Ashar and I!

It was love at first sight! I met him in 1979 and we became best of friends.

In 1981, he changed the school and I raised my tantrums to be shifted. I was, as usual!

1982 end, I was admitted in The Daly College, whined about the hostel life and returned to Delhi in 1984. 700 kms and 2 years away from my “love at first sight friend!” We were 9.

That is when our friendship started, to use Ashar’s words.

I had a vague idea of his home address and I wrote him a letter and he responded.

Over mails, till 1988, our friendship continued to become deeper. We met briefly in 1988 and by 1991 I had become a मंत्री-पुत्र and joined my parents for the first time in my life.

The perk of leaving my Delhi friends was STD phone! Nearly free. (Monthly limit, Rs. 20,000, not too much)

… to be continued. Ashar, write in.

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    The Place for my Friends and Our Adventures.
    Index Of Home???
    All the Miles Covered and Promises Broken…
    “The only 3 things required on an Expedition are: Preparation, Preparation and Preparation.”

    We had been conducting some rather SERIOUS experiments with FM Microphones for recording our Jam sessions as Naveen liked to play the Acoustic Guitar on some songs and we did not have enough resources to connect that one to our Hook-Up… So the best we could do was get enough Fm Mic.s and set up my Yamaha PSS-51 and the Guitar and Another Mic as his Singing Mic and That was our setup…

    We decided to hook this up on to our helmets as well so that we had Communicators and it all did work so FINE…

    We decided for