and the inner lining do not irritatingly scratch against my dry heels like some other brands did. Unless one has completely moisturised the heels or one has baby-buttocks-smooth heels, there are some fabrics (especially the ones containing artificial threads) that do that kharr-khashh micro-friction thing that makes me grind my teeth in disgust. This one felt like it shall, too; however, I was pleasantly proved wrong.

The various oh-so-well-thought-out straps and loops and cinch-cords and Velcro-backed attachments are so heart-touching! Some team actually ‘lived’ in this thing and thought of all those small details that go into making this a real God’s gift!

And, God’s gift, it indeed was! I had zeroed in onto this beaut in late October 2018 but it was simply unavailable, not even on the Teton website and as per my communication with customer care, “Thanks for reaching out and great question. We are expecting a new shipment on 11/30/2018. The Polara Sleeping Bag should be available for purchase within a few days.”

On 14th November 2018, God came in my dreams and woke me up at 3 AM, for no good reason and took away all the sleep from me. I, out of sheer ennui, took out the phone and put this name in DuckDuckGo and lo and behold the Glory! The first result was from eBay and without even checking the price or the details, I hit the Buy button, wary that someone else might snap-up this listing. It arrived sans the original packing, as I read later, “used but new” and at a whopping discount, to boot! Yes, it was and is, indubitably, God’s gift!

https://tetonsports.com/product/polara-3-in-1-0˚f-sleeping-bag-w-fleece-liner/ https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/camping-and-hiking/sleeping-bag/teton-sports-polara-3-in-1

The scrambled egg challenge

In The Mother Hunt, Nero Wolfe claims that it is necessary to set 45 minutes aside to make proper scrambled eggs –

Inspired by Wolfe

Scrambled eggs. One of my favourite Sunday morning breakfast foods. Everyone can make scrambled eggs! However, not everyone can make good scrambled eggs. I decided to put three recipes and methods for making scrambled eggs to the test and determine whether Nero Wolfe’s recipe was indeed the best in the world, as he claims.


Choose three scrambled egg methods, cook them as per the recipe, with no additions / toppings added to the eggs – the emphasis was to be on the eggs, not the combination of delicious toppings (not that I don’t love delicious toppings!). The resulting scrambled eggs were to be judged on consistency, lightness – and of course taste. The judges were to be myself and my long-suffering partner H, who gave up his Sunday morning to eat lots and lots of eggs!

I used fresh, free range eggs and all the eggs used for this…

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Harvey Weinstein is INNOCENT!



Thanks, https://mobile.twitter.com/pizzaital/status/1237780278988492802, for showing this article.

Zu Gast ist die Schauspielerin Annabella Sciorra. Der Talk-Host fragt die junge Frau, ob sie gerne lüge. Ja, antwortet sie lächelnd. Sie habe immer schon recht viel über ihr Leben gelogen, manche Geschichten, die sie erfunden habe, um die Presse zu verwirren, seien sehr aufwendig und ausgefallen. Woher er, David Letterman, denn wissen wolle, dass sie nicht gerade hier sitze und lüge?, fragt Sciorra selbstbewusst und charmant.

«Keine weiteren Fragen.» Durch das Publikum im Gerichtssaal geht ein sachtes Raunen. Donna Rotunno, die Anwältin von Harvey Weinstein, beendet das dreistündige Kreuzverhör. Es ist die dritte Woche in einem Prozess, der nicht nur den Angeklagten, sondern auch #MeToo auf den Prüfstand stellt.

Brüche und Inkohärenzen

Die 59-jährige Sciorra ist die erste Zeugin der Anklage. Zwar wäre die Tat verjährt, doch soll Weinstein Sciorra 1991 in ihrer New Yorker Wohnung vergewaltigt haben. Offiziell wird der Filmproduzent von zwei anderen Frauen angeklagt. 2006 soll er die ehemalige Produktionsassistentin Mimi Haleyi in ihrer Wohnung in Soho zu Oralsex gezwungen haben. 2013 habe er überdies die Stylistin Jessica Mann vergewaltigt. Weinstein plädiert auf nicht schuldig. Jeder sexuelle Kontakt mit jeder Frau sei stets einvernehmlich gewesen.

Sciorra, ein Starlet der achtziger Jahre, das es nicht ganz in die Filmwelt der Gegenwart schaffte, wirkte noch Jahrzehnte nach dem Vorkommnis in Weinstein-Produktionen mit, obwohl sie, wie sie vor Gericht behauptet, «um ihr Leben fürchtete», wann immer Weinstein in ihrer Nähe war. Ende 2016 – Sciorra war inzwischen pleite, Engagements blieben aus – bat sie Weinstein über ihren Agenten um Arbeit. Dieser lehnte zum ersten Mal in über zwanzig Jahren ab. Im Oktober 2017 wandte Sciorra sich mit dem Vergewaltigungsvorwurf an die Presse.

Vor Gericht weist ihre Geschichte Brüche auf, Inkohärenzen und Erinnerungslücken. Nichts davon war in den folgenden Tagen in der nationalen und internationalen Presse zu lesen, ebenso selten wird der Clip erwähnt, in dem Sciorra eingesteht, gerne zu lügen. Das Kurzvideo sollte den Fokus auf die Persönlichkeitsstruktur Sciorras lenken, anhand dessen sich eventuell Motive für Falschaussagen ausmachen liessen. Doch von der Anklage wird es aus strategischen Gründen, in den Medien völlig unbedenklich als «Komödie» abgetan.

«‹Er vergewaltigte mich›», «Sieg für #MeToo» – so oder ähnlich lauten die Schlagzeilen der letzten Tage; sie sind der Auftakt einer vorhersehbaren Berichterstattung, die zugleich Gähnen und Sorge verursacht. Die Wahrheit, oder die grösstmögliche Annäherung daran, besteht weniger denn je in neutralen Darstellungen oder der alle Aspekte einbeziehenden Erzählung, sondern im Tendenziösen, dramatisch Einseitigen. Wem wird Glauben geschenkt? Dem, der am lautesten «Wolf!» schreit.

Die Meinung ist gefasst

Täglich sitzen 70 Journalisten im Gerichtssaal, die meisten davon kommen von amerikanischen Medien, nur wenige aus dem Ausland. Es sind immer dieselben Gesichter, meist jung und weiblich. Nach den ersten Wochen kennt man sich im 15. Stock des Manhattan Supreme Court. Jeden Morgen fragt dieselbe Fernsehjournalistin Weinstein, kurz bevor er mit dem Rollator den Gerichtssaal betritt: «How are you today, Harvey?» Antwort: «Good.» Ausserdem kommen Anwälte, Jurastudenten, ein paar Schaulustige, Freunde und Bekannte der jeweiligen Zeugen.

Die Vernehmungstage beginnen mit dem Kreuzverhör der Anklage, die verständlicherweise bemüht ist, Weinstein schlecht darzustellen. Doch nach dem Ende des Verhörs der Staatsanwaltschaft stehen manche Journalisten auf und kommen nicht mehr wieder. Warum auch von der Seite der Verteidigung berichten? Warum Zweifel an der Erzählung der Frauen aufkommen lassen?

Die Meinung ist gefasst, Weinstein schuldig – flott wird ein Teil der Geschichte in ein paar Sätzen resümiert, und der Rest der Welt schreibt ab, ohne zu prüfen. Auch Zeitungen, die keine Journalisten an den Manhattan Supreme Court entsandten, servieren den Lesern Vorgekautes und Tendenziöses, ohne den Willen zur Neutralität. Im Saal selbst schauen die Journalisten kaum je von ihren Laptops auf, um die Mimik der Beteiligten zu studieren, Dynamiken einzufangen, der Intuition Raum zu geben. Als Sciorra die Arme theatralisch über den Kopf hebt, um zu demonstrieren, wie Weinstein sie festhielt, schwillt das Klackern der Tastaturen an wie ein nahender Heuschreckenschwarm.

