I have removed one screen, <The TV>, from my life.
3 remain. A dysfunctional £ 1,000 laptop that takes 3-4 minutes to open a browser, that shan’t be replaced, this stupid iPhone and a Panasonic साथी।
However, as asked again and again, for whom do I disconnect?
Friends who cross my house twice a day and who I have been begging for the last 5 years to stopover for a chai/whiskey/Limbu paani, without avail?
Relatives and Ad-hoc Momma#1 etc. who value सूसूराल सिमर का more over your visit?

My pork roast.


The new house!

…Revelation of the day!!! Maybe, I am not important enough for them!!! Yesss! That MUST be the case!

Maybe, I never was!



Bike trip? Smartyphone? You?

Just dreamt of you.
You were test riding a bullet. I asked you three pointed questions.
1. How long are you in India for?

  1. Are you planning a bike-trip?

  2. How much of “me time” you require so that I don’t bug you?
    You were busy with your phone. Searching for a helmet and other accessories.
    You walked away, looking at directions to an auto-spare shop, still looking into your phone.
    I woke up. Now going to toilet.

False Witness – Final Installment

तुम्हारा नाम क्या है, बसंती?

Why do I have this  feeling that I can very safely bet some of my body parts like, half of eyebrows, half of मूँछ, half beard and one bloddy eye on the fact that these gents, both class II Head Constables,

Bearded Dhannos!

were imparted weapons training by Mrs. धन्नो? Not the one of, “धन्नो की आँख, शराबी, रे, हमका लागे!” fame but the aforementioned one. “तुम्हारा नाम क्या है, बसंती?” This is such a depressing video. They hold and fire guns like they did in FTTI Yudhishthir movies. ZERO training! What WAS happening during their basic training? Was this green t-shirt doing dishes at the local SP’s residence? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153505228310798&id=102527030797

You do not even have to aim! Come on!!! You Pakis! You can do it! We all are standing in a bunch!

A woman’s age!

Morning visitor. HathniKund rest house.
He asked your age.

I was having my mattar mushroom fried.

You told him.

He commented. “मैडम, आपके बदन को देख कर तो नहीं लगता कि आप की age इतनी है!”

I choked!!!

We laughed.

He left.

The Sexual Harassment Quagmire: Digging Out With True Equality


My "Male Side" To Gender Issues. Member of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM.org/ncfm-home/) Since 1985.

Updated November 3, 2014

An in-depth analysis of what Male Matters considers the sexes’ most destructive behavioral difference

Courtship in 1882 In 1882, before dating evolved, a man would call upon a woman in her home.


We all behave pretty much according to societal expectations. A large part of these expectations is gender-role expectations. As everyone knows, males have certain role expectations and women certain others.

Individual men and women interpret each expectation in their own way according to how they were socialized to interpret it. They also decide how the expectation should apply to them — or whether it should apply at all. Thus the sexes can have a broad range of behaviors in response to each expectation.

Take, for example, the traditional expectation that the man should initiate male-female interactions and relationships. Some people fully believe in this expectation and act accordingly; some do not believe it in the…

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The Tragedy of TrueTwit.

HaaHaaHaa! Beautiful. Made me laugh, early in the morning!


bad twitter

Dear Fellow Author on Twitter:

I’m writing this open letter to you because I just received a direct message from you saying, “[your name] uses TrueTwit Validation Service. Please click here to validate.”

Now, I know there are a lot of people out there giving social media advice these days to authors trying to gain visibility for their books. They’re a dime a dozen. In fact, there are so many of them, I don’t want to be one of them. I would rather spend my time writing zombie books. Yet here I am, writing a blog giving advice on how to use social media. I’m doing this letter to you as a blog, and thus not calling out your name(s), because I’m too polite–and I don’t want to harm my own brand–to send it to you directly. But you forced me into it. So here goes. Although it’s not…

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Football’s Gender Pay Gap Problem


The Invisible Atheist

A few nights ago, my Husband and I were sitting together in the living room of our London apartment having a fairly typical Saturday evening. It had been a rather stressful day so we’d settled in with a bottle of wine to enjoy a relaxing evening together. While we were close in proximity however, we were somewhat divided in our activities.

