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Time heals many wounds.

Time wounds many heels.

I use Titan and Vaseline Intensive Care


Politics of cleavage and other female body parts. Exposed body parts!

Bournvita advertisement;-


Sexualisation of girls and disabled comments and number of thighs! Obviously!

I had to stop at because the deptavity of it all was ejaculating from my eardrums and wetting my mipples through my reeshirt!


But, they are just little girls! Kids, you perv!

What is that enchanté word? टूचे!

Forclaz 0 Light Sleeping Bag

7EADCDD6-9145-4DB5-99B5-453DE3AD6EA2.jpegQuite a useless piece, this #Forclaz0Light, for what is being advertised as 0-5*C sleeping bag.

I am in #Archhandi and these days it goes down to 5* C and it is still so uncomfortable.
I wear a Neva thermal under my tee shirt and a Du-pont thermal lower and -33 F socks while sleeping.
I have spread it wide and safety-pinned (too slippery surface) a blanket on it at 6 places and it is tolerable.

Just not recommend for 0*C. Do your own tests before going anywhere.

While inside my Coleman 3-season tent with 10-12C, last year, this was still pretty good. I would have given it 5 stars if it was good at 5C, even.

I shudder and shiver(punned) to think that what it would do to me (or, FAIL to do) when it goes to 0*C within 20-30 days.

LIMIT RATING of – 5???
Decathlon, you shall kill someone who might rely on your words alone and carry it to some extreme place!

First covered with blanket on 26th October, 2018. Living in this place (look up the climate) since 17th October, 2018.

P.S. I have used from the most expensive to cheap Karol Bagh knockoffs for the last 23 years. I know what I am talking about.




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The motivation for it came from one of those lovely thought-terminating clichés so prevalent in discourse today:

“Why would a woman lie about rape?”

It’s a question that is patently absurd from a rational standpoint. Why would anyone lie about any crime? Is rape some especially unique type of crime that renders deception impossible?

Man Falsely Accused of Rape by Mentally Disabled Woman Sues Fremont

Living On Stolen Time & Playing With Borrowed Money

Andrew Cullen of Fremont, New Hampshire filed a federal lawsuit against the town of Fremont, former police chief Neal Janvrin, and Sgt. Adam Raymond, for their involvement in the false rape accusation made against him in 2011. A mentally disabled woman who previously falsely accused someone else of raping her, accused Cullen of rape. After telling the police three different versions of the events, the police arrested Cullen, who she was living with at the time.

In 2012, a Circuit Court judge found that there was no probable cause for the police to have arrested Cullen and dismissed the case. The town of Fremont, in its motion for summary judgment, claims that probable cause was obtained as evidenced by the two arrest warrants and three search warrants. In the alternative, they argue that the town and the officers have qualified immunity from civil suits based on making a “reasonable mistake”…

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In our case, “Last Seen” matters a lot! It refers to an aircraft that flew over my head whose flight data we captured

In our case, Last Seenmatters a lot! It refers to an aircraft that flew over my head whose flight data we capturedIn my case, last seen refers to an aircraft that flew over my head whose data I captured

Ooooooo! A radical changes experiment!

​These #FeministTypes are fighting hard to absolutely un-sexualize female bodies. The skin! In the process, they gain to de-sexualise men! Simple! (I don’t want these assholes getting clicks from my site.)
These whiny bitches refuse to acknowledge the role biology plays in men staring at nude, naked female skin (it could be her toe, the rest being covered in a Burkha) for it is infinitely superior to us males’!
Patriarchy is all these women can come up with!