Aber da sind auch die Fragen der Verteidigung. Warum Sciorra in der fraglichen Nacht als alleinstehende Frau die Tür dürftig bekleidet öffnete, ohne zu wissen, wer dort stand. Warum sie vor ein paar Minuten noch zugab, Weinstein sei freundlich scharwenzelnd bei ihr im Schlafzimmer gestanden, dann alles wiederrief. Warum sie den Pförtner nie zur Rechenschaft zog, der ihren Vergewaltiger nach oben schickte, warum sie weiter für die Weinstein Company arbeitete, auf dem Filmfestival in Cannes neben Weinstein im Hotelzimmer nächtigte – die Liste ist lang, und Sciorra schwankt zwischen «Ich habe alles vergessen» und sie sei «zu schreckensstarr gewesen, um zu handeln», auch in den Jahrzehnten danach.

Es trifft zu, dass Frauen sexuelle Gewalttaten nicht immer sofort der Polizei melden, aus Angst oder aus Scham. Doch auch wenn man es nicht gerne hören mag: Es gibt die falsche Erinnerung an Vorkommnisse, die so nie stattfanden. #MeToo hat zudem oft bewiesen, dass Existenzen aus Gründen der Rache oder der verletzten Eitelkeiten vernichtet werden, ohne dass eine justiziable Tat vorliegt – der Fall des Schauspielers Kevin Spacey ist hierfür ein gutes Beispiel.

Treffen, Mails und Wünsche

Schon vor den Kreuzverhören, die in den kommenden Wochen erwartet werden, weisen auch die Geschichten von Mimi Haleyi und Jessica Mann Unstimmigkeiten auf, die vor Gericht bereits dargelegt, in der Presse allerdings ausgespart wurden – es sei denn, um sie achselzuckend als spekulativ abzutun. Die drängendste Frage: Warum suchten die Frauen noch viele Jahre nach den Vorkommnissen Weinsteins Nähe, und dies nicht verängstigt, sondern mit deutlich artikulierter Zuneigung?

So wie die am Montag ins Kreuzverhör genommene Haleyi, die Weinstein im Juli 2006 auf einer Party in LA kennenlernte und die kurz darauf am Set von Weinsteins «Project Runway» zu arbeiten begann. Am 26. Juli 2006 kam es in New York im Tribeca Hotel zu, wie Haleyi im Oktober 2017 der Presse mitteilte, erzwungenem Oralsex. In den Tagen nach dem Übergriff erbat Haleyi von Weinstein, er möge sie nach LA fliegen lassen. Dies tut Weinstein, zahlt das Flugticket. Im September 2006 wünschte Haleyi ein Treffen mit Weinstein in London und liess von diesem ausserdem das Flugticket so buchen, dass sie zusammen reisen konnten.

Zeit verstrich. Im Mai 2007 wandte Haleyi sich mit der Bitte um berufliche Hilfe an Weinstein und dankte ihm etwas später in einer langen und liebevollen E-Mail dafür, wie sehr er sie immer unterstütze. Im Juni 2008 schlug Haleyi erneut ein Treffen vor, schrieb in einer E-Mail, ob er sich an den schönen Abend damals im Tribeca Hotel erinnere (wo der angebliche Missbrauch stattfand).

Noch Jahre danach schrieb sie ihm regelmässig. In den Mails keine Spur von Angst oder Wut, der Ton ist ruhig. 3000 Tage später war alles anders, Haleyi klagt Weinstein an. Sie muss ihren Terminkalender, den sie minuziös führte, der Polizei übergeben. Ausradiert oder wild überkritzelt sind ausschliesslich sämtliche Treffen mit Weinstein über die Jahre hinweg, allein der Oralsex-Tag steht noch drin.

Frauen sind nicht nur Opfer

Frauen können lügen, kalkulieren, eiskalte Rache üben, genau wie Männer. Ist diese Vorstellung derart unerträglich? Die mediale Berichterstattung jedenfalls begnügt sich mit Bildern weiblicher Schwäche. Überschriften und Prozessberichte, tausendfach von Autoren verfasst, die nicht eine Minute im Gerichtssaal verbracht haben, dann millionenfach auf Social Media verbreitet, zeigen das schwache Geschlecht in der Totalinszenierung: weinend und verwirrt.

Tatsache ist auch, dass es in Hollywood stets die Riege derjenigen gab, die über sexuelle Gefälligkeiten «hineinkamen» – denn Sex ersetzt alles, ist mächtiger als die Macht, das wussten Homer, Shakespeare und Philip Roth. Frauen (und Männer) schliefen sich nicht selten nach oben, setzen für berufliche oder private Ziele nicht nur geistiges, sondern auch erotisches Kapital ein. Die sogenannte «Casting-Couch» gibt es, seitdem es das Theater gibt. Junge Autoren, Schauspieler, Regisseure, manche arbeitslos und in unsicheren materiellen Verhältnissen, treffen auf mächtige Produzenten. Sichhochschlafen in Hollywood war ein Deal, in dem beide Seiten aktiv vorgingen, beide gewannen oder keiner; es war eine Medaille mit zwei schmuddeligen Seiten.

Warum sie den Tag von Weinsteins Angriff sowie die Tage danach in ihrem Kalender mit Herzen ausgeschmückt habe, fragt Weinsteins Anwalt Mimi Haleyi heute. Ob das ihre emotionale Verfassung widergespiegelt habe? Vielleicht habe es das, sagt Haleyi.

Actress Annabella Sciorra is a guest. The talk host asks the young woman if she would like to lie. Yes, she replies with a smile. She had always lied a lot about her life, some stories that she had invented to confuse the press were very complex and unusual. Where did he come from, David Letterman, because he wanted to know that she wasn’t sitting and lying right here? Sciorra asks confidently and charmingly.

“No further questions.” A gentle whisper goes through the audience in the courtroom. Donna Rotunno, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, ends the three-hour cross-examination. It is the third week in a trial that not only tests the accused but also #MeToo.

Breaks and incoherences

59-year-old Sciorra is the first witness to the indictment. Although the act would be statute-barred, Weinstein is said to have raped Sciorra in 1991 in her New York apartment. The film producer is officially charged by two other women. In 2006, he is said to have forced former production assistant Mimi Haleyi to have oral sex in her apartment in Soho. In 2013, he also raped stylist Jessica Mann. Weinstein pleads not guilty. Every sexual contact with every woman was always consensual.

Sciorra, an eighties starlet who didn’t quite make it into the contemporary film world, was still involved in Weinstein productions decades after the incident, although, as she claims in court, she “feared for her life” whenever Weinstein did was near them. At the end of 2016 – Sciorra was now broke, there were no commitments – she asked Weinstein for work through her agent. This declined for the first time in over twenty years. In October 2017, Sciorra contacted the press about the rape allegation.

In court, her story shows ruptures, inconsistencies, and gaps in memory. None of this was to be read in the national and international press in the following days, just as rarely is the clip in which Sciorra admits that he likes to lie. The short video should focus on Sciorra’s personality structure, which could be used to identify motives for making false statements. However, for strategic reasons, the charges are dismissed as “comedy” in the media without any concern.

«‹ He raped me ›», «Victory for #MeToo» – that’s the headline of the last few days; they are the prelude to predictable reporting that causes yawning and worry at the same time. The truth, or the greatest possible approximation to it, is less than ever in neutral representations or the narrative involving all aspects, but in the tendencyful, dramatically one-sided. Who is believed? To the loudest “Wolf!” screams.