His idea of relaxing on a Saturday evening is living vicariously through groups of very rich Men kicking a ball to one another, every now and then commenting about how they “almost scored there” or some such nonsense while I tend to curl up with a good book, this particular evening’s reading was ‘Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men — And What to Do About It by Evelyn Murphy.

A fairly standard Saturday spent together, whilst enjoying completely unrelated activities you might think. However, for…

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The New Indian Arms Rule, 2015

***UPDATE*** 16th June, 2016.
Please visit https://rahuldoes.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/DGCA-Revise-AirFare-Rules and request the DGCA to instruct airlines to revise policy on weapons on board, *BEFORE* 26th June, 2016.

New Indian Arms Rule 2015 is coming up. Please go through the proposed changes.

Some changes are RIDICULOUS like all bullets to have serial and batch number and these to be entered in the license at the time of purchase! .22? Anyone?

You want to get your gun repaired? No Problomino! Just pay a GOVERNMENT FEE of 5,000 (to the DC???) and Titu Afzal Bhai will do it!

Unfortunately contrary to what everyone had hoped these new (draft) Arms Rules are much much worse than the executive order issued by the previous government in March/ April 2010. We NEED to raise our collective voice and stop these rules from going through in their current form, to begin with PLEASE send in your objections to the rules and put your dissent on record ASAP.
This draft response is attached along with the post viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23372 and can also be freely/ directly downloaded from:
All feedback is to be e-mailed to feedback.arules2015@gov.in”

I do not know what shall happen. We are neither as many as the Net-Neutrality waale nor as politically-fashionably-correct Nirrabhaya rape waales. (The Verma Commision waale laws are draconian, accept it! The effect can be felt even now, the JJ act, anyone?)

I have this sinking feeling that we shall lose this battle and our voices shan’t be heard!

The full text of “Public Response”

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Domestic violence – the anti-male bias of politicians and public bodies which leads to a lack of support for male victims of domestic violence

#4sqDay is when FourSquare died on my Home Screen!

Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit by Foursquare Labs, Inc. https://appsto.re/in/ms3ss.i

16/04/2015:-( hopeless app without the checkin feature! Totally bullshit application update. Cannot even see my old tips.

Not uninstalling for nostalgia sake. Removing from home screen. चुत्तड़ app!

They killed it!

It was on my home screens for the last 6 years, ever since I got into smart phones! Sometimes mine, most of the times loaned! Managed to install it in so many friend’s mobile phones and got them to use it. The feeling one got after using this application was pretty heart-warming. (If that is the right word!)

Bloddy wankers’ management! “this was not our vision” Screw your butt-holed vision! This was my MOST USED app and is now being relegated to the last page of the extra folder.
Let Mr. Crowley follow his/His/its/xer/their/zeir vision, I will save my time on this application. This is the last time that I bother with it.

That I am writing this review/ rant at 531AM should indicate how seriously passionate I WAS about foursquare!

January, 2015:- The application is great but only makes one feel like a cripple IF one has been a pre-Swarm user.

I, for the love of Gol-Gappe, cannot understand the logic behind taking away the Check-In feature!

“They” tried to fix something that ain’t broke and destroyed the user experience!

I used it only for disseminating information about little known GREAT-food dispensers.

Now, I cannot add a new place with the same enthusiasm as the CheckIn is gone!

Still, as a loyal user, I do my bit but miss the CheckIn sorely!y

This is less of a review and more of a rant against the removal of CheckIn but, as we Indians say, “What to do only!”

nb 14th March 2015. Zomato has brought in Check-In! Foursquare??? Please do not force me to abandon you!!!


#GFY #4sqDay

Uninstalled! 15/12/2015
Empty iphone extra screen

War of Choices – If you have, HE HAS TOO!

War of Choices – If you have, HE HAS TOO!.

बसस्टॉप पर जादू वाली चाय मिलती है!

बसस्टॉप पर जादू वाली चाय मिलती है!


इन्तज़ार करते रहो एक घंटा, बस नहीं आएगी। कप में चाय डलते ही, बस!

तीसरी बार आज हुआ। चतुराई दिखाते हुए, आते ही चाय बोल दी। कप के हाथ मे आते ही बस भी आ गई!