RTL-SDR for Linux Quick-Start Guide

via RTL-SDR for Linux Quick-Start Guide

“RTL-SDR for Linux Quick Start Guide v2.18 by Kenn Ranous – KA0SBL Page 3 Introduction Page 4 Antennas & Feedlines Page 5 Installing Drivers Page 7 Gqrx – General Purpose Radio & Spectrum Software Page 8 Frequency Correction – PPM adjustments Page 10 Cubic SDR – General Purpose Radio & Spectrum Software Page 11 ADS-B Aircraft Tracking with Dump1090 Page 14 Monitoring Trunked Radio Systems with SDR Trunk Page 15 Lightning Detection with SDR Page 17 Additional Resources Introduction: If you’ve installed Linux on your PC hopefully you’ll find this guide quick and easy in any Debian based distro. Created in Linux Mint v18.3, I’ll cover the software I’ve found to be complete and working. Most things RTL-SDR have come a long way since inception. Updates still sometimes break things & documentation isn’t always complete, but community support is good and the reward is worth it. If you have some amateur radio background but are new to SDR many of the controls will be familiar. If not, you’ll learn as you go. First, a quick primer on what RTL-SDR is. In Europe, TV uses the DVB-T standard. Inexpensive USB receivers are available to tune in on a computer. Based on the RTL2832 demodulator & USB interface chip, tuning is done by the R820T2 chip. By installing specialized drivers and software, these devices can be used as a Software Defined Radio capable of receiving 24 – 1800 MHz in blocks of ~2 MHz at a time. Bypassing the tuner chip by switching the receiver to direct sampling mode enables DC – 24 MHz reception. A few caveats: North American TV is on the ATSC standard so these devices can’t be used to watch TV. Also, the RTL hardware was originally designed to receive strong broadband signals. It lacks the sensitivity and selectivity of expensive receivers, so it can be over-loaded by strong signals such as FM Broadcast and pagers. They’re also susceptible to RFI. Filters and pre-amplifiers are available to overcome some of these limitations. The unit used here is version 3 of the dongle. It has a 820T2 tuner, TCXO, anti-static diode, and a metal enclosure with heat-sink. It can be switched into direct sampling mode via software, no hardware mods needed. Use a good quality USB extension cable with ferrite cores on both ends. Try to position the dongle away from the computer and other sources of electrical noise to minimize interference. PC system requirements are modest. Decoding and GUI displays need some processing power so opt for a dual-core CPU with 2GB RAM or better. None of the applications here are highly demanding of Video or HDD. Antennas & Feedlines: Regardless of cost, any radio is only as good as it’s antenna. There’s an abundance of information on-line and in ARRL publications, so I’ll be brief. • Rule #1, there is no such thing as the perfect antenna for all situations. It does not exist. Like anything, there’s compromises and trade-offs. A broadband antenna may be more useful across a wider swath of spectrum, but it won’t gather as much signal as antenna designed for a specific frequency. Also, a broadband antenna collects unwanted signals which may overload the receiver. • Rabbit ears are a good starter antenna. It’s easy to adjust the length and orientation. • Attic or outdoor antennas for TV may work well. Note they are usually in the horizontal plane, hence they are horizontally polarized. Ham, Public Service, NWR and similar services tend to use vertical antennas and so emit vertically polarized waves. Because of this difference, they may not be stellar performers. Newer TV antennas designed for HDTV may lack the ability to pull in FM radio. TV antennas are broadband by design. • Discone antennas are broadband and work well for general purpose use. • Turnstiles and Folded Dipoles excel at FM broadcast reception. • For ADS-B a 12 element Coaxial Collinear is notably superior to a discone. • Dipoles and long wires work well for the HF bands. (<30MHz) • Ground planes, J-poles, dipoles, yagis, quads and log periodic antennas can offer superior performance when designed for a specific band. • RG-6 coax and type F connectors, the same type used for cable and satellite TV is perfectly acceptable to use. It performs well up to several GHz, is inexpensive and commonly available. Type F connectors are probably the easiest type of connector to work with. Compression fittings are preferred, but a good quality side-crimp properly done is just fine. SMA to Type F connectors are available online. In summary, VHF/UHF frequencies tend to be line-of-sight and can be blocked by some building materials, especially metal. Higher is better and outdoors is best. Watch out for those power lines! Installing the drivers: 1. Open a terminal and confirm you’re in your home directory. This is the preferred convention and will be assumed throughout this text. Text highlighted in gray is exactly what you want to type at the command line. Yes it’s case sensitive. 2. Update your distribution. sudo apt-get update 3. Install the tools needed to retrieve (git), compile (cmake) and build (buildessential). sudo apt-get install git sudo apt-get install cmake sudo apt-get install build-essential 4. Install libusb-1.0-0-dev which is a C library that provides generic access to USB devices. sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev 5. Retrieve, build and compile the RTL2832U Osmocom drivers from the source. git clone git:// cd rtl-sdr/ mkdir build cd build cmake ../ -DINSTALL_UDEV_RULES=ON make sudo make install sudo ldconfig sudo cp ../rtl-sdr.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/ 6. Blacklist the default driver that is automatically loaded for using the dongle as a TV device as it doesn’t work for SDR purposes and clashes with the new Osmocom drivers we just installed. A. Open your /etc/modprobe.d folder as (right-click) an administrator. B. Create a new file ‘blacklist-rtl.conf’ and add this one line: blacklist dvb_usb_rtl28xxu C. Save the file, close the editor and restart the machine. 7. Test that the dongle is working by opening a terminal and typing: rtl_test -t Don’t worry about messages like PLL not locked or E4000 tuner not found or that it says R820T and not R820T2. If you’re seeing the above then your drivers and dongle are working. You’re now ready to install some applications. Gqrx General Purpose Radio/Spectrum Analyzer: This can be found in the Synaptic Package Manager. To get the latest version, visit for instructions on how to add their PPA’s (Personal Package Archive) to your system and install. They’ve made it pretty easy. On first startup you’ll see the Configure I/O devices box. If it doesn’t appear, click the circuit board icon on the toolbar and check the following: Device: Realtek RTL2838xxx Device String: rtl=0 [Normal use >24MHz]* Device String: rtl=0,direct_samp=2 [Direct Sample mode <24MHz]* Input rate: 1800000 [aka Sample Rate]* Decimation, Bandwidth, LNB LO: 0 * Note you’re choosing one of the above Device Strings on startup, the first for VHF/UHF OR the latter for HF/MF. ** This is the amount of radio spectrum you’ll see. When tuning in the HF/MF bands it’s sometimes helpful to select a lower value. A higher value means you can view a larger slice of spectrum, but go too high and it gets choppy. Click OK then the > Power Button in the upper left corner to start receiving. Click or mouse wheel on the digits to change frequency. On the right under Receiver Options select the appropriate demodulator. (ie Narrow FM for NOAA Weather Radio or WFM for broadcast FM). Hover over each item to see what it does. Under Input controls, toggle hardware AGC and adjust LNA gain to maximize the signal but not so high that static or distortion takes over. Adjust for a noise floor of -60db to -70db. Note that you’ll need to alter gain settings as you tune around the spectrum. If the audio sounds choppy, try reducing the sample rate. Also check under the FFT Settings tab and reduce the FFT size and Rate fps. You may also need to adjust your PPM as described next. You can also bookmark favorite frequencies and organize them by category. Frequency Correction with GQRX: Later model dongles such as RTL-SDR’s v3 have improved TXCO’s for accurate frequency readouts regardless of temperature. For most uses in normal mode no calibration is needed. However, older dongles and ones in direct sampling mode may need PPM adjustments. Once you’ve determined your PPM error correction factor you can use that value in most other RTL software. As long as the dongle doesn’t overheat, this value should remain reasonably constant. To determine your dongles PPM, launch GQRX and tune your SDR to one of the National Weather Radio frequencies. Give the unit at least 15 minutes to warm up. 162.400 162.425 162.450 162.475 162.500 162.525 162.550 Zoom in on the signal and adjust your PPM until the tuning line is centered on the signal. See the next two images for details. Uncorrected PPM error. Adjust your PPM + or – until tuning line is centered on signal. To check and adjust your PPM in Direct Sampling mode in the HF bands, tune to one of the NIST time stations on 2.5, 5.0, 10.0, 15.0 or 20.0 MHz. Choose whichever station comes in best. These transmitters are very frequency accurate. The NIST WWV is quite the resource and worth the time for any radio enthusiast to know about. CubicSDR General Purpose Radio/Spectrum Analyzer: A bit more visually oriented than Gqrx, I find that CubicSDR delivers smoother audio. The latest v0.2.0 is available for download from where there’s instructions on how to build it or get it via flatpak. My preferred method is to just download the .AppImage file and place it in it’s own CubicSDR folder under my home folder. Right-click > Properties > Permissions and tick ‘Allow executing file as a program’ then double-click to run. (yes, it’s that simple, just one 13 meg file.) On startup, select ‘Generic RTL2832U’ and click ‘Start’ for VHF/UHF. Or, select Q-ADC under Direct Sampling to access HF & MW bands. Hover over each section for info, it’s pretty self explanatory. Enter a frequency directly or click on one of the streams in the lower waterfall panel to start listening. If the audio sounds choppy, click ‘Input Bandwidth’ on th top menu and select a lower number. The .AppImage file can be placed anywhere you like and sessions can be saved as .xml files. ADS-B Aircraft Tracking with Dump1090 Dump1090 is a good ADS-B decoder. Originally created by antirez, several developers (malcolmrobb, mutability and tedsluis) have modified the original code to make improvements. Each one is called fork. Install as many as you like, just make sure each is in it’s own unique folder. I’ll focus on the Ted Sluis fork as it seems to detect more aircraft and provides more information. It also has interesting features such as range & altitude color codes and ten map & chart styles. Open a terminal and type: git clone git:// dump1090 cd dump1090 make ./dump1090 –interactive –net –enable-agc Within a few moments you should see a list of aircraft in the terminal window. Open a web browser and in the address bar enter localhost:8080 and you should see a map with aircraft. You might need to hit the browser refresh button once or twice to get it going. To launch dump1090 without needing to remember paths and optimal flags, create a text file named d1090 in your /home/username/bin folder. (Note there’s no extension.) Enter these lines, substituting your own lat & lon values. #!/bin/bash #A bash script to start Ted Sluis’ dump1090 with optimal flags cd /home/yourname/dump1090 ./dump1090 –interactive –net –enable-agc –gain -10 –phaseenhance –lat 33.0 –lon -111.0 –oversample –dcfilter Note: make sure those last two lines are all on one line in the editor. Save & exit then Right-click the script file > ‘Permission’ > tick ‘Allow executing file as a program’. At the terminal just type d1090 to start. Easy! Monitoring Trunked Radio Systems with SDR Trunk: Trunking radio systems are more complex than traditional radio systems as are the applications used to track them. In brief, a typical standard analog radio system will have one or more mountaintop transmitters as needed to cover an area. There might be a few channels or a dozen or more. Mobile units transmit up to the tower at one frequency and the tower retransmits out on another frequency. All the scanner enthusiast needs to know is the output frequencies. Now imagine a city has 20 different departments each with their own set of mountaintop transmitters and channels. That’s a LOT of hardware to maintain. It’s also hundreds of dedicated frequencies and spectrum is getting crowded. Most departments probably aren’t using most of their channels most of the time anyway. So imagine all 20 departments share one radio network and a pool of channels. A computer picks a clear frequency and the right call goes to the right department. That, in a nutshell is trunked radio. Some are analog, others are digital. A few are encrypted. SDR Trunk is the only trunking software I’ve found so far that works in Linux. Installation and usage is a bit more complex than a standard radio application. The install instructions are generally complete, a few things to note: Many municipalities are using the APCO25 digital standard. To listen in you’ll need to download and compile the JMBE libraries, created by the same author. The installation guide can be found in the wiki on the sidebar under APCO25. At this time, only phase I (aka type I) is supported. When creating a new system in SDR Trunk, you’re prompted to enter a frequency. Usually that will be the control channel frequency. This can be found for the system you want to monitor on the database. You don’t need to enter all the frequencies for a site, just the control channel and SDR Trunk will tune in to and follow across the other channels. At this point, the best way to accurately follow apco25 type II trunked system is with a digital scanner or via an online feed such as Lightning Detection with SDR: What follows is an informal experiment to detect approaching lightning. Here I’m using GQRX and CubicSDR in direct sample mode but any spectrum analyzer software and dongle that can tune VLF should do it. Many dedicated lightning detectors work by listening to frequencies below the AM broadcast band, hence I chose to monitor 0 to 600kHz. The antenna is a 1/2 wave trapped dipole for HF but any bit of wire at least a few meters long will work. The waterfall display speed is set to represent ~30 seconds. Event #3 in this image was several rapid-fire and rather close by. I found that by tuning to a quiet part of the spectrum and setting squelch, lightning discharges produce an audible crackle, hence an audible alert without needing to listen to constant static or needing to watch the screen. This was a particularly close & intense storm captured in CubicSDR. Resources: – Source of the RTL-SDR drivers. – Great place to buy and learn about RTL-SDR – A one-stop index of the top 200 Linux distributions – Currently the most popular Linux distribution – The best documentation I’ve found on DIY ADS-B antennas – A cheap, easy & good dual-band ground-plane antenna – A primer on radio waves – Excellent database of frequencies – ID that waveform – Scan large swaths of bandwidth – A network of shared SDR’s around the world. – A good source of antenna design calculations – Bash Scripting – Introduction to Shell Scripting – A network of shared SDR’s around the world. In Closing: Feel free to copy or distribute this guide as you see fit. My goal here is to consolidate and share my notes so others can bypass hours of annoying research and just get to the fun stuff. :) I’ll be updating this guide using the convention I discover new software, hardware, tricks and mods. I welcome constructive feedback. You can contact me through my blog at where you’ll find additional RTL-SDR articles. If you send me a coherent message I’ll most likely respond. Thanks for tuning in! – Kenn”

The Girl who cried Wolf!