The opinion is clear

70 journalists sit in the courtroom every day, most of them from the American media, only a few from abroad. They are always the same faces, mostly young and female. After the first few weeks, everyone knows each other on the 15th floor of the Manhattan Supreme Court. Every morning the same television journalist Weinstein asks shortly before he walks into the courtroom with the rollator: “How are you today, Harvey?” Answer: “Good.” There are also lawyers, law students, a few onlookers, friends and acquaintances of the respective witnesses.

The interrogation days begin with the cross-examination of the indictment, which understandably tries to portray Weinstein badly. However, after the prosecution’s interrogation ended, some journalists got up and never came back. Why report from the defense side too? Why raise doubts about the narrative of women?

Opinion has been taken, Weinstein is guilty – part of the story is quickly summed up in a few sentences, and the rest of the world copies without checking. Newspapers that do not send journalists to the Manhattan Supreme Court also serve their readers as chewed and trendy items without the will to be neutral. In the hall itself, journalists hardly ever look up from their laptops to study the facial expressions of those involved, to capture dynamics, to give room for intuition. When Sciorra theatrically raises his arms over his head to demonstrate how Weinstein held them, the clinking of the keyboards swells like an approaching swarm of locusts.

But there are also defense issues. Why Sciorra opened the door poorly dressed as a single woman on the night in question, without knowing who was standing there. Why she admitted a few minutes ago that Weinstein was standing with her in his bedroom, gently waving, and then everything called back. Why she never held the gatekeeper accountable, who sent her rapist upstairs, why she continued to work for the Weinstein Company, spent the night in the hotel room next to Weinstein at the Cannes Film Festival – the list is long and Sciorra wavering
Chen “I forgot everything” and she was “too terrified to act”, even in the decades after.

It is true that women do not always report sexual violence to the police immediately, out of fear or shame. But even if you do not like to hear it: there is the wrong memory of events that never happened. #MeToo has also often demonstrated that livelihoods or vanity injuries are used to destroy livelihoods without a justifiable act – the case of actor Kevin Spacey is a good example of this.

Meetings, mails and requests

Even before the cross-examinations expected in the coming weeks, the stories of Mimi Haleyi and Jessica Mann also showed inconsistencies that had already been set out in court but were spared in the press – unless they shrugged as speculative. The most pressing question: why did the women still search for the events of Weinstein’s proximity for many years, and this not with fear, but with clearly articulated affection?

Like Haleyi, cross-examined on Monday, whom Weinstein met at a party in LA in July 2006 and who began working on the set of Weinstein’s “Project Runway” shortly afterwards. On July 26, 2006, forced oral sex occurred at the Tribeca Hotel in New York, as Haleyi told the press in October 2017. In the days after the attack, Haleyi asked Weinstein to let her fly to LA. Weinstein does this, pays the plane ticket. In September 2006, Haleyi requested a meeting with Weinstein in London and also had him book the flight ticket so that they could travel together.

Time passed. In May 2007, Haleyi asked Weinstein for professional help and later thanked him in a long and loving email for how much he always supported her. In June 2008, Haleyi proposed another meeting, wrote in an email whether he remembered the beautiful evening back then at the Tribeca Hotel (where the alleged abuse took place).

Years later she wrote to him regularly. No trace of fear or anger in the emails, the tone is calm. 3000 days later everything was different, Haleyi accuses Weinstein. She has to hand over her diary, which she kept to the minute, to the police. All meetings with Weinstein have been erased or wildly scribbled over the years, the oral sex day alone is still there.

Women are not just victims

Women can lie, calculate, ice-cold revenge, just like men. Is this idea so unbearable? In any case, media coverage is content with images of female weakness. Headlines and process reports, written a thousand times by authors who have not spent a minute in the courtroom, then distributed millions of times on social media, show the weak gender in the total staging: crying and confused.

It is also a fact that in Hollywood there has always been the ranks of those who “entered” sexual favors – because sex replaces everything is more powerful than power, Homer, Shakespeare and Philip Roth knew that. Women (and men) often slept up, using not only intellectual but also erotic capital for professional or private goals. The so-called “casting couch” has been around since the theater was founded. Young writers, actors, directors, some unemployed and in uncertain material conditions, meet powerful producers. Going to sleep in Hollywood was a deal where both sides were active, both won or neither; it was a medal with two grubby sides.

Weinstein’s lawyer Mimi Haleyi asks why she heartily decorated the day of Weinstein’s attack and the days after on her calendar. Did that reflect her emotional state? Maybe it did, says Haleyi.

ISS SSTV Reception Hints

via ISS SSTV Reception Hints

Selective destruction! By #Dobby_Does!

My #Dobby_Does! came potty-trained and listen-the-NO and this-is-what-I-know-I-am-NOT-supposed-to-chew/decimate trained from the forest where I found him at approximately 1 month of age!
Abandoned and an orphan!

Not so, anymore!
However, if I am out to town for a long enough time, to show his anger, he will SPECIFICALLY target those very items that he NEVER touched when I was around!

Shanti Ramdhari Dinkar Kurukshetr.jpeg

I am looking forward to methods to train him for marking some things as ABSOLUTELY UNTOUCHABLE. Yes, I should not leave him alone, for long, but, explain this to the exigencies of life.

Arbitrary? जिसकी लाठी, उसकी भैंस?


‪Good morning, @DelhiAirport! While travelling to Bhopal via #SG2623 today morning, the @CISFHQrs staff made my bag go through BIS scanner, 3 times. Good, they were doing a good job! The item that piqued their interest and suspicion in my baggage was a string of magnets.‬ 
Enter a caption

IMG_0249‪Good morning, @DelhiAirport! While travelling to Bhopal via #SG2623 today morning, the @CISFHQrs staff made my bag go through BIS scanner, 3 times. Good, they were doing a good job! The item that piqued their interest and suspicion in my baggage was a string of magnets.‬


However, while rummaging through my wallet, the personnel opened my wallet and found a https://www.victorinox.com/global/en/Products/Swiss-Army-Knives/SwissCards/SwissCard-Lite/p/0.7300.T, something that I have been carrying for the last 15 years.


The woman-officer present there tossed it in the bin even as I protested that International law on scissors is that less that 4″ are allowed onboard. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=scissors+allowed+in+carry+on+baggage+india

Sir, @HardeepSPuri, @DGCAIndia, only in our country is that rule of any, even if less than 4″ scissor is being RANDOMLY and ARBITRARILY applied. “Aaj Pakdi gayi aapki kainchi!” while practising complete #NonApplicationOfMind!

My scissor was LESS THAN 1 inch! It is a tiny thing using which I cannot even open a milk tertapack! Cutting strings from frayed clothes, a pulled cuticle, newspaper cutting is all that thing is capable of!

I asked her that for the last 15 years that I am carrying this in my carry on baggage, domestically and internationally, via @AAI, were her colleagues total nincompoops who didn’t know how to do their jobs?


Also, while they were congratulating themselves on this someone had the good sense to call a superior officer and going by their consultation where they showed him the images of the scissor, he (in my judgement of their expressions) asked them to return it before he took some pictures of the same on the scanner screen, using his mobile phone. The woman rummaged through the bin but it was a difficult task with so many objects lying in there.

So, arbitrarily a rule could be applied on pure whim of a security man while ignoring a MUCH LONGER and pointier screw that was also lying right on top of all the things. “This 1″ pointy thing is a WEAPON, this 3″ pointier thing is not one! Thank you, äap chalò!”


This makes me think, AGAIN, #JiskiLathiUskiBhains

Biggest problem with this tweet?

  1. not just “any person”.‬ This was posted by a godddamned “””IPS””” officer! … who is incharge of some AIRPORT BLODDY SECURITY!