आज सोचा, चाय फैकूंगा नहीं।

चाय समेत चढ़ने की जद्दोजहद में, लैपटॉप वहीं छुट गया।


C’est la Vie¿

Some Rules About Consent Are ‘Unfair to Male Students’



Matthew Kaiser is a white-collar criminal defense attorney who has represented a number of students accused of sexual assault at colleges and universities.

The Vice-President recently spoke out on campus sexual assault, reminding us that “No means No.” And he’s right; if a woman says no, and a man doesn’t respect that, it’s rape.

But I’ve represented a number of male students accused of sexual assault on campus, and I haven’t yet seen a case of the kind Joe Biden is talking about.

The cases that are prosecuted by schools tend to be much more ambiguous. And a lot of that has to do with how schools view alcohol and consent.

Of course, if someone has sex with an unconscious woman, that’s sexual assault. And if a woman is drunk and another person forces sex on her because she’s vulnerable because she’s drunk, that’s also rape.

But many schools take…

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Letter to my father!

Here are the No.s of the PWD Minister

Mr. MK Muneer (R) 314601, 317651
Mr Kunha Hamed PS 335366. 326771

I could not get his numbers. I shall call him on Monday… The problem is that I am very busy during the day as out of the regular
crowd of 5 Assistant Managers, we 2 are left… So during the day I am running around these beautiful mountains… by the time I get
back, the offices have closed… But on this Monday, there is a new assistant coming and I shall be in his house to welcome him.
From his house I shall call the PWD minister. The Internet here is also acting up. I shall buy BSNL account next week. This Satyam
account is gifted by a friend who closed his cyber cafe… so till November, I have free Internet… Unlimited. This laalach is
stopping me from going in for a new account. But for emergencies, like this mail which has been lying in my outbox for the last 4
days, I shall buy one 25 hour one.

On Monday I shall post you the requisite certificate/ whatever from the company saying that it won’t be too bad if I have a firearm
with me while bringing cash from the bank. You shall get it be Wednesday. And also, tell me if you need an affidavit from me. And if
you do, then what shall I write in it. Sahil shall be coming to you within 10-15 days and he can handle the double chambering
problem of Beretta. What is the status of the carbine???

Rest later.

That Parminder called and thanked for your help that shall be coming forth. I assured him that everything shall be fine… Let us

Here is the mail in text format…

Hello OM

1 I shall let you know of the rubberized roads in a day or two. There are these Onam holidays going on here and the secretariat is
closed. The PS of the Surface Transport Minister shall help me. I shall ask if he has email and then get you two together if
anything develops.

2 I am unable to connect to the internet for long enough time to search for an appropriate digital diary. I shall ask my
Kottayam-native assistant to look around a few shops and even ask for a Casio distributor/showroom and get me details of the
available models. He is an intelligent man and I am sure that he will understand what I want and get me the same. Till then there is
not much that can be done in this respect.

3 Today I had a half day due to Onam and the WHOLE day I spent reading the Saad Ali book and ARRL radio handbook. And now I am
having BIG TIME acidity!!! Hi. Is there a way to get that rig from that BAS$%^& VU2LMP??? The rig I have is having the same problem
or blown up display and there is nothing that can be done here. So if you mobilize VU2MY or someone else and get these things done,
then it shall be fun and right now MY shall be too happy to oblige. If you are in good terms with MY, then even I shall write him a
sentimental Uncle-letter. That LMP does not respond. So many letters, so many years.

a. This place and the job are really conducive for the hobby. There is a lot of spare time and I am living at a top of a hill. There
are a lot of trees around but I don’t think that shall matter too much as I shall be using an inverted v, and can change the
direction at will. That is the best thing to have.
b. On second thoughts, I can even make a 3 element Yagi or Loop Sky wire or X Beam or something like that as there are 2 factories
with FULL workshops and a lot of scrap at my disposal. HeHeHe. ;-)
c. Am also ready for I Grade license. Morse is good and theory I can read and cram up. But then I DID complete 40 contacts in one
year so I automatically am eligible for the Upgrade. I have lost my license but do have the number.

4 The Beretta Letter, I shall let you know tomorrow. I shall ask the GM to tell me whether or not I shall get the letter and if not
then we can manage without the bloody letter, I am sure.