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Yes, I am a shameless, cheap blackmailer; there I said that.

If you say ‘plz’ because it is shorter than ‘Please’ then I’ll say ‘no’ because it’s shorter than ‘yes’.

In pursuant to


Since they both share the same network and both stop working at the exact same place and time, I am giving up my @MTNL to move to @Idea @Idea, (where I was a customer for a good 4-5 years, till last quarter of 2017) or @Vodafone (I hate @airtel) but retaining the @BSNL (which is a pain because it is just not available when you need it the most (almost all of Bombay and Goa); and, I had gone for this thinking that at least BSNL would be available across India. Do I smell a #NefariousCollusion?)

Yes, I am a shameless, cheap blackmailer; there I said that.

Now, let us extract some juices, like you did, @Idea!

Where do I begin?

My grouses and how shall they be addressed?

  1. Even with a bloddy deposit (international roaming) of 3,000 and CREDIT LIMIT (whatever that is supposed to mean) of 9,500 Rupees, my connection would be regularly disconnected because I forgot to pay the 600 Rupees bill! (I am always, almost, travelling. Once disconnected, no OTP, you bloddy geniuses!)What is this nonsense? What good is that deposit and credit limit for?

Yes, I understand, it is for that one month ONLY.

Which phenku or lover-boy-girl, in 2017-8 could, POSSIBLY, use a phone service for a good 10,000 Rupees? Doing WHAT?

a. How shall we ensure that the connection shan’t be stopped from sending me those potentially lifesaving bank’s OTPs?

  1. What will you give me? Extra.

Answer soon because I just might be pushed into that burning oiJ-well!

Optimus Nova cleaning needle, use/abuse. #PlannedObsolence

The manual does not specify that the control valve should be open when using or removing the cleaning needle.

If closed, it is difficult to remove an one might end up damaging the control-valve’s small protrusion under the nozzle.

Maybe, it was a part of #PlannedObsolence.

Or, perhaps, one is expected to figure it out, oneself!

This essential finds no mention in your owner’s manual.

Is this a #StrategicOmission to get users to break it and buy spares?

Is this a very carefully executed #PlannedObsolence move?

Will this be included in your future releases and mentioned on your website?


What puts South Asians at higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, despite being less obese than Caucasians? Sangeeta Pradhan RD, CDE explains this paradox

South Asia Fast Track

Type 2 diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases globally due to unfavourable changes in modifiable risk factors and a high genetic susceptibility in certain populations. With obesity growing at sky rocketing rates worldwide, the metabolic disorders that go hand in hand with it are also rising proportionately. Asia is at the epicentre of this diabetes epidemic. 60% of the world’s diabetic population are from this part of the world. Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States, with their numbers projected to double by the year 2060.

While most ethnic communities are affected, South Asians both in their native countries and abroad are disproportionately affected. This makes it imperative to take a hard look at the contributing factors and explore meaningful interventions.

“The paradox is alarming – Asians have twice the prevalence rates of diabetes despite lower rates of obesity compared…

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Maharashtrian Special Lasun Chutney / Garlic Chutney

Made this and forgot the coconut!



Garlic Chutney, lasun chutney, maharashtrian lasun chutney recipe, dry garlic chutney Maharashtrian Special Lasun Chutney / Garlic Chutney

This post is all about the Famous Maharashtrian Special …. LASUN CHUTNEY!!!

Thank God… Chutney is now a famous word. Otherwise god knows how I would translate it. I think it is always good to know the original name of the recipe. In that way all of us get familiar with the name and word, some of us with the recipe…. Haha….

Today I am going to introduce you to the style of cooking I daily cook. It is the Maharashtrian Style. For Non – Indians and people who don’t know – Maharashtra is a state in India. You can probably relate it in a better way if I tell you that Mumbai, the city where world famous Slumdog Millionaire was shot, is the capital of Maharashtra.

Lasun means Garlic. Lasun is a Marathi word. In Hindi, which is India’s National Language, it…

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KWZI Inks Test

Source: KWZI Inks Test

Feminism and Karl Marx!

Karl Marx wanted family to be dead, he succeeded!

He succeeded by convincing the Western women that they were powerless pieces of helpless #अबला_नारी who were being abused by the Family System. The women drank that propaganda like #MaleTears, without even belching!

Now, most of the progressive Indian women are following their lead, utterly mindlessly and results speak for themselves!
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My 3 year long association with Idea mobile services come to a bad end.

So! A “valuable customer” who was satisfied, generally speaking, with the services, was driven away by the customer care, just like he was by Reliance who drove him to Idea after having him for nearly 10 years! Full circle, anyone!

Having returned recently from Kenya, I had developed some strange kind of fever.

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Caterpillar’s falling standards and incommunicado customer care.

Caterpillar 1 3.JPG

Air Arabia and Kenya Health staff involved in Yellow Fever scam at Nairobi airport and in en-flight.

Dear #AirArabia,

  1. You may constitute a rewards programme / lucky draw for passengers who enter the food bill number in your website / system, after the flight. En-flight, the attendants just “forget” to give the bill and when one asks for it later, they give such a glaring look! On my flight to Nairobi (Delhi to Sharjah sector), the hostess gave me the bill voluntarily and explained the entire conversion from USD to AED. Sharjah to Nairobi, I had to ask for it, nearing the end of the flight. From Nairobi to Sharjah, those guys actually became aggressive on my insisting upon the bill! Wow!
  2. I hope that you are also aware of the other scam, the Yellow Fever scam that I knowingly fell for at Nairobi airport. If you start printing that one line in the itinerary, “passengers returning to India need Yellow Fever vaccination” you will save your passengers from this trap. The police do this scam, usually; this time it was the girl at the Air Arabia check in counter. She can easily claim that she did it for the best benefit of the customer to save him from harassment at the arrival airport. ( However, no one in India gave a damn if I was vaccinated before leaving or at arrival!

I am sure the Air Arabia check in girl got a good cut from the bribe money that I paid at the “Port Health” for backdating that vaccination receipt for something that I did not even get!
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Scammed in Kenya and Air Arabia.

  1. You may constitute a rewards programme / lucky draw for passengers who enter the food bill number in your website / system, after the flight. En-flight, the attendants just “forget” to give the bill and when one asks for it later, they give such a glaring look! On my flight to Nairobi (Delhi to Sharjah sector), the hostess gave me the bill voluntarily and explained the entire conversion from USD to AED. Sharjah to Nairobi, I had to ask for it, nearing the end of the flight. From Nairobi to Sharjah, those guys actually became aggressive on my insisting upon the bill! Wow!


  1. I hope that you are also aware of the other scam, the Yellow Fever scam that I *knowingly* fell for at Nairobi airport. If you start printing that one line in the itinerary, “passengers returning to India need Yellow Fever vaccination” you will save your passengers from this trap. The police do this scam, usually; this time it was the girl at the Air Arabia check in counter. She can easily claim that she did it for the best benefit of the customer to save him from harassment at the arrival airport. ( However, no one in India gave a damn if I was vaccinated before leaving or at arrival!


I am sure she got a good cut from the bribe money that I paid at the “Port Health” for backdating that vaccination receipt for something that I did not even get!