‪2. Why do us #CorruptIndian jackasses believe, even in 2019 when fakes have been known to have killed 100s, if not 1,000s, just in India?‬
HGS Dhaliwal, IPS
Police Medal for Gallantry| Writer|Equestrian-Polo|Golfer|Scuba Diver|Conservationist|Wildlife|Animal Lover|
New Delhi, IndiaJoined October 2016

“Baby Bagged!!
A 5 month old baby was kidnapped and carried to Dubai from Karachi inside a Travel Bag.
Fortunately, it was detected at Dubai Airport and the baby was found safe!!”


#BloddyIndians #UsIndians #IndianDNAIsCorrupt #UsCheapIndians #UsCuteIndians



“Why do you need 4 knives?” #JhaHaHa Time for a Kephart 5″?

Ouch ouch OUCH! That had to hurt.


Kephart’s knife.

  • The overall length of this model is traditional, blade about 4 1/2 inches.
  • The knife’s signature profile is a straight top-line 1/8-inch thick = . 125 inches = 3.175 mm
  • Weight 0.4 lb
  • Blade Length 5.125 inches
  • Overall length 9.625 inches
  • Edge Angles 20 Degrees
  • Shape Drop Point
  • Blade Thickness \ profile (90*) / SPINE
  • and jimping. 0.158 inches = 4.0132 mm ; 1/8 = .125 = 3.175 mm
  • Blade Width 1.188 inches

1 Oz = 25 Grammes. Calculate

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#Corsair #FlashVoyager #GTX 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (#CMFVYGTX3B-#256GB)

#OuchOuchOuch! Feels like a scam though I know that it is not! Surely, feels like it, though.
I purchased it in 2015 and today, it is nearly one third the price. This is how fast technology is progressing.
Otherwise, Chandan Indoria​, it runs BLAZING-LY fast. Thanks a tonne for recommending it, Tabassum Insaf​.
I run my Linux live from it and, #HoldMyBeer, it is FASTER than the HDD installed OS.

#Corsair #FlashVoyager #GTX 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (#CMFVYGTX3B-#256GB)
Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc
Return window closed on Jan 15, 2016
Condition: New.

भगवत दयाल शर्मा My E V E R Y T H I N G!

This was, probably, said to Om Uncle, “र्रै देखिए ज़रा, कदी पंडितायिन (सावित्री देवी) ने भी तो पार्टी नहीं बदल ली है!”

My Baba! My maker! My Mummy! My value system! My friend! My doctor! My toy! My Papa! My teacher! My E V E R Y T H I N G!

History headline: Gaya Lal, and Haryana art of defection

gaya lal, Bhajan Lal , haryana politics, haryanas politics of defection, haryana defection politics,
Bhajan Lal with Indira Gandhi, after turning his Janata Party govt wholescale into a Congress govt, on Jan 22, 1980, taking along 37 MLAs. Express Archives

WHILE the large-scale crossing over by MLAs resulted in state governments falling in Karnataka and Goa recently, they were still no match for what a Haryana legislator managed in 1967, back when shadows had just started appearing over Indian democracy’s golden halo. In the process, Gaya Lal also lent the term ‘Aya Ram, Gaya Ram’ to the country’s political lexicon.

The month was February, and there was political uncertainty in the air. The Congress had returned to power at the Centre with its lowest tally till then (283 out of 520), under the leadership of Indira Gandhi. The party had suffered setbacks in Assembly polls in several states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Orissa (now Odisha), Madras (now Tamil Nadu) and Kerala. This had triggered a tussle for power between the Congress and an Opposition combine, consisting of the Jana Sangh, Swatantra Party, Samyukta Socialist Party, Praja Socialist Party, regional parties and defectors from the Congress. The Opposition coalition gave its state regimes an umbrella identity — the Samyukta Vidhayak Dal (SVD) governments.

For Haryana, carved out of Punjab on November 1, 1966, it was its first Assembly election. While the Congress won, it was with a thin majority of 48 out of 81 seats. The Bharatiya Jana Sangh got 12 seats, Swatantra Party three and Republican Party two. The Independents formed the second-largest block, with 16 seats. One of them was Gaya Lal, winning from Hasanpur (SC) constituency.

Congress Chief Minister Bhagwat Dayal Sharma was sworn in on March 10, 1967. Within a week, his government fell after 12 Congress MLAs defected, forming a group that they dubbed the ‘Haryana Congress’. The Independent legislators also forged a new party, ‘United Front’. The process of switching sides continued, swelling the United Front ranks eventually to 48 MLAs.

Consequently, on March 24, Rao Birendra Singh (father of present Union Minister of State Rao Inderjit Singh), who had been elected from Pataudi on a Congress ticket, took over as CM under the SVD banner. His position was flimsy at best, threatened by both Bhagwat Dayal Sharma and Devi Lal, who was still in the Congress.

However, if there was one man who defined those days of uncertainty, it was Gaya Lal. Within nine hours, the MLA changed sides twice — in and out of the Congress — and within a fortnight, moved to the United Front.

Presenting him at a press conference in Chandigarh after having overthrown Sharma, a beaming Rao Birendra uttered those inimitable words “Gaya Ram is now Aya Ram”. Then home minister Y B Chavan later used the phrase in Parliament to denote political turncoats.

But Rao lasted only a few months, demitting office on November 2. The Assembly was dissolved and the state placed under President’s Rule, followed by elections in 1968.

Meanwhile, Gaya Lal marched on. After the United Front, his next stop was the Arya Sabha, led by Indervesh, Agnivesh and Adityavesh, in 1972. Two years later, he found his way into the Bharatiya Lok Dal, led by Charan Singh. Consequently, he got a Janata Party (formed by the merger of four parties, including the Bharatiya Lok Dal) ticket in 1977 and won. Gaya Lal’s last election was in 1982, as an Independent. He lost.

However, long before then, Haryana had moved on — to five-star defections, showing the way again to the rest of the country. In 1979, facing competition from incumbent Janata Party CM Devi Lal, Bhajan Lal set off with dissident party MLAs on “Bharat Darshan”. For over two weeks, the group, on a luxury bus and a fleet of cars, toured Alwar, Kota, Agra, Gwalior, Shivpuri, Bhopal, Kanpur, Kolkata and Mumbai, staying at heritage hotels and resorts, with Bhajan Lal picking up the entire tab. It paid off, and on June 29, 1979, he became the CM.

After Indira Gandhi returned to power at the Centre, Bhajan Lal converted his Janata Party government wholescale into a Congress government, on January 22, 1980, taking along 37 party MLAs.

At least Bhagwat Dayal Sharma, the first victim of Haryana’s topsy-turvy politics, retained his good cheer through it. As the CM during the March 1967 phase of defections and counter-defections, while he was headed one day for the MLAs’ hostel to try win over some potential turncoats, an aide came up running to tell him, “Sahib, Pandit Tuhi Ram has also left.” “Pandit Tuhi Ram?” Sharma said, askance. “Phone lagao (connect me to him).” The aide indicated there was no hope; the news was on All-India Radio.

Known for his wit, Sharma quipped, “Just check, maybe Panditayin too has defected.” Panditayin being his own wife Savitri Devi.


Dobby_Does! attacked for the second time by the same bitch! Say, what now?

Today, attacked for 2nd time by neighbour’s bitch whom I have promised to kill if repeated.

She showed and practiced #MightIsRight and I’ll reciprocate, on behalf of my Dobby_Does!; #Zimbly!

Dogs are smart enough to understand repercussions. Mine is! If she isn’t, her owner should put her on a leash!

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Man proposes, God? Well, well, well!

Methinks that God read this Facebook post of mine and said, “Achhaa Bette! Taking decisions? Let’s see!”

This #Dobby followed us to the house, 1 kilometre uphill and stayed back!

What to do?