5 The Beretta needs a new grip. I searched the internet but could not find one. That sardar in Jagadhary promised to make one. But I
don’t trust him, somehow. Look what he did to the Marlin. Did you get the sighting pin cover back? I don’t think so as I am SO SURE
he lost it. So you can try some good guy in Chandigarh and get it serviced as well. The double shot thing was there when I fired it
the last time. One shot shall go, that shell will come out, taking an unspent bullet with it while chambering a fresh round. That
doesn’t seem like a serious problem. Even Rakesh mentioned this one.

6 There is this problem in the passport form that they want the current address so I think I shall not take any stoopid chance and
fill it up with all correct knowledge. If I mention the present address as Dy CM’s, then it might become a BIG issue if caught. So
shall go the honest way. And tomorrow shall go and get the snap snapped and send you a few extra copies as well. But the quality of
passport form and the stickers for the signature tell a lot about the state of the nation! Even Pakistani passports are better, MUCH
better than ours. You Politicians! HiHiHi

7 My friend sent me two Maglites and I have already lost one. :-(  But this torch is SOMETHING!!! Right now I have the 3 D size
thing. The small one fell in some jeep when we were going to the club on a RAINY night! Anyway. It had to happen!

8 Rest tomorrow as and when I get the information about that road thing. This might be postponed till Monday as they might have an
extended Onam.

9 Write soon. In the same vein.

—– Original Message —–
From: Rahul Sharma>
To: Rajesh Kumar Sharma <RAJESH@DCPBHARYANA.COM>; Rajesh Kumar Sharma <rajeshji@india.com>; RAJESH KUMAR SHARMA
<Rajeshji@haryana-online.com>; Rajesh Kumar <spice511810@mailspice.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:35 PM
Subject: Long Mail

Print this mail so you can follow up the points.

Call me some day, Will you???

Rahul Sharma

Assistant Manager

“Kuduakarnam” Estate

Hope Plantations

Peermade. Idukki

Kerela. INDIA. 685 531

Ph:-)  +91-486-332370


Ashar and I!

It was love at first sight! I met him in 1979 and we became best of friends.

In 1981, he changed the school and I raised my tantrums to be shifted. I was, as usual!

1982 end, I was admitted in The Daly College, whined about the hostel life and returned to Delhi in 1984. 700 kms and 2 years away from my “love at first sight friend!” We were 9.

That is when our friendship started, to use Ashar’s words.

I had a vague idea of his home address and I wrote him a letter and he responded.

Over mails, till 1988, our friendship continued to become deeper. We met briefly in 1988 and by 1991 I had become a मंत्री-पुत्र and joined my parents for the first time in my life.

The perk of leaving my Delhi friends was STD phone! Nearly free. (Monthly limit, Rs. 20,000, not too much)

… to be continued. Ashar, write in.

Late. Mr. Ata-ul Ghaffar!

An अंकिलजी since 1979; an inspiration since 1991; CLL fighter since 1996 a friend since 2001.

Mr. Ataul Ghaffar is being sorely missed!


Every moment reminds of his overwhelming presence with his attention to AND persistent follow-up of the minutest detail!

Bhopal is my The-Mandatory-Stop when crossing equator of India. Sometimes, due to exigencies beyond my control, I had to cross it, half heartedly!


Never ever did I cross Bhopal, in train, without him delivering the most amazing kababs and roti made by Rafia Aunty. Be it bitter winter or pouring rain. He would be there on his trusty हमारा बजाज चेतक। People would peer out of their sheets to sniff out the source of the nearly-magical aroma! Sniff and look at my resolutely indifferent (mean) countenance, sigh and go back to sleep!

He would come to pick me up at all odd hours from the railway station. Only once I took a taxi from the airport because it was a surprise visit when I had to escort the couple to Delhi in Bhopal Express. It was one of the worst days of this life that I am not too interested in, lately. The return-train was empty due to terrorism of press and that was the first time I decided to sport a BIG tilak; a BIG symbolic tilak.


This could be a confessional! My Bua, who raised me like her own son, used to complain that it seems that I come to Uncle and visit her whereas it should be the other way round! So, we hit upon a novel idea! I would not brush my teeth and rather luxuriant head of hair, after spending 3-4 days at Ghaffar place and then he would drop me at the railway station at the time of arrival of the train and I would happily be driven to my relatives’ place! Not that I resented going there but this is to just emphasise on my heart’s priority. I hope she forgives me for this sleight!