  1. I kept trying your various call-centres and even online to change my date of departure. I got in touch with your people on Twitter. The call centres were not responding till I dialed back in India from Nairobi and got good assistance. The Twitter chap replied to my tweets selectively and chose to respond ONLY to the complimentary ones and ignoring the ones where I specifically asked for assistance / guidance.


Finally, I got it changed in your Pension Building office. (You may consider changing the address on Google Maps to something more specific.)


  1. Your iOS app is quite buggy. It tells that the email is invalid. I am sure the program is unable to comprehend the <-> (the dash) in the email expecting an underscore <_>


Apart from these, the flight was great.


I wish you all the best and see you in December!






  1. In that feedback form, first one is asked to give as many details as possible and then one is told that the limit is 1024 words! That is funny! Let us see that what happens here!

Kenya, #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी and others.

Even in Kenya, where I am presently, हमारे #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी भाइयों ने इस देश की भी G ले रखी है।
As soon as I reached Kakamega, near the bus stop, just by looking at the garbage heap, I was reminded of home and, YES, that building is housed by Indians, I was later informed.
A Kenyan would brake his car to let you pass; just visit Nairobi, the chaaddarmod Indian would go honk-honk-honk hooooooonnnnnnkkkkkk, as soon as the traffic EVEN SLOWS DOWN!
We were climbing a steep slope on our टुच्ची 100 CC bike near Karen, the POSHEST locality. GK or Jor Bagh would look like MIG housing society, in comparison. To give us right of way, at last 7 cars (none worth less than 1 Crore, even one 6 wheeled Mercedes SUV) braked and waited for our dumb and dumber for nearly 10 seconds!!! Absolutely heart touching.

Breaking the silence against imposed “martyrdom”

Silence is not an option...

During the last few months, there has been a wave of praise in the mainstream and social media for an Indian documentary film on IPC section 498A entitled “Martyrs of Marriage”. The filmmaker, Deepika Bhardwaj, has been extolled not only for technical excellence in filmmaking, but has also been elevated as the messiah for men. Recently, there has also been an expected, well-justified and visible pushback from the men’s movement in India, because the movie is anachronistic, it promotes a feminist lie, misrepresents men’s rights activists (MRAs) and undermines the men’s rights movement (MRM), which provided much support, information and content for the film.

The perspective of the men’s movement and the reasons for the pushback require a close look at the history, significance and purpose of the men’s movement, and the factual narrative that Indian MRAs have fought to establish over the last 10-13 years. It would involve learning…

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rOtring Initial F Fountain pen, lousy cap and $ 110!

Dear Ma’am / Sir,

I purchased a Rotring Initial (F) pen, last year, from  and got it delivered to a friend who was coming to India, from the USA.

I could not get a Rotring converter so I went to William Penn and got myself a $ 11 Visconti converter!

Having owned Parkers (cheap ones and a Sterling 75 for 20 odd years till my Super Boss stole it) till now, I wanted change.

This Rotring is hardly that change!

This purchase was inspired by the legendary Rotring 600 that belonged to my Uncle! The ‘clack’ of its cap! Pure music!

I treat it with due respect, often rudely refusing strangers this pen and take the pains to take off my bag from the back and offer them a ball point pen.
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In Defense of Arranged Marriage


The purpose of marriage is children. I know I link to Darwin Reactionary a lot, but fact is he addresses the idea in such detail it is hard not to reference him. But perhaps there is no need to go into utilitarianism, let us discuss the story of Swetaketu instead.

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Bengaluru mass molestation: primary victim changed her story

The Male Factor

Earlier in this article I have shown how media could not provide any credible evidence of alleged mass molestation in Bangalore. The first person who claimed molestation in her FB post had natural tendency to blow things out-of-proportion as she would “punch a man’s face with a bat” on mere receiving a friend request.

In that article I used this picture from Bangalore Mirror –


After publishing the article I received this comment on The Male Factor (TMF) from Chaitali Wasnik –


Around the same time she has posted on her FB wall about TMF article.

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Demonetization will adversely impact 97 percent Indians: Prof Arun Kumar

Demonetization is a foolish step… The poor will suffer the most: Prof Arun Kumar


Economics professor ARUN KUMAR is one of the most widely quoted authors on black money. He has authored The Black Economy in India (Penguin, 1999) and Indian Economy since Independence: Persisting Colonial Disruption (Vision Books, 2013).

In an interview to India Legal’s Editor-in-Chief, INDERJIT BADHWAR and Associate Editor MEHA MATHUR, Prof Kumar describes how this hasty drive will adversely impact demand, employment and investments. Excerpts:

When and under what circumstances is demonetization used as an economic tool and how common is this practice worldwide?

As a tool for economic surgery it has been used, but not in the context it has been used in India. Where it has been used largely is where currency has totally lost its value, like the Soviet Union or Weimar Republic—where you have to carry sackfuls of currency to buy your daily supply. There the currency was abolished and new currency created. But India is not in that situation.

Was the Indian economy facing a crisis that needed such a swift and heavy surgical strike?

Not at all. In fact, our macro-economic indicators were reasonably good. But the real point is, what does this move achieve? According to the prime minister, there are two objectives. One is (curbing) terrorist financing and counterfeit currency—and the second is that the black economy has become very large and the source of poverty and all the problems in India so we need to get rid of the black economy.

The question is—does demonetization overcome these two problems. As far as counterfeit notes are concerned, they are only 400 per million, which is very tiny. And according to RBI, there is only Rs 400 crore worth of counterfeit currency.

Total currency in circulation is 17.5 lakh crore. It’s not even “oont ke muh me zeera”, as they say in Hindi. It’s negligible.

Terrorists need financing. So they print these fake notes and circulate it. But once they have given the money to another person, it’s circulating within the economy. So they have to print more and more money. That is what you have to stop. And how do you stop that? Not by demonetization, because there are state actors involved in counterfeiting. They can counterfeit the new currency notes also.


If you take out 85 percent blood from somebody’s body and then put five percent into it, what will happen to that person? He will die. Similarly, when you take out 85 percent liquidity from the economy and slowly replace it by five percent, then the circulation of income goes down.

India’s growth rate, trade, GDP and forex reserves have been relatively steady. Why meddle so drastically with a system that seemed to be producing results?

This is a complete miscalculation that you have to overcome black economy through this measure. Understand the meaning of this. First you make income, out of which you are saving and you create wealth. Whatever income you have, you consume a part, you save a part of it, and that saving you invest in kinds of things. That will give you your wealth. Wealth is held as a portfolio—you can put it in real estate gold, share market, cash. Cash is only one component of your wealth—one per cent of your wealth. Of the black economy, which, according to my estimates is 62 percent of GDP, for the current GDP of 150 lakh crore, we are generating 93 lakh crore this year as black income. So your black wealth would be 300 lakh crore, roughly three to four times. Out of that, three lakh crore would be black money.

So there is a difference between black wealth and black income?

Yes, black income, black money and black wealth, all three are different.

This is the common mistake that people make. They think the three are same. Black money is only one percent of your black wealth. So suppose you are completely successful in eliminating three lakh crore, you are only eliminating 1 percent of your black wealth and three percent of your black income.

The next point is, will you be able to eliminate even three lakh crore? People have found ways of recycling this. On the day this announcement was made, jewelry shops were open till 3 am, issuing backdated receipts for purchase of gold, etc. One businessman said he had 20 crore rupees and he gave four months’ advanced salary to his workers. They will deposit it in their banks. So your black becomes white. Then, the Jan Dhan Yojana is being used in large amount in rural areas. The landlord tells 100 people to take Rs 20,000 each from him, deposit, and return it to him later. So you won’t be able to demobilize even three lakh crore, at best you can demobilize 50,000 to 70,000 crore, so neither of the two objectives that the PM has stated will be fulfilled.

Also, you are only demobilizing three lakh crore at the most for one year but black income generation will continue by selling spurious drugs, narcotics, capitation fee, under-invoicing and over-invoicing. Therefore, cash will again be there. And you are introducing Rs 2,000 notes so storage of black will be even more easy. Therefore you are defeating your own logic.


The demonetization move is impacting 97 percent of people who are not part of the black economy, without solving the problem of the black.