Let’s keep in mind that MamaJi Colonel Kuldip Singh Sandhu says, “This is the most #RudderlessShip that I have seen”

Hardware Notifications For ISS Flybys — Hackaday

Since Sputnik launched in the 1950s, it’s been possible to look outside at night and spot artificial satellites orbiting with the naked eye. While Sputnik isn’t up there anymore, a larger, more modern satellite is readily located: the International Space Station. In fact, NASA has a program which will alert anyone who signs up when…

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Mathematics, my most favourite subject and I failed most in its examinations.

Calculus Rhapsody!

This was my most favourite part in XI, Calculus!




Good morning, #InternationalSpaceStation!
Received on a #RubberDucky :-)
0823 IST, ~0300 Zulu
Thank you, #VU2CRS Ranjit Singh Chhabra and #VU3BXS, Sumit Kumar. I shall contact #VU2RBI today, definitely, for the retrieval of my father’s #VU2Ri‘s @VU2Ri #FT757GxMkII as mentioned by his friend who has a covering letter to the same effect.

Though, to be honest, the websites and other resources help so much that the #OldWorldCharmIsLost when all this https://www.n2yo.com/?s=25544 was calculated using a pen, paper, calculator and a compass.


“The ARISS team wanted to give the community another opportunity to downlink the SSTV images we developed for you given the weak signal situation that occurred last weekend. For clarity, these will be the same 12 images that were downlinked last weekend.
For those that are asking, we are still not totally clear what caused the issue last weekend. We believe it may have been either a loose feedline cable or an antenna switch that did not fully engage. Once the crew reset the system and checked the cabling and switches, the radio system started to perform nominally.”
ARISS Slow Scan TV Event Feb 15-17
NOTA ISS SSTV image received in Elgin by #PeterGoodhall #2M0SQL February 10, 2019
ARISS is planning another of their popular Slow Scan Television (SSTV) experiment events. Transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM are scheduled to begin Friday, Feb. 15 at 08:45 UT and run through Sunday, Feb. 17 at 17:25 UT.

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My aquarium and flikr.


Aquarium Rocks, #FuckFlikr


Politics of cleavage and other female body parts. Exposed body parts!

Bournvita advertisement;-


Sexualisation of girls and disabled comments and number of thighs! Obviously!

I had to stop at https://youtu.be/B2PddIma3LQ?t=1m48s because the deptavity of it all was ejaculating from my eardrums and wetting my mipples through my reeshirt!


But, they are just little girls! Kids, you perv!

What is that enchanté word? टूचे!

Forclaz 0 Light Sleeping Bag

7EADCDD6-9145-4DB5-99B5-453DE3AD6EA2.jpegQuite a useless piece, this #Forclaz0Light, for what is being advertised as 0-5*C sleeping bag.

I am in #Archhandi and these days it goes down to 5* C and it is still so uncomfortable.
I wear a Neva thermal under my tee shirt and a Du-pont thermal lower and -33 F socks while sleeping.
I have spread it wide and safety-pinned (too slippery surface) a blanket on it at 6 places and it is tolerable.

Just not recommend for 0*C. Do your own tests before going anywhere.

While inside my Coleman 3-season tent with 10-12C, last year, this was still pretty good. I would have given it 5 stars if it was good at 5C, even.

I shudder and shiver(punned) to think that what it would do to me (or, FAIL to do) when it goes to 0*C within 20-30 days.

LIMIT RATING of – 5???
Decathlon, you shall kill someone who might rely on your words alone and carry it to some extreme place!

First covered with blanket on 26th October, 2018. Living in this place (look up the climate) since 17th October, 2018.

P.S. I have used from the most expensive to cheap Karol Bagh knockoffs for the last 23 years. I know what I am talking about.


UPDATE: I am putting this up for sale. I have used it with utmost care, even changing in to a pair of socks EXCLUSIVELY bought for use inside this as to not make it into a stinky bag. Let us say that I have spent, conservatively, 20 nights in it.

A deal if you are not going anywhere that goes below 4-5* C and are comfortable with a mummy-style sleeping bag, Rs. 3,000.

UPDATE 28/12/2019: Order details. I have complained to Decathlon about this. Let us see.

30036977 DSI SOHNA ROAD 2016-10-16 19:44:31 15396.0 INR finished Views
Article Code Designation Quantity Unit price Total products
8305075 8305075/ 23453 FORCLAZ 0° LIGHT RED LEFT 1 3999.000000 3999.000000
8344376 8344376/ 895124 GL FIRST HEAT NOIR 18 1 399.000000 399.000000
8305075 8305075/ 23452 FORCLAZ 0° LIGHT RED LEFT 1 3999.000000 3999.000000
8343092 8343092/ 869001 SH FOR 600 H NDY M CARIB OCRE 1 6999.000000 6999.000000
Total 15396.0


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The motivation for it came from one of those lovely thought-terminating clichés so prevalent in discourse today:

“Why would a woman lie about rape?”

It’s a question that is patently absurd from a rational standpoint. Why would anyone lie about any crime? Is rape some especially unique type of crime that renders deception impossible?

Man Falsely Accused of Rape by Mentally Disabled Woman Sues Fremont

In our case, “Last Seen” matters a lot! It refers to an aircraft that flew over my head whose flight data we captured

In our case, Last Seenmatters a lot! It refers to an aircraft that flew over my head whose flight data we capturedIn my case, last seen refers to an aircraft that flew over my head whose data I captured

Ooooooo! A radical changes experiment!

​These #FeministTypes are fighting hard to absolutely un-sexualize female bodies. The skin! In the process, they gain to de-sexualise men! Simple!

http://archive.is/Rf0OC (I don’t want these assholes getting clicks from my site.)
These whiny bitches refuse to acknowledge the role biology plays in men staring at nude, naked female skin (it could be her toe, the rest being covered in a Burkha) for it is infinitely superior to us males’!
Patriarchy is all these women can come up with!