Eighteen Year Old Woman Goes On Killing Spree, Declares War On The Patriarchy, Divides Feminists

Brilliantly written!

Diversity Chronicle

Fighting Patriarchy

By Werombi Towradji

“Every male is a legitimate target. Every male is a rapist and an abuser of women! There are no exceptions! Even little boys will grow up to one day abuse women in some way or another. They too are legitimate targets.” So said young Anna Feldman in a politically charged “woman-ifesto” released over the internet hours before she grabbed an M-16 military style assault rifle and began her one woman war on patriarchal sexism at her college.

Many Feminists and Human Rights activists agree with Feldman; all males are potential rapists and they justly deserve to die for their collective crimes against women. Unfortunately, Feldman did not limit her killing to males. Several women were seriously injured and several died during her attack at Washington Progressive Community College.

Because Anna chose not to limit her attacks to men only, her actions remain controversial among feminists and progressives…

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Bread. Daily Bread.

Unfinished, drunk, misspelt psot.

Happy New Year, Mr. Lal,

Last time that I wanted to write to you was on your ‘Horse Sense’ about ‘The Spirit of Cerrone


However, yesterdays piece was disturbingly depressing and I could not resist picking up this stupid-phone.

Yes, we have destroyed their homes and continue to do it. There is a favade in fvromt of my house and about 50 pigeons reside’ there. Their day long guttering and shitting by the bagful B AGFUL, semiannually gets me.

I am a fairly non violent and dumb character but am also creative, in my own sense.

Just the other day, I got thye idea to throw a stone with a string attached to the highest angle-iron and let it drop. Now tie a KFC bucket with a Jeero-waat- ka-bulb in it and hoist it to the level where most of ‘then’ congregate. This can be ascertained by the kilos of potty on the ground.

This might disrupt them. Wait for 2-3-5-20 days for them to resume their daily chats at the same place and at the apt moment, turn the bulb on.

problem (if it is one) solved!

The glass of the bulb would have been gently broken and placed on its filament would be 3-5 Sutli bombs from Diwali collection. 3-4 pigeons would die of the shock wave, 5-6 of the mental shock and rest would leave forever due to the terror.

How vile and evil we are!

Humans, methinks, are an alien-genetic experiment and that is what sets us SO apart from the reswt of thye animal-dom.

Come to think of it, how many laalchi-kutte do you know of who have burried and stasded 9,634 Crore bones?

Over a kutiya, they, like us may tear eacdh ofther to pieces but over a full caracass for the taking of a fish, in CR park market, have you seen tyhem fighting?

I hugged my father, today at dawn!

Two Dreams.


The reality: bogus statistics, feminist victimology, and university-approved sex toys

The Campus Rape Myth
Heather Mac Donald

The reality: bogus statistics, feminist victimology, and university-approved sex toys

Winter 2008
It’s a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape crisis center. Day after day, you wait for the casualties to show up from the alleged campus rape epidemic—but no one calls. Could this mean that the crisis is overblown? No: it means, according to the campus sexual-assault industry, that the abuse of coeds is worse than anyone had ever imagined. It means that consultants and counselors need more funding to persuade student rape victims to break the silence of their suffering.
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My thoughts on Susu vs Swamy page

इन विराट उल्लू-के-पठ्ठओं को क्या कभी समझ आएगी? राष्टवाद के नाम पर देश की नाक कटा रहे हैं!

No one can identify the parody and the stupid account based on this Vatican post from the real account.

If the real page was, indeed, deleted, can you blame facebook’s operator and not Swamy for nurturing such delusional/marijuanical विराट विचार?

गाए हमारी माता है, सांड़ हमारा बाप!

I am cooking some stir-fry beef marinated in Soya+Fish sauce and lemon juice.

Later, I will take the peelings from the vegetables (that I have collected over the last few days) to the nearby Shiv-Mandir and feed them to the cows.

Am I a good Hindu, Bhaskar Gaur?

Fuck you Google, and Goodbye


Wow! I have got a new Samsung iPhone GT-S7562!

One of my Yahoo friends, Ronit (http://thescurvydawg.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/fuck-you-google-and-goodbye/), has successfully got google out of his life. I am sure that I will succeed, too.