We all know India has a huge and thriving parallel economy. Perversely, this parallel economy, run entirely on cash, has produced results in terms of employment, consumer demand, rural credit, informal “banking,” and money-flow. How will demonetization hit/hurt this sector? This is also being projected as a Robin Hood kind of measure—taking it from the rich and giving it to the poor. That is the political message going out. Is this a pro-poor measure?

No. basically, it’s not a parallel economy. Black economy and white economy are largely intertwined in India. So when you sell your real estate property you generate black and white income simultaneously. When you produce sugar, you don’t show 10 percent but show 90 percent. That’s why when the black economy is affected the white economy is also affected. This move, which is supposed to impact the black economy, is affecting the white economy terribly. Demand is going down.

As someone gave a very good analogy, if you take out 85 percent blood from somebody’s body and then put five percent into it, what will happen to that person? He will die. Similarly, when you take out 85 percent liquidity from the economy and slowly replace it by five percent, then the circulation of income goes down. Footfalls in malls are falling, charging of mobile phones is falling, the balloon seller is not able to sell balloons, the small trader is not able to sell produce. Even the large trader is not able to sell produce because discretionary expenditure has slowed down. For example, instead of buying a shirt I decide to buy it next month. So circulation of income is slowing down, leading to a decrease in demand. When demand slows down, production slows down, employment drops and investment falls. And when investment falls it will have long-term consequences.

If this goes for a month or two and investment falls, the impact will persist for more than a year. And the cash shortage will not be sorted out very quickly.

You have to replace the 500 and 1,000 notes worth 14.5 lakh crore that you printed over 15 years and you have to replace it very quickly. That is not possible because you need paper and ink which is imported. And ink is in short supply, which is why they floated a tender three days back. According to Business Standard, it will take 108 days to replace the old currency, provided there is no shortage of ink or paper. And if you are printing Rs 100 notes, then you need 10 times more paper than for Rs 1,000 note.


Circulation of income is slowing down, leading to a decrease in demand. When demand slows down, production slows down, employment drops and investment falls. And when investment falls it will have long-term consequences.

The next point is, people are hoarding because they are not sure when the supply will be normalized. As a result, the demand for currency will be 50 percent more. The people who will suffer the most are those in the unorganized sector, as they don’t have credit or debit cards or card readers. They are the ones who need more currency in circulation. The entire agriculture is unorganized sector. It’s also there in manufacturing.

Is there the danger of a huge chunk of people being left “economically disabled” for a long time to come?

That’s what is happening. So the balloonwala is not earning. A beggar complained that people are not giving alms now and she had four children and one of them died for lack of food. Even those who don’t deal with Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes will be impacted. In rural areas, farmers are not able to buy seeds and fertilizers. Arhtiyas (rural commission agents) don’t have money to lend. So, sowing next season may also be affected. Money is what you don’t eat. With money you buy food, clothes and services. So money is for circulation. It’s like the blood flow of the body, which keeps everything going. If there is a shortage of that then we have a problem.

At the moment we are feeling the discomfort. When do you think will real pain start?

The real pain for the poor is already on. Real pain for us is not on because we use credit cards. It will start when our income gets affected. When production stops then middle class people will be laid off. And they will begin to feel the pain. When truckers go on strike, which is a possibility. If they had prepared properly and managed to create enough supply of new currency then possibly this pain would have been less.

The other option would have been benign neglect.

Coming to options, this move does not sort out the black economy but creates problems for the whole economy. The point is that black economy has not been created yesterday. It has been growing for 70 years. So this problem can’t be solved overnight. There is no magic wand. What you could have done immediately is to bring in Lokpal. One of the key ways of tackling black money is accountability. Businessmen, politicians, bureaucracy, police and judiciary are not accountable. So how do you bring about accountability? That’s the key. If you can bring about accountability of these sections then you can solve the problem of black money. So RTI for political parties is essential but they do not agree. Whistleblowers are very important because they are the ones who expose the scams—be it Vyapam or Adarsh etc. But instead of strengthening the Whistleblowers Act you are diluting it.

Then we are not doing much about direct tax. There is GST but more important is direct tax code. You have to simplify your direct taxes. Intelligence agencies tab Hawala on daily basis but you are not doing anything about that. So there are many things you can do immediately because you have the laws. That shows the intention is not there. If you had taken recourse to these laws, you could have targeted the three percent of people who indulge in black money and not affected the 97 percent. This is impacting 97 percent of people who are not part of the black economy, without solving the problem of the black.

And you have not offered carrot to those who have by default become part of the black economy.

No, the Income Declaration Scheme (IDS) was there till September 30, wherein you could disclose the amount for 15 percent penalty. The FM said: “Please come clean, then you can sleep in peace.” But as long as you say we will not take steps against the businessman he is happy. So wherever amnesty has been given that has not worked.

Voluntary disclosure scheme (VDS) has been done six times in India. The government gave an undertaking in the Supreme Court that we will not have this scheme ever, the reason being that it’s unfair to the honest person. The honest businessman’s capital is rising slowly because he is paying full tax. The dishonest businessman’s capital is rising fast. So the honest one says let me also become dishonest. The CAG report on voluntary disclosure scheme in 1997 said two things. People have become habitual tax offenders. Those who declared in the earlier five schemes also declared in the sixth scheme. They think another scheme will come, let me generate more black income today. Therefore after 1997 they have not done a VDS, although the IDS of 2016 was also like VDS.


The balloonwala is not earning. A beggar complained that people are not giving alms now… Even those who don’t deal with Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes will be impacted.

The Mauritius route is also like a VDS. You take the money out, bring it back through round tripping and so you don’t pay tax. So the system has created these easy ways of generating black income. We have wonderful laws. But we don’t implement them. So have the political will to implement laws.

Another thing, cash does not necessarily mean black. So of the 17.5 lakh crore, 14.5 lakh crore is in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Out of that, 50 percent would be with businesses. If you go to petrol pump or shops you see wads of currency notes with the cashier. Railways, airport—everywhere it’s needed. Companies have petty cash. Bulk of the cash is white which has to be used for circulating in economy. As to households, an ordinary peon generating 10,000-20,000 is nothing. One Madhu Koda generating 6,000 crore is more than the entire black income generated by all class C and D employees.

The misnomer is that black economy means cash. That is where the understanding is lacking of Modi. He thought that if he demobilizes the cash the black economy will collapse.

But that sounds more like a self-serving political ideology….

The political ideology is that I will be the hero of the poor that I have eliminated the black economy that was affecting the poor. What he might do if that 2 lakh crore doesn’t come back is to say I am giving 10 crore families Rs 20,000 each. These rich people had stolen this amount, so I have taken it back from them and distributed it to the poor. But it will fall flat for the following reason: while you might give them 20,000, if they lose their employment they will lose far more.

So as you are saying its very basic genetic structural reforms and which means gradualismBecause reforms can’t come without gradualism.Like Chandrashekhar had to mortgage gold as that was a crisis situation. Even to some extent wheat control orders of Indira Gandhi in 1972 were passed during shortage times.

But the point is that those (measures) were affecting where the crisis was. This is affecting everything.

So it is a billion dollar political blunder.

The trading community will desert him as far as I can tell, because traders are very upset. Farmers are upset, workers are upset.

What they will do is to restore supply to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai so that the national press says the queues are dwindling. But there will be no money in villages. They have to walk 10 kms for money and return empty handed. And there’s no money in Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns.

Now they will go after lockers….

No, that will affect only the middle class. The poor doesn’t use lockers.


Black economy has not been created yesterday. It has been growing for 70 years. So this problem can’t be solved overnight. There is no magic wand.

But you get money for political parties from this three percent.

But if you have the political will to do this you should also have had the political will to do that. Like Mayawati has said that she wants her funders to take back old notes and give new notes. Her political funding won’t stop. Now it will be easier with Rs 2,000 notes. They won’t be harmed. I was talking to a commissioner who said we don’t touch those cases where we know there is political backing. And income tax department doesn’t have the capability to handle so many cases.

It’s just one man’s mind at work….

He just didn’t consult anyone.

We have to look at Article 21 of the constitution. Property right has been granted by the constitution. Your job has been recognized as a fundamental right.

He is not doing that. He is replacing old currency with new currency. He is not depriving you of that.

But he is taking away livelihoods.