RTL-SDR for Linux Quick-Start Guide

via RTL-SDR for Linux Quick-Start Guide

“RTL-SDR for Linux Quick Start Guide v2.18 by Kenn Ranous – KA0SBL Page 3 Introduction Page 4 Antennas & Feedlines Page 5 Installing Drivers Page 7 Gqrx – General Purpose Radio & Spectrum Software Page 8 Frequency Correction – PPM adjustments Page 10 Cubic SDR – General Purpose Radio & Spectrum Software Page 11 ADS-B Aircraft Tracking with Dump1090 Page 14 Monitoring Trunked Radio Systems with SDR Trunk Page 15 Lightning Detection with SDR Page 17 Additional Resources Introduction: If you’ve installed Linux on your PC hopefully you’ll find this guide quick and easy in any Debian based distro. Created in Linux Mint v18.3, I’ll cover the software I’ve found to be complete and working. Most things RTL-SDR have come a long way since inception. Updates still sometimes break things & documentation isn’t always complete, but community support is good and the reward is worth it. If you have some amateur radio background but are new to SDR many of the controls will be familiar. If not, you’ll learn as you go. First, a quick primer on what RTL-SDR is. In Europe, TV uses the DVB-T standard. Inexpensive USB receivers are available to tune in on a computer. Based on the RTL2832 demodulator & USB interface chip, tuning is done by the R820T2 chip. By installing specialized drivers and software, these devices can be used as a Software Defined Radio capable of receiving 24 – 1800 MHz in blocks of ~2 MHz at a time. Bypassing the tuner chip by switching the receiver to direct sampling mode enables DC – 24 MHz reception. A few caveats: North American TV is on the ATSC standard so these devices can’t be used to watch TV. Also, the RTL hardware was originally designed to receive strong broadband signals. It lacks the sensitivity and selectivity of expensive receivers, so it can be over-loaded by strong signals such as FM Broadcast and pagers. They’re also susceptible to RFI. Filters and pre-amplifiers are available to overcome some of these limitations. The unit used here is version 3 of the RTL-SDR.com dongle. It has a 820T2 tuner, TCXO, anti-static diode, and a metal enclosure with heat-sink. It can be switched into direct sampling mode via software, no hardware mods needed. Use a good quality USB extension cable with ferrite cores on both ends. Try to position the dongle away from the computer and other sources of electrical noise to minimize interference. PC system requirements are modest. Decoding and GUI displays need some processing power so opt for a dual-core CPU with 2GB RAM or better. None of the applications here are highly demanding of Video or HDD. Antennas & Feedlines: Regardless of cost, any radio is only as good as it’s antenna. There’s an abundance of information on-line and in ARRL publications, so I’ll be brief. • Rule #1, there is no such thing as the perfect antenna for all situations. It does not exist. Like anything, there’s compromises and trade-offs. A broadband antenna may be more useful across a wider swath of spectrum, but it won’t gather as much signal as antenna designed for a specific frequency. Also, a broadband antenna collects unwanted signals which may overload the receiver. • Rabbit ears are a good starter antenna. It’s easy to adjust the length and orientation. • Attic or outdoor antennas for TV may work well. Note they are usually in the horizontal plane, hence they are horizontally polarized. Ham, Public Service, NWR and similar services tend to use vertical antennas and so emit vertically polarized waves. Because of this difference, they may not be stellar performers. Newer TV antennas designed for HDTV may lack the ability to pull in FM radio. TV antennas are broadband by design. • Discone antennas are broadband and work well for general purpose use. • Turnstiles and Folded Dipoles excel at FM broadcast reception. • For ADS-B a 12 element Coaxial Collinear is notably superior to a discone. • Dipoles and long wires work well for the HF bands. (<30MHz) • Ground planes, J-poles, dipoles, yagis, quads and log periodic antennas can offer superior performance when designed for a specific band. • RG-6 coax and type F connectors, the same type used for cable and satellite TV is perfectly acceptable to use. It performs well up to several GHz, is inexpensive and commonly available. Type F connectors are probably the easiest type of connector to work with. Compression fittings are preferred, but a good quality side-crimp properly done is just fine. SMA to Type F connectors are available online. In summary, VHF/UHF frequencies tend to be line-of-sight and can be blocked by some building materials, especially metal. Higher is better and outdoors is best. Watch out for those power lines! Installing the drivers: 1. Open a terminal and confirm you’re in your home directory. This is the preferred convention and will be assumed throughout this text. Text highlighted in gray is exactly what you want to type at the command line. Yes it’s case sensitive. 2. Update your distribution. sudo apt-get update 3. Install the tools needed to retrieve (git), compile (cmake) and build (buildessential). sudo apt-get install git sudo apt-get install cmake sudo apt-get install build-essential 4. Install libusb-1.0-0-dev which is a C library that provides generic access to USB devices. sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev 5. Retrieve, build and compile the RTL2832U Osmocom drivers from the source. git clone git://git.osmocom.org/rtl-sdr.git cd rtl-sdr/ mkdir build cd build cmake ../ -DINSTALL_UDEV_RULES=ON make sudo make install sudo ldconfig sudo cp ../rtl-sdr.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/ 6. Blacklist the default driver that is automatically loaded for using the dongle as a TV device as it doesn’t work for SDR purposes and clashes with the new Osmocom drivers we just installed. A. Open your /etc/modprobe.d folder as (right-click) an administrator. B. Create a new file ‘blacklist-rtl.conf’ and add this one line: blacklist dvb_usb_rtl28xxu C. Save the file, close the editor and restart the machine. 7. Test that the dongle is working by opening a terminal and typing: rtl_test -t Don’t worry about messages like PLL not locked or E4000 tuner not found or that it says R820T and not R820T2. If you’re seeing the above then your drivers and dongle are working. You’re now ready to install some applications. Gqrx General Purpose Radio/Spectrum Analyzer: This can be found in the Synaptic Package Manager. To get the latest version, visit http://gqrx.dk for instructions on how to add their PPA’s (Personal Package Archive) to your system and install. They’ve made it pretty easy. On first startup you’ll see the Configure I/O devices box. If it doesn’t appear, click the circuit board icon on the toolbar and check the following: Device: Realtek RTL2838xxx Device String: rtl=0 [Normal use >24MHz]* Device String: rtl=0,direct_samp=2 [Direct Sample mode <24MHz]* Input rate: 1800000 [aka Sample Rate]* Decimation, Bandwidth, LNB LO: 0 * Note you’re choosing one of the above Device Strings on startup, the first for VHF/UHF OR the latter for HF/MF. ** This is the amount of radio spectrum you’ll see. When tuning in the HF/MF bands it’s sometimes helpful to select a lower value. A higher value means you can view a larger slice of spectrum, but go too high and it gets choppy. Click OK then the > Power Button in the upper left corner to start receiving. Click or mouse wheel on the digits to change frequency. On the right under Receiver Options select the appropriate demodulator. (ie Narrow FM for NOAA Weather Radio or WFM for broadcast FM). Hover over each item to see what it does. Under Input controls, toggle hardware AGC and adjust LNA gain to maximize the signal but not so high that static or distortion takes over. Adjust for a noise floor of -60db to -70db. Note that you’ll need to alter gain settings as you tune around the spectrum. If the audio sounds choppy, try reducing the sample rate. Also check under the FFT Settings tab and reduce the FFT size and Rate fps. You may also need to adjust your PPM as described next. You can also bookmark favorite frequencies and organize them by category. Frequency Correction with GQRX: Later model dongles such as RTL-SDR’s v3 have improved TXCO’s for accurate frequency readouts regardless of temperature. For most uses in normal mode no calibration is needed. However, older dongles and ones in direct sampling mode may need PPM adjustments. Once you’ve determined your PPM error correction factor you can use that value in most other RTL software. As long as the dongle doesn’t overheat, this value should remain reasonably constant. To determine your dongles PPM, launch GQRX and tune your SDR to one of the National Weather Radio frequencies. Give the unit at least 15 minutes to warm up. 162.400 162.425 162.450 162.475 162.500 162.525 162.550 Zoom in on the signal and adjust your PPM until the tuning line is centered on the signal. See the next two images for details. Uncorrected PPM error. Adjust your PPM + or – until tuning line is centered on signal. To check and adjust your PPM in Direct Sampling mode in the HF bands, tune to one of the NIST time stations on 2.5, 5.0, 10.0, 15.0 or 20.0 MHz. Choose whichever station comes in best. These transmitters are very frequency accurate. The NIST WWV is quite the resource and worth the time for any radio enthusiast to know about. https://www.nist.gov/pml/time-and-frequency-division/radio-stations/wwv CubicSDR General Purpose Radio/Spectrum Analyzer: A bit more visually oriented than Gqrx, I find that CubicSDR delivers smoother audio. The latest v0.2.0 is available for download from http://cubicsdr.com where there’s instructions on how to build it or get it via flatpak. My preferred method is to just download the .AppImage file and place it in it’s own CubicSDR folder under my home folder. Right-click > Properties > Permissions and tick ‘Allow executing file as a program’ then double-click to run. (yes, it’s that simple, just one 13 meg file.) On startup, select ‘Generic RTL2832U’ and click ‘Start’ for VHF/UHF. Or, select Q-ADC under Direct Sampling to access HF & MW bands. Hover over each section for info, it’s pretty self explanatory. Enter a frequency directly or click on one of the streams in the lower waterfall panel to start listening. If the audio sounds choppy, click ‘Input Bandwidth’ on th top menu and select a lower number. The .AppImage file can be placed anywhere you like and sessions can be saved as .xml files. ADS-B Aircraft Tracking with Dump1090 Dump1090 is a good ADS-B decoder. Originally created by antirez, several developers (malcolmrobb, mutability and tedsluis) have modified the original code to make improvements. Each one is called fork. Install as many as you like, just make sure each is in it’s own unique folder. I’ll focus on the Ted Sluis fork as it seems to detect more aircraft and provides more information. It also has interesting features such as range & altitude color codes and ten map & chart styles. http://github.com/tedsluis Open a terminal and type: git clone git://github.com/tedsluis/dump1090.git dump1090 cd dump1090 make ./dump1090 –interactive –net –enable-agc Within a few moments you should see a list of aircraft in the terminal window. Open a web browser and in the address bar enter localhost:8080 and you should see a map with aircraft. You might need to hit the browser refresh button once or twice to get it going. To launch dump1090 without needing to remember paths and optimal flags, create a text file named d1090 in your /home/username/bin folder. (Note there’s no extension.) Enter these lines, substituting your own lat & lon values. #!/bin/bash #A bash script to start Ted Sluis’ dump1090 with optimal flags cd /home/yourname/dump1090 ./dump1090 –interactive –net –enable-agc –gain -10 –phaseenhance –lat 33.0 –lon -111.0 –oversample –dcfilter Note: make sure those last two lines are all on one line in the editor. Save & exit then Right-click the script file > ‘Permission’ > tick ‘Allow executing file as a program’. At the terminal just type d1090 to start. Easy! Monitoring Trunked Radio Systems with SDR Trunk: Trunking radio systems are more complex than traditional radio systems as are the applications used to track them. In brief, a typical standard analog radio system will have one or more mountaintop transmitters as needed to cover an area. There might be a few channels or a dozen or more. Mobile units transmit up to the tower at one frequency and the tower retransmits out on another frequency. All the scanner enthusiast needs to know is the output frequencies. Now imagine a city has 20 different departments each with their own set of mountaintop transmitters and channels. That’s a LOT of hardware to maintain. It’s also hundreds of dedicated frequencies and spectrum is getting crowded. Most departments probably aren’t using most of their channels most of the time anyway. So imagine all 20 departments share one radio network and a pool of channels. A computer picks a clear frequency and the right call goes to the right department. That, in a nutshell is trunked radio. Some are analog, others are digital. A few are encrypted. SDR Trunk is the only trunking software I’ve found so far that works in Linux. Installation and usage is a bit more complex than a standard radio application. https://github.com/DSheirer/sdrtrunk The install instructions are generally complete, a few things to note: Many municipalities are using the APCO25 digital standard. To listen in you’ll need to download and compile the JMBE libraries, created by the same author. The installation guide can be found in the wiki on the sidebar under APCO25. At this time, only phase I (aka type I) is supported. When creating a new system in SDR Trunk, you’re prompted to enter a frequency. Usually that will be the control channel frequency. This can be found for the system you want to monitor on the radioreference.com database. You don’t need to enter all the frequencies for a site, just the control channel and SDR Trunk will tune in to and follow across the other channels. At this point, the best way to accurately follow apco25 type II trunked system is with a digital scanner or via an online feed such as http://www.broadcastify.com Lightning Detection with SDR: What follows is an informal experiment to detect approaching lightning. Here I’m using GQRX and CubicSDR in direct sample mode but any spectrum analyzer software and dongle that can tune VLF should do it. Many dedicated lightning detectors work by listening to frequencies below the AM broadcast band, hence I chose to monitor 0 to 600kHz. The antenna is a 1/2 wave trapped dipole for HF but any bit of wire at least a few meters long will work. The waterfall display speed is set to represent ~30 seconds. Event #3 in this image was several rapid-fire and rather close by. I found that by tuning to a quiet part of the spectrum and setting squelch, lightning discharges produce an audible crackle, hence an audible alert without needing to listen to constant static or needing to watch the screen. This was a particularly close & intense storm captured in CubicSDR. Resources: http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr – Source of the RTL-SDR drivers. http://rtl-sdr.com – Great place to buy and learn about RTL-SDR http://distrowatch.org – A one-stop index of the top 200 Linux distributions http://linuxmint.com – Currently the most popular Linux distribution http://balarad.net – The best documentation I’ve found on DIY ADS-B antennas qsl.net/na4it/dbgp.html – A cheap, easy & good dual-band ground-plane antenna wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_spectrum – A primer on radio waves radioreference.com/ – Excellent database of frequencies http://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/Signal_Identification_Guide – ID that waveform github.com/xmikos/qspectrumanalyzer – Scan large swaths of bandwidth sdr.hu – A network of shared SDR’s around the world. qsl.net/kb5wck/antenna.html – A good source of antenna design calculations https://linuxconfig.org/bash-scripting-tutorial – Bash Scripting http://www.howtogeek.com/67469/the-beginners-guide-to-shell-scripting-thebasics/ – Introduction to Shell Scripting http://sdr.hu – A network of shared SDR’s around the world. In Closing: Feel free to copy or distribute this guide as you see fit. My goal here is to consolidate and share my notes so others can bypass hours of annoying research and just get to the fun stuff. :) I’ll be updating this guide using the convention vMonth.Year.as I discover new software, hardware, tricks and mods. I welcome constructive feedback. You can contact me through my blog at http://ranous.wordpress.com where you’ll find additional RTL-SDR articles. If you send me a coherent message I’ll most likely respond. Thanks for tuning in! – Kenn”