I cannot copy files to my Ubuntu system as it has been abandoned by google! What is new?

meebo, YouTube (the original), Wildfire, Mashable and what not (https://www.google.co.in/search?num=100&newwindow=1&safe=off&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&q=companies+acquired+by+google+and+shut) (Do not hit me with that in which I used google to search that things!)! All Acqu-hired by google and then kicked both in the face and testicles, together-together.

Bloddy hell!

An Insight into my Hindside...

I was introduced to Google back in school, when it was just a search engine. Now it has its fingers and feet in almost every product/service category and is undoubtedly the market leader in most of them.

After Google search, I started using Gmail, then Google Chrome. It was only by chance that I didn’t buy an Android handset (almost bought the T-Mobile G1 once) and I am glad I didn’t. Google is evil. Google is at the moment, what Microsoft was in the 90s. Ruthless and evil.

Google has the right to read through your e-mail, use that information however it pleases and targets ads depending on the text in your e-mail. Also Google has deliberately not supported Windows Phone for years.

Yes, Google is evil Yes, Google is evil

So a few months ago, I decided to say “fuck you” to Google and start moving away from all Google products. OneDrive replaced…

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Modi Bhakts ki Mahimaa!

Modi Bhakts are really some thing. Got this message.

“Finally Japan’s Bullet train has come (for trial) to India.
In the picture the train is at Billimoria station in Gujarat. Naturally people are crowding to see it.
Hats off to our PM Narendra Modi.”

Bullet train drumming on broad gauge??? Actually, Hats off to Modi San! And where is my Gaanjaa Sandwich?



<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p><a href=”https://twitter.com/RichardDawkins”>@RichardDawkins</a&gt; The idea that me drinking reduces me to a child with no agency is fucking offensive to me.</p>&mdash; Alix Veno (@alixveno) <a href=”https://twitter.com/alixveno/status/510638293835612161″>September 13, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>


Height of Customer Service!

Something that amazed me! Height of Customer Service.

ModiJi DOES stand a chance of changing the country by technology.

#Hi Rahul Ji
This side Rajesh, tour & travels,paschim puri, I just conform that u hire taxi Innova by me for
dehradun. Its comfortable or some issue. If any issue pls contact me any time.

THAT’s empowered dialogue.

Let’s hope our HH also changes.

I know there’ll be no readership/response as no girly photo. Bhakton!

The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions!

This is The CLOSEST that a magazine article has come to express my feelings on my asshole friends and relatives. “Chhotu? Toone hamaara computer phhir se kharaab karr diyaa??”

By my calculations, about 96 percent of all computer repairs are done, not by the local computer guy or the Geek Squad, but by The Friend Who is Good With Computers. Often that friend is nothing more than an average computer user who knows how to look up error messages on Google, but it doesn’t matter — once they become known as TFWIGWC, they will get the call every time something goes wrong. And they will fix it, probably for free, because TFWIGWC pities you.

Still, any time a bunch of TFWIGWCs get together and share their computer repair horror stories, you learn that there are certain things their “customers” do that make them want to ram their head through a wall.

InterNatz ke aapko dhhakkan banaane ki trick nambar 7.

Just like this unsubstantiated story, the internet is rife with such videos.

That video, in my post, or at least the appeal, turned out to be fake.

That is why I wondered if this was also a very old/fake video.

And it is!

Last night, my first thought on seeing the video was that these were orphans and saying that share fast so that the parents could reach the hostel sounded like -“Bhaiyo Behno… Sale ke aakhri 2 din. 2000 k@a maal sirf 95.99 mein. Jaldi karein!”

and that was not untrue, either!

Sorry buddy, they, the spammers got the best of you and your insaaniyat!

I hope that we learn this new “Internet ki Choo banane ki Ability” ka lesson!

I don’t want to live in this world anymore!

Today’s kids will have really weird yaadein. Actually, I doubt if they’ll have any, at all. Nearly all ALL the kids I have seen, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (literally) have spent the entire evenings watching Doremon. It is so sad and scary!

We used to conduct Auditions for a movie in a basketball court. It adjoined a park where all the rides were rusted and broken. The watchman told me, the last kids to play in that park left ~10 years ago, about the same tine when Cartoon Network was launched in India. It is so Bloddy sad and depressing, seeing guilty time-deprived parents take the support of Chinese Toys and giving unrestrained access to their kids to these TV shows.