That’s the consequence of this move. As far as property is concerned, he is not taking away your property. It’s a legal tender saying “I promise to pay” and you are paying with new currency. But it creates recession. It’s a foolish step. Any policy can go wrong.

The SC can condemn you for the process.

The SC is clever. It can say anything orally but when it comes to judgment it doesn’t do that. PILs have been filed and they have been consolidated in the Delhi High Court. But ultimately the court will say it’s a policy issue and therefore we can’t do anything. That’s my feeling.

One man is trying to deliver on something that is undeliverable, against the advice of everybody else. 

That’s not how you run such a complex country like India. If I were there I would have asked 100 people. He didn’t trust his own cabinet and took away their mobiles and confined them to a hall till 8 pm. Urjit Patel called all bankers and told them to watch an important announcement. This is absolutely not the way to make policies in a complex country like this.

‘Being-overly-good, at-least-trying-to-be’ syndrome!

If one gets to know that the neighbours cannot have a child because AuntyJi has a medical impediment; it shall be, by no means, be called an act of kindness if you kill your father to get UncleJi married to your now newly widowef mother.

Just NO!

Animal meat meet meat lover.

I know someone who shouted, screamed at me, “ज़ख़्मी कर दिया तूने; बुज़दिल, नपुंसक इंसान, उस बेचारी को” when I hit, with a stone, a bitch who was trying to get to my marinade. (The तलफ़्फ़ुज़ has to be stressed!)
I looked around to the horrified and disgusted looks from the nubile PYTs sitting around our campfire. They were even pointing at me with their long, lithe fingers and exchanging ‘those glances’.
The alcohol helped.
“If any animal lover even touches this thing on the grill, By Gawd, I am going to use my pistol!”
Within 3 hours, after I was sufficiently drunk, they all were savouring my grilled organic elephant!

VIP SkyBags hopeless customer care.

Subject :- I am going to be killed. Please save me.

Dear Madam / Sir,

Please go through the following Tweet.
I purchased this bag and the raincover was porous!
Your Social Media team coordinated across Facebook and Twitter and sent me a new raincover after 20+ reminders and 2-3 months.
The joke?
The new raincover is torn!
Like, what nonsensical idiocy is this!
We are VIPs, in more sense than one, for the last 3 generations.
Your customer care is going to kill me as a customer.
Please save me!
Yours truly,


On Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 11:37, Sonali Desai<> wrote:

Dear Sir,

I regret for the inconvenience caused to you…..

Please send us the photograph of issue in bag along with warranty card / bill copy details so that we can give you required service

Let us know your exact location to provide you service center address.



Customer Service

Dear Madam,

5 months!

I am on to this mess for 5 months.

And, I don’t think that you went through my Tweet where in all photos are present.

For your benefit and perusal, here it is, again.



Though the photos have been optimised for web, everything is still legible.

Do let me know if you need the 2000 pixel, original photos.

I was, in a matter of days, going to pack this junk and post it to your Bombay HO as your Twitter and Facebook teams work as if they are waiting me to beg!

My grandfather, a VIP Governor, gave me my first VIP, when I was 6, going to hostel. I still have it and store my insane stuff like restaurant or hotel bills signed by all members present with memories scribbled. (Shubir, I have the GK bar bills from 1999)

My father, another VIP cabinet minister gave me my second, a VIP Odyssey, in which I store all my documents.

I thought that buying a VIP would make me a VIP.

What a bloddy fool I was at 40!


Sent from my Y! phone so please excuse any possible typos that this phone
almost always catches. But then, we all are mistake prone humans! +91 93545 RAHUL.

Rahul Sharma,

123, EWS (Economically Weaker Section)



Dear Ma’am,

I have ‘submitted’ the said bag with Mr Ali.

I regret to inform you that your people have been unable to understand the issue.

It was the leaking rain-cover in July, 2016.

It transformed to the problem of torn rain-cover on 23rd October, 2016.

It metamorphosised into your customer care taking me for a bloddy beggar who kept asking for responses for a few months.

The tweetstorm, for your perusal, once again.

Search Twitter – %40vipbagsindia %40rahul_does

Search Twitter – %40vipbagsindia %40rahul_does


Here, screenshots of Facebook chats can also be seen.

Now, you may keep it where it belongs!

I wanted to go for a but now, going through all this bloddy nonsense, I would rather use a grocery bag to carry all my stuff that you see in the photo above!

Thanking you,

With deepest condolences and sympathies on my deathly demise,

Yours truly,


Sent from my Y! phone so please excuse any possible typos that this phone

almost always catches. But then, we all are mistake prone humans! +91 935 RAHUL.

Royal Enfield

Hello Royal (?) Enfield,
How it is hanging?
Is there a place on the internet where one could get the technical names of various OEM parts? It is very disgusting to ask, “भैया, *ये* वाला देना”!!!
My email regarding the same is also unanswered, for the last few months.
You, after becoming the whopper of a market leader, have gone down the Najafgarh Nullah in customer service. (Had I bought shares, in 2004, in stead of the Electra, I would be having ~6 Crores in my kitty!)

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Allure of White Skin!

Conrad, ‘The Rover’, “The perfect oval of her face, the colour of herbsmooth cheeks, and the whiteness of her throat forced from the Citizen Peyrol a sigh through his clenched teeth.”

Your Latest Trip.

Manik arrives from Chandigarh after finishing his and we leave by 12 PM for this with Gaurav.


We leave without any deadlines to reach anywhere or get back. 13th October, 2016.

Ye Achha plan haI!

Photos to come, as they happen.
















Manraj breaking the mental lethargy!

He starts.

25 great films you might not have seen before

25 great films you might not have seen before

​Suddenly, my whole life whole life makes perfect sense!!!

​Suddenly, my whole life whole life makes perfect sense!!!

  • Bad handwriting
  • Bed-wetting
  • Stuttering
  • Nail biting
  • Shyness and being withdrawn
  • Defiance and provocative behaviour
  • Poor concentration
  • Bad memory
  • Reading difficulties
  • Problems with spelling
  • Neurotic personality
  • Physical tiredness!

Never Force Left-Handed Child to be Right-Handed

Update: An edited form of this article was published in October 2011 edition of Circles Magazine.

I have used my right hand to perform major activities all my life. Even though my performance has remained average in most cases like quality of handwriting, sports and sketching, I considered it normal. Some time back at a family gathering my mother discussed with someone the complexities of bringing up children and I was surprised to learn that I was born left-handed.

She said she discovered I was left-handed due to the amount of pressure I exerted on her finger with each hand when two months old. At such a tender age she made sure my left hand remained immobile most of the time (though not uncomfortably) and was forced to use right hand freely that eventually became my dominant hand.

It was confusing for me at first but then a lot of unexplained habits began to fall into perspective such as attempting to pick something heavy from left-hand and then switching to right, preferring to chew food at the left side of mouth, skipping step while climbing stairs in order to land on the other foot etc. I often thought myself clumsy whenever something happened and didn’t thought it amiss until I discovered I was left-eye dominant a few years before the above mentioned family gathering.

I bought a guide for Snooker game and it gave details of an exercise to know your dominant eye. To increase shot accuracy, you need to place your Cue Stick beneath the dominant eye when playing shot and the book stated that born left-handed people, in most cases, have left-dominant eye. As you can expect, the exercise concluded that I was left-eye dominant. I didn’t focused more on the details and enjoyed the higher game accuracy that I now enjoyed.

After the revelation by my mother, I decided to do some research. As science explains, our brain is divided into two halves (hemispheres). Left hemisphere affects the right side of your body and right hemisphere affects the left side of the body. The left hemisphere deals with logic, words and language, mathematics, science, order/pattern perception, practical and reality. The right hemisphere deals with imagination, creativity, spatial perception, “big picture” orientation, symbols, images and feelings. If the left side of the brain is dominant, the person prefers right hand and vice versa. Our whole physical being is interconnected ever since we are born and forcing to go against natural dominance puts a lot of harmful pressure.

What more, about 85-92% of world’s population is estimated to be born right-handed which also causes some bias against left-handers as parents under societal pressure, ignorance or religious miscommunication forces their children to switch to right hand.