The Girl who cried Wolf!

via The Girl who cried Wolf!

Yes, I am a shameless, cheap blackmailer; there I said that.

If you say ‘plz’ because it is shorter than ‘Please’ then I’ll say ‘no’ because it’s shorter than ‘yes’.

In pursuant to https://rahuldoes.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/my-3-year-long-association-with-idea-mobile-services-come-to-a-bad-end/


Since they both share the same network and both stop working at the exact same place and time, I am giving up my @MTNL to move to @Idea @Idea, (where I was a customer for a good 4-5 years, till last quarter of 2017) or @Vodafone (I hate @airtel) but retaining the @BSNL (which is a pain because it is just not available when you need it the most (almost all of Bombay and Goa); and, I had gone for this thinking that at least BSNL would be available across India. Do I smell a #NefariousCollusion?)

Yes, I am a shameless, cheap blackmailer; there I said that.

Now, let us extract some juices, like you did, @Idea!

Where do I begin?

My grouses and how shall they be addressed?

  1. Even with a bloddy deposit (international roaming) of 3,000 and CREDIT LIMIT (whatever that is supposed to mean) of 9,500 Rupees, my connection would be regularly disconnected because I forgot to pay the 600 Rupees bill! (I am always, almost, travelling. Once disconnected, no OTP, you bloddy geniuses!)What is this nonsense? What good is that deposit and credit limit for?

Yes, I understand, it is for that one month ONLY.

Which phenku or lover-boy-girl, in 2017-8 could, POSSIBLY, use a phone service for a good 10,000 Rupees? Doing WHAT?

a. How shall we ensure that the connection shan’t be stopped from sending me those potentially lifesaving bank’s OTPs?

  1. What will you give me? Extra.

Answer soon because I just might be pushed into that burning oiJ-well!

Optimus Nova cleaning needle, use/abuse. #PlannedObsolence

The manual does not specify that the control valve should be open when using or removing the cleaning needle.

If closed, it is difficult to remove an one might end up damaging the control-valve’s small protrusion under the nozzle.

Maybe, it was a part of #PlannedObsolence.

Or, perhaps, one is expected to figure it out, oneself!

This essential finds no mention in your owner’s manual.

Is this a #StrategicOmission to get users to break it and buy spares?

Is this a very carefully executed #PlannedObsolence move?

Will this be included in your future releases and mentioned on your website?