I don’t want to live in this world anymore!

Hunter “Sex” Yelton

How viperous this appropriately named, menacingly evil, sexual harasser is! “Hunter”. He started by kissing his classmate’s hand. Poor girl shall be traumatized for the rest of her life. But, rejoice. She is safe now. Hunter Yelton has been expelled from school and today and in the remaining future, till InterNatz lives, the entire world and its schools shall know about this Hunter paedophile whose photo is all over the internet and has “sex-offender” written over his school record. By the time he starts getting erections, in another 6-8 years, methinks, he would have been completely disciplined and admitted to the Gynophobiaized innards of maledom. To make a better start, get this man chemically/surgically castrated ASAP. Whether or not it makes him the next Ted Bundy, we don’t have to worry. He is a man, after all and can take care of all his emotions. Long live femiNazism.

ClearTrip Customer support (NOT!)

After a long time, I had to visit online resources for a ticket booking and I was reminded of my “Kiruba incident” with ClearTrip. The sense of closure is still deluding me. It always does. Even after 20 years.

Neither My Dear Niraj, the CMO of ClearTrip nor did anyone else bother to respond to the following email.

He, The Hallowed CMO, along with that customer support bloddy-agent, Shringarpure, could have pretty easily asked me, “dear Mr. sharma, Go fondle urslf.” (The English could have been theirs, going by the professional levels of ClearTrip.com)

But they both chose to not respond. Or escalate. I guess I won that round. Ex-parte! Right?

Here is the entire bull, in public domain.

Why so late? Guess I am pretty vella today, till the departure of the train, and it is going to be fun digging all the old emails and formatting them for the blog.

From: “Niraj Seth (cmo@cleartrip.com)”

To:Rahul Sharma”
Sent: Wednesday, 12 January 2011 6:33 PM
Subject: Because every trip has a purpose – Cleartrip.com
Dear Rahul,
Since our launch in July 2006, Cleartrip.com has worked very hard to provide you extensive choice and a compelling online experience while booking your travel with us. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to you for your encouragement.

We have always believed that our brand would grow when co-created with our customers and today we launch our new TV campaign – ‘Every trip has a purpose’, which takes customer engagement to new heights. The campaign vividly captures real travelers across the length & breadth of India sharing “their purpose of travel”

I hope you like the campaign. Look forward to your feedback.
Niraj Seth
CMO – Cleartrip.com

Subject:Re: Because every trip has a purpose – Cleartrip.com
From:     rahul-shop@yahoo.com (rahul-shop@yahoo.com)
To:     Niraj Seth.
Date:     Thursday, 1 December 2011 12:22 PM

Subject : Re: Because every trip has a purpose – Cleartrip.com

Dear Niraj,
Thanks for your email. I am so sorry to be replying to it so late. Please forgive me. However, I have already posted my reason for a trip on your recommended website.

Prohibition on Carrying fire arm in Delhi Metro (DMRC)

Hello All.
Following is the email thread that I have been exchanging with Delhi Metro.

CISF has never bothered to reply.

I am filing some RTI applications and then initiating a PIL for getting this right to carry arms restored.

Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 05:58:28 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: DMRC

From: Rahul Sharma
To: operations@delhimetrorail.com

Dear Madam / Sir,

I am a civilian and possess a valid All-India licence for a firearm.

Ever since January 2012, there has been a ban on civilian arms-licence holders riding the Delhi Metro, after making an entry in an Arms Register.

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The Yahoo Bar that scrolls. AKA, My Darling Yahoo! is Dying.

Screen shots pasted here as cannot email them to Yahoo customer care and cannot also explain my problem.

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4PM on the Court.

After a false start in 2007,the movie is happening, finally.

4PM on the Court is the latest baby.

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“Times of India” is the most Tatti newspaper.

“A number of our loyal readers have criticized us for our front page headline on the verdict of the Allahabad High Court. (2 Parts To Hindus,1 Part To Muslims) … The headline in question was clinically accurate….” Here is  the entire maan mera ehsaan disclaimer. Tech Help.