Forcing a left-handed to be right-handed causes reduced activity in the dominant right hemisphere and increase activity in the non-dominant side. Since creativity and imagination are dominant parts of right brain, they will remain under-developed and the left-side of the brain sees increased activity that deals with reality, facts and logic … characteristics that are opposite of the person’s true potential. The consistent use of non-dominant part of brain affects the personality while growing up and the adaptability can be difficult. Forced right-handers have to work a lot harder to improve handwriting, take more time to adjust in using tools like scissors and knives, are unable to perform better at activities (like sports) than natural right-handers, get tired easily and may even have language difficulties due to possible dominancy conflict between the two halves of the brain.

Comparing this with my own childhood I found some stark similarities. I had to use children’s handwriting improvement book until 8th grade to finally able to write clearly. I loved to draw and paint as a child but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t improve and finally gave up by 7th grade. I was scolded repeatedly at home and in class for being a daydreamer and not paying attention. I always loved stories (and still do) and read fantasy novels most of my free time. I hate mathematics and enjoy history. I am able to think logically and analyze in a rather forced way and tire easily compared to when I am thinking something completely new and imagining a new story or concept to write down. The number of similarities is too long to fully list down.

There are select few who are ambidextrous (don’t have dominant hemisphere or so little dominant that it doesn’t affect much) and such individuals don’t have that much hard time in switching. Unfortunately I am not one of them and thus unable to achieve my full potential.

This doesn’t mean that left-handers are devoid of logic or right-handers lack creativity, it just points towards what comes as naturally and more easily to the person due to dominant side of brain. So if anyone you know is forcing a born left-handed toddler or child to be right-handed, please enlighten them and stop them for hindering the child’s growth. It is not advisable to force and yes, it is not un-Islamic as well to be left-handed as some believe.

For those who are interested in knowing if they are left-brain dominant or right-brain, watch this image below and see in which direction the woman moves (clock-wise or anti-clockwise).

If she is moving clock-wise, that means you are right-brain dominant and vice versa. If you focus a bit (or maybe a bit harder), the figure may turn her direction suddenly and begin rotating the other way.

The level of focus required to achieve that proves how much dominant on side of your brain is. In my case, the figure continuously moves clock-wise and no matter how much I try, I am unable to move it anti-clockwise. However I have seen others exclaiming how the figure all of a sudden change direction even though to me the movement is still in the same clock-wise direction.

Once again refer to this chart and see what characteristics each brain has and remember, never force born left-handed child to use right-hand permanently. You may teach them to use right but let them be left for their own good.


 “I don’t like the word feminist. I don’t think women trying to be men is feminism. I also don’t believe in being outspoken for the sake of it, or just to prove a point. Feminism is just an overused term and people make too much noise about it for no reason. Women have been given these bodies to produce children, and the spirit and tenderness to take care of people around us. It’s fine to be an outspoken and working woman. I don’t want to be a man. One day I look forward to making dinner for my husband and children. I don’t want to be a career feminist.”

SriSri RaviShankar Totally Destroyed Yamuna FloodPlain

​And so many of my friends and lovers, present and past, keep insisting that I become more spiritual and join their best babba/babbi!
“He/She is not like others. She/He is different!”

I wonder what else this RaviShankar chap had to lick/suck, besides eggs, to get here! तलुवे, I am sure; it is the other word that start with त or ट that eludes me!

#ArtOfLying #SriSri420 #SriSriRaviShankar #ArtOfLiving #FraudBaba

Keynote Speech – ANU Sex & Consent Week. Tuesday August 2nd 2016.

My name is Lucie Bee and I’m, according to SWERF rhetoric, a ‘Happy Hooker.’

SWERF, if you weren’t aware, stands for ‘Sex Work Exclusionary Radical Feminism.’

So, I’m a ‘Happy Hooker’ and I’m here to tell you, that’s a Goddamn Lie. What I am is an Angry Hooker. What’s worse for the SWERF movement, including ‘divinities’ like Melinda Tankard Reist, is that I’m a Loud Angry Hooker.  I’m a loud, angry, tired hooker.

I apologise if that word makes you uncomfortable. But it’s thrown at me like a knife so often these days, even when accompanied by seemingly benign words like ‘happy’, it’s thrown at me so much that I feel like I’ve earned the right to say it. To reclaim it. To call it my own. I usually don’t hold court much with the notion of reclaiming words, but disarming them, disarming people with them, is something I spend a great…

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If dreams came true!

My grandfather, Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma, who raised me, came alive! Everyone was happy and swarming at our place. I, like I had done all my life, again started sleeping, hugging him. This time, we smoked together!


There was this customary cricket thing in HRMS.

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Dry smoked pork fry.

​Amazing smoked pork! Just made some and it is very flavourful, some credit to me, too.

I followed your instructions but increased onion (ulli) and garlic and fried them in coconut oil at highest heat.

Crushed half teaspoon of star anise, cumin, and cinnamon and one big helping of black pepper.

Rest all was same.

While boiling, I used very little water, just enough to half submerge the pork and after 4 whistles, nearly 2-3 tablespoons of rich black juice was left which was further reduced and used for cooking.

Oh How! How could that Black Gold be thrown!

Rohtak Gangrape case – The Story Untold

Fake rape! #FakeRape???

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Nation has been raging against the gruesome crime of “double gangrape” in Rohtak for the past few days. The incident reportedly happened on July 13th, when the girl was allegedly abducted from outside her college and gangraped by the same 5 people who had gangraped her in 2013 too. As per complainant’s family, all the accused repeated their crime in order to teach her a lesson for not compromising the case filed before.

It is not surprising that media is presenting only one side of the story caring little about the facts of the case and the history of the case because in today’s day and age, it is not facts that draw attention of viewers but sensational stories that shock viewers beyond belief. Facts are boring. Details don’t interest audiences who anyways have very less time. So a story even if evidences on ground go against it – are served…

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Celebrate Women’s Dignity before Women’s Day!

“. It was a woman’s right to throw all her education and training, experience and wisdom by the wayside, and to appear in court as a mendicant seeking maintenance from her separated or ex-husband.

This new idea of “women’s empowerment” gradually began obscuring the erstwhile virtue of dignity. “

Silence is not an option...

During my childhood, I often heard older women advise young girls in the family about the importance of being educated. It had little to do with the noble goal of gaining knowledge, but it was about something more practical. It was about securing employment so as to not depend on one’s husband completely, or being employable should the husband lose his health, life or limb.

It seemed, at times, that these old women were a paranoid lot who were overly worried about the possibility of ending up alone. However, I now know that some of the really wise women were actually focusing on the importance of living a life of dignity under any given circumstance.

As a child, I saw some married women, and also widows, who ran a “pooTakULLa illu” providing sumptuous meals to many hungry people, and using the money thus earned to maintain the household and educate…

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I just backed System Shock on @Kickstarter

Write to DGCA for making weapon carriage fee a % of fare rather than the flat 5000 Rs.

Hello fellow weapon lovers,

The DGCA has invited public comments on the new, proposed fare rules at LalitJi’s email address at ( and should reach positively before 27th June, 2016. LalitJi

I request fellow lovers to exhort the DGCA to pass appropriate rules, stopping the blatant robbery by all airlines on the matter of weapon carriage.

It was started when the USD was about 50 INR.

Mindlessly applying the international rate of $100 on domestic carriage, 5,000 Rupees was fixed as weapon carriage charges.

It is acceptable, purely by my standards, to pay 5,000 on a 50,000 Rupee’s ticket.

To charge the same on a Rs. 2,090 ticket is ridiculous, to say the least.

Please take time to visit the website and send email, containing your suggestions, to Lalit Ji for rationalising the fee.



Some more ridiculous changes that are proposed, here.

Save and free Kesha

Women Compromising Standards to Get Ahead


Recently Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s “Shark Tank” sent out a tweet that would be deemed by many as controversial. Her tweet stated, “I find running a #business in a man’s world to be a huge advantage. I wear bright colors, yank up my skirt + get attention”. She came to her own defense and argued in summary that she simply works her assets to her advantage. Specifically for her, she feels her legs are her greatest physical feature, therefore, she shows them off to gain attention and close deals.

Barbara Corcoran Tweet ABC Article

This story was featured on many different news shows and has been shared voluminously on various other outlets. Comments and feedback typically fell on one of two sides of the coin:

1. No problem showing the assets and flirting. Work what your mama gave you.

2. That is disgusting. Have some respect and earn business with your brain.

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Why this focus on ’rapes in India’ by world media?