What puts South Asians at higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, despite being less obese than Caucasians? Sangeeta Pradhan RD, CDE explains this paradox

South Asia Fast Track Sustainability Communications

Type 2 diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases globally due to unfavourable changes in modifiable risk factors and a high genetic susceptibility in certain populations. With obesity growing at sky rocketing rates worldwide, the metabolic disorders that go hand in hand with it are also rising proportionately. Asia is at the epicentre of this diabetes epidemic. 60% of the world’s diabetic population are from this part of the world. Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States, with their numbers projected to double by the year 2060.

While most ethnic communities are affected, South Asians both in their native countries and abroad are disproportionately affected. This makes it imperative to take a hard look at the contributing factors and explore meaningful interventions.

“The paradox is alarming – Asians have twice the prevalence rates of diabetes despite lower rates of obesity compared…

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Maharashtrian Special Lasun Chutney / Garlic Chutney

Made this and forgot the coconut!



Garlic Chutney, lasun chutney, maharashtrian lasun chutney recipe, dry garlic chutney Maharashtrian Special Lasun Chutney / Garlic Chutney

This post is all about the Famous Maharashtrian Special …. LASUN CHUTNEY!!!

Thank God… Chutney is now a famous word. Otherwise god knows how I would translate it. I think it is always good to know the original name of the recipe. In that way all of us get familiar with the name and word, some of us with the recipe…. Haha….

Today I am going to introduce you to the style of cooking I daily cook. It is the Maharashtrian Style. For Non – Indians and people who don’t know – Maharashtra is a state in India. You can probably relate it in a better way if I tell you that Mumbai, the city where world famous Slumdog Millionaire was shot, is the capital of Maharashtra.

Lasun means Garlic. Lasun is a Marathi word. In Hindi, which is India’s National Language, it…

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KWZI Inks Test

Source: KWZI Inks Test

Feminism and Karl Marx!

Karl Marx wanted family to be dead, he succeeded!

He succeeded by convincing the Western women that they were powerless pieces of helpless #अबला_नारी who were being abused by the Family System. The women drank that propaganda like #MaleTears, without even belching!

Now, most of the progressive Indian women are following their lead, utterly mindlessly and results speak for themselves!
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My 3 year long association with Idea mobile services come to a bad end.

So! A “valuable customer” who was satisfied, generally speaking, with the services, was driven away by the customer care, just like he was by Reliance who drove him to Idea after having him for nearly 10 years! Full circle, anyone!


Having returned recently from Kenya, I had developed some strange kind of fever.

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Caterpillar’s falling standards and incommunicado customer care. UPDATED. Resolved


Caterpillar 1 3.JPG

28/12/2019: After a protracted mail-mail game, they sent a new jacket and it is good. Not tested in rains, yet. Warm, it is; just like the old one.

Air Arabia and Kenya Health staff involved in Yellow Fever scam at Nairobi airport and in en-flight.

Dear #AirArabia,

  1. You may constitute a rewards programme / lucky draw for passengers who enter the food bill number in your website / system, after the flight. En-flight, the attendants just “forget” to give the bill and when one asks for it later, they give such a glaring look! On my flight to Nairobi (Delhi to Sharjah sector), the hostess gave me the bill voluntarily and explained the entire conversion from USD to AED. Sharjah to Nairobi, I had to ask for it, nearing the end of the flight. From Nairobi to Sharjah, those guys actually became aggressive on my insisting upon the bill! Wow!
  2. I hope that you are also aware of the other scam, the Yellow Fever scam that I knowingly fell for at Nairobi airport. If you start printing that one line in the itinerary, “passengers returning to India need Yellow Fever vaccination” you will save your passengers from this trap. The police do this scam, usually; this time it was the girl at the Air Arabia check in counter. She can easily claim that she did it for the best benefit of the customer to save him from harassment at the arrival airport. (http://boi.gov.in/content/health-regulation) However, no one in India gave a damn if I was vaccinated before leaving or at arrival!

I am sure the Air Arabia check in girl got a good cut from the bribe money that I paid at the “Port Health” for backdating that vaccination receipt for something that I did not even get!
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Scammed in Kenya and Air Arabia.

  1. You may constitute a rewards programme / lucky draw for passengers who enter the food bill number in your website / system, after the flight. En-flight, the attendants just “forget” to give the bill and when one asks for it later, they give such a glaring look! On my flight to Nairobi (Delhi to Sharjah sector), the hostess gave me the bill voluntarily and explained the entire conversion from USD to AED. Sharjah to Nairobi, I had to ask for it, nearing the end of the flight. From Nairobi to Sharjah, those guys actually became aggressive on my insisting upon the bill! Wow!


  1. I hope that you are also aware of the other scam, the Yellow Fever scam that I *knowingly* fell for at Nairobi airport. If you start printing that one line in the itinerary, “passengers returning to India need Yellow Fever vaccination” you will save your passengers from this trap. The police do this scam, usually; this time it was the girl at the Air Arabia check in counter. She can easily claim that she did it for the best benefit of the customer to save him from harassment at the arrival airport. (http://boi.gov.in/content/health-regulation) However, no one in India gave a damn if I was vaccinated before leaving or at arrival!


I am sure she got a good cut from the bribe money that I paid at the “Port Health” for backdating that vaccination receipt for something that I did not even get!


  1. I kept trying your various call-centres and even online to change my date of departure. I got in touch with your people on Twitter. The call centres were not responding till I dialed back in India from Nairobi and got good assistance. The Twitter chap replied to my tweets selectively and chose to respond ONLY to the complimentary ones and ignoring the ones where I specifically asked for assistance / guidance.




Finally, I got it changed in your Pension Building office. (You may consider changing the address on Google Maps to something more specific.)


  1. Your iOS app is quite buggy. It tells that the email is invalid. I am sure the program is unable to comprehend the <-> (the dash) in the email expecting an underscore <_>


Apart from these, the flight was great.


I wish you all the best and see you in December!






  1. In that feedback form, first one is asked to give as many details as possible and then one is told that the limit is 1024 words! That is funny! Let us see that what happens here!

Kenya, #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी and others.

Even in Kenya, where I am presently, हमारे #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी भाइयों ने इस देश की भी G ले रखी है।
As soon as I reached Kakamega, near the bus stop, just by looking at the garbage heap, I was reminded of home and, YES, that building is housed by Indians, I was later informed.
A Kenyan would brake his car to let you pass; just visit Nairobi, the chaaddarmod Indian would go honk-honk-honk hooooooonnnnnnkkkkkk, as soon as the traffic EVEN SLOWS DOWN!
We were climbing a steep slope on our टुच्ची 100 CC bike near Karen, the POSHEST locality. GK or Jor Bagh would look like MIG housing society, in comparison. To give us right of way, at last 7 cars (none worth less than 1 Crore, even one 6 wheeled Mercedes SUV) braked and waited for our dumb and dumber for nearly 10 seconds!!! Absolutely heart touching.

Breaking the silence against imposed “martyrdom”

Silence is not an option...

During the last few months, there has been a wave of praise in the mainstream and social media for an Indian documentary film on IPC section 498A entitled “Martyrs of Marriage”. The filmmaker, Deepika Bhardwaj, has been extolled not only for technical excellence in filmmaking, but has also been elevated as the messiah for men. Recently, there has also been an expected, well-justified and visible pushback from the men’s movement in India, because the movie is anachronistic, it promotes a feminist lie, misrepresents men’s rights activists (MRAs) and undermines the men’s rights movement (MRM), which provided much support, information and content for the film.

The perspective of the men’s movement and the reasons for the pushback require a close look at the history, significance and purpose of the men’s movement, and the factual narrative that Indian MRAs have fought to establish over the last 10-13 years. It would involve learning…

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