Just to begin with I would like to quote a Haryanvi idiom, “Aandhe ne aandhaa nahi kaha karte!” You do not call a blind man blind. I would like to vociferously juxtapose it to, “Gay aadmi ko gaandoo nahi kehte!” Please note that both the idioms are as (or even more) “clinically accurate” as the headline observations by Times of India on 1st October, 2010. All they are capable of doing is inflame the hurt sentiments of the Andha / the Gandoo or someone else, too sheltered from everyday Hindi. (N.B. Asshole is a fine word, though. Even on the dinner table. So is “Oh Shit, Mummy! Aaj phir Arvi banayi hai! What the Fuck!”).

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Words make the world go ROUND!

Words from Soumya .

“Honest is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Rahul. It was a true pleasure training him because of his keen interest in the training. It didn’t seem like he was sitting there because he was paid to do so. He actually wanted to learn. That is the best a trainer can get – urge to know more.
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My pathetic response to a common email.

My Dearest Ajay.

Here is a small ABSOLUTELY TRUE INCIDENT for you and all others like you who must have received a lot of BlackBerries (I LOVE Strawberries) and Windows Tablets (I only need Prozac and Viagra) and the $ 490,088,069 that I left with my Nigerian extra-virgin 19 year old wife before getting killed by Herr Kuoni Mbvutu Jhingalala, the former dictator of Kuduakarnam.

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Rains and R.

Never Never Nest.

Yesterday I bought one REAL Cool and Well Fitting pair of Sunglasses; Powered and Most suitable for Biking…

As soon as I paid I realized that they shall cost me 360 Rupees a year if I do not pay my Credit card Bill…..

36% Interest!!!

I Came Home and cooked my Credit Card…

Using Zippo LighterFluid!!!

Out Of Never Never Nest Syndrome ………..

Looks like victory of Fight Club… Happy!!! Ra.

Viva la Difference.

It comes from here.

Women vs Men! Viva!

Thus asketh Nitin Soni :- Why do women think that men are dogs and can think of nothing else but sex and that every erection without any action is like wasted Garden of Eden? Why do women also think that men do everything because they want to score with the woman in bed? Can we be JUDGED only by the size of our balls? …My anguish is at generalized thoughts as they continue to haunt and hound the MOST honest and sterilized of our breed. Worst is, we cannot even defend.
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Unforgotten Language Skills.

Edd left India in 1998. Following is his Hindi comment on facebook.

Rahul Sharma My next to-watch musical movie, the poster of which I just saw in Bahadurgarh. “Ek baar bajaaoge naa?”

Edwin Orieva

Edwin Orieva

Kya tum doe logonko bolrahahe. Nick confused hojayega. Hindi vow bhulgaye. Rahul, me soshtahu mera hindi bohot acha. Konsa movie ye tum dekenge. Unme kon star? Sharukh khan? Chota bachan yar humara Govinda? Lol! Howzaaaat coolie?

Playing The Rape-Game.

Rubens Rape

They get into a verbal, disenchanting fight at 3 AM and he walks out of her house.

Next morning.

She, on phone, “Hello baby! What are you doing?”

He, “Reading Indian Express.”

She, “Baby, I am getting ready to take a bath and then go to the Police Station for a rape FIR against you.”

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Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon

This song *NEVER* fails to bring that odd-childish tear in my tired old eyes. So much so, I refrain from listening to this song in public!

Now the question that bothers me for QUITE a few years (Since Denali Training.), off and on, is:  who am I?

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Happy of the BirthDay!

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Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam Sab ko sanmati de Bhagwaan

Copied and pasted from FaceBook.
Is every *M*iddle finger worth it’s 3.2 grammes of weight that you KNOW that you don’t deserve?


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They said, “Pati, Patni aur Woh.” They said. They talk a lot, right?

Post inspired by FaceBook comments of GuriSaab.


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“Whoroscope” is how this one started!

From today’s IndianExpress.


Libra : – Most of the pieces should now have been fitted into an emotional jigsaw. There may be one or two items still causing some doubt, and if you have any sense you will rely on your experience rather than vague hopes. And that’s before you even begin to apply your abundant common-sense.

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Go, Figure.

“Doobi doobi aankhon mein hain, sapnon ke saaye;
Raat bhar apne hai, din mein paraaye.”


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