Judging from media reports, India has a BIG problem with rape. No other country seems to come even close. All over the globe “another rape in India” is reported ever so often.  On my last visit to …

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AskMeBazaar Customer care is worse than UP Government office

Hello JaswinderJi and other contact personnel,

1. Thanks a tonne for that, however, I received just one phone call from your pickup person and that call was disconnected by me as I was in a meeting.

2. I am subscribed to missed call alert, so would have known via SMS, if there were more calls while my phone was out of reach.

3. Within 100 minutes I got an SMS telling, “(1/5) Dear buyer, in regards to your complaint logged for Prepaid, DGA8476287, we made multiple failed attempts to pick up your order. Kindly send the…”
4. Do you tolerate lying and irresponsible vendors? झूठे, स्साले!
4. There was no call on my secondary number, I would like to point out.
5. Your number being out-going only, probably, was unavailable for my return call.
***6. I feel that you take your customers for a liability. It is the customer’s mistake to trouble you by contacting you and “She must be made to suffer! Slow, painful torture.”

And justice prevailed.

To, Ms. ___ Jalan. (MM)
Court room 104, Rohini Court.

Respected Ma’am,

  1. On 18th April, 2014, I was returning from Rajender Nagar side to Punjabi Bagh when I was stopped at 11:50 AM for traffic light violation at Vivek Cut Light vide Challan number PNC-2335-00929-14.

  2. Apart from the Chalanning Officer, HC Sanjeev (1833/T) the police witness was Ct. P. Bhaskar (5618 T), there were 5 other policemen sitting there on their bikes and scooters (one of them bright red), at the spot.

  3. I hereby categorically submit that I did not jump the red light and as I crossed the first light, it turned Orange and even as I passed the second pole, it was still Orange.

  4. Delhi Traffic Police that day acted like Delhi Challaning Police. Or Delhi Trapping Police!

  5. I never jump red lights or take wrong side ‘shortcuts’ or even cross the stop line, or wait in the wrong lane on a matter of principle, as is the wont of many drivers (from 2-wheeler’s to swanky Rs. 3 Crore SUVs) on Delhi roads. Having learnt my driving and then spending considerable time in Chandigarh, I grew up to respect the Zero Tolerance they have for even touching the stop line with the wheel, on a red light. Not even Minister’s or Chief Minister’s official or personal cars are spared!

  6. Then there was the experience in Kerala that becomes relevant here. On highway pedestrian crossings are posted traffic regulators. Once enough pedestrians accumulate on either side of the road, she raises her STOP sign and the entire traffic, highway-high speed traffic comes to a halt, 20 metres on both sides, and people cross the road! The mere presence of the authority in uniform matters.

  7. Here I have an empty road, I am the ONLY vehicle (as the traffic rush is on the other side, at this hour and I was coming from Sidhharth Hotel side from where, due the timings of the two lights, I ended up being the only one) at a 20 seconds’ pedestrian crossing light and there are 7 policemen, about 50 metres down the road, very visible, who form a human chain barricade and swoop on me alleging that I jumped.

a. Even if I were a ‘jumping kind’, the sight of so many policemen would have deterred me, I am sure!

  1. Just 2 kilometers down the same road we have

a. Shadipur Metro station under which there are hundreds of auto, cycle and the menacing e rickshaws parked on the road adding to the chaos and unstopping vehicles that pedestrians face while crossing the road,

b. Shadipur crossing where traffic going right towards PUSA spills over to the left most side of the road and blocks the traffic going straight, in spite of a green light

c. AND another 1 kilometer down we have the Kirti Nagar-Moments Mall-Rama Road crossing where pedestrians risk their lives, literally, as it is flanked by two wide flyovers and the traffic there is at a breakneck speed. On both sides of the road.

There is nary a policeman in sight!

  1. Instead of bunching up at an innocuous spot waiting to ambush violators jumping a 20 second red light couldn’t these people have been doing a better thing? Like, managing traffic?

  2. Probably it is their ‘targets’ that they have to fulfill.

  3. Venture out of Delhi and one sees 20-30-40 spotless white and blue attired Delhi Traffic Police men, once again, all bunched up at one spot Challaning commercial vehicles; both coming in Delhi and going out.

  4. Same is the scene, albeit the number of the ‘ambush’ is lower 5-10, on Delhi’s inner roads where it is the LMV drivers that are being Chalanned, in a long line.

  5. One always sees a semblance of traffic management in the Luteyen’s zone and also, to be fair, at many other locations where the traffic policemen are actually toiling to restore and maintain order on the road.

  6. The regular updates on their Facebook and Twitter page, about broken-down DTC buses leading to jams, and other advisories are really a boon, in the age of always connected smart phones. Using these, many a times, I have altered my route and reached the destination on time!

  7. However, it is this highhandedness, the utter disregard for what is right, the submission that, “we are so many here; are you suggesting that we are lying about your jumping the light?” makes one uncomfortable about the misuse of power.

  8. To counter the suggestion, if I took a whole bus load of traffic violators and jumped a red light, I shall have a clear majority of people who shall side by me saying that we did not! However, as Gandhiji said, “Majority is not always morality.” or something to that effect, their being seven against one does not make them right or true or correct.

  9. I repeat, I did not cross the light and I was Challanned wrongfully. I challenged this Challan and refused to pay up the “mamooli Rs. 100” at the spot, as was suggested by the traffic policemen.

Ma’am, I humbly request you to grant me justice and quash this Challan and take appropriate action against the offending policemen.

It would be worthwhile to look into the priorities of the Delhi Traffic Police, as well!

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Rahul Sharma.
Friday, December 12, 2014, 4:05:34 PM
New Delhi.

Honourable Railway Minister.

I have thought at least a hundred times, since 6:25, after catching this train at 4:50, “To tweet or not to tweet!” Some people earn this way, their daily bread.
The reasoning of the TTji is that they’re’nt hawkers but pantry car employees and are out of the purview of point 9 mentioned in The Charter.
In this Punjab Mail, not one stretch of 5 minutes has passed, in the last 8 hours that 1-2-4 people have not walked the aisle, selling…… without pause, chai-chai-chai, omelette-cutlet, paani-juice-frootti, and what not; NON STOP!
The hawkers are so much better. At least, they stop when their round is complete or they run out of their wares. No such problem with this staff. Full of energy, even after 9 hours of hawking the wares for the commission. Mean of me as this is the way they earn but I have gone and grown mad after enduring all these 4,978 minutes of …
Watch videos; note time stamps.
PNR:2114650125,TRAIN:12138,DOJ:07-02-2016,TIME:05:15,3A,NDLS TO BPL,Rahul Sharma,B4 30.

Update: 3rd May, 2017.

PNR : 2807798852
Boarding Date : 3-5-2017
06:09 YJUD → 20:40 GKP
Class : Sleeper Class
Passenger 1 S12 , 59
Passenger 2 S12 , 58
Passenger 3 S12 , 62
Passenger 4 S12 , 57
Passenger 5 S12 , 60

To tag or not to tweet, that is the question; important for the second time!

How does one ask fellow citizens/children to vacate your 6 mo. pre-booked seat?

सबसे पहले, गौ-धन (a very slick and pious and miraculous mixture of cow dung and cow urine) से चुपड़ कर #BulletTrain को हम विराट हिन्दू राष्ट्रवासी अपने चूतड़ों में डलवा लें, expecting / providing basic facilities (like, say, SEATS) to non Bullet train तो बाद में देख लेंगे!


This unreserved girl in purple is sitting on my 6 month old pre-booked seat.
Do I kick her off?
Also her father?
And three others, following them?
She is a mental case, by the way!

The worst part is that every wait listed squatter that we see here has already paid more fine than we paid for our reservation!

( By the way, can we say, conservatively, that this paying capacity was enabled by the 60 year mis(?)rule!)

But, I digress! Let’s continue with Bullet Trains!

The point is not THIS girl but Bullet train, costing 10,00,00,00,00,00,000! We could be running 1000 more trains on this Bihari-Jharkhandi-labourer route in half of that money!

‘The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis’ BY MAX KUTNER

NEWSWEEK: ‘The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis’

When you are the most notorious alleged college rapist in the country, it takes a lot of guts to attend your graduation ceremony.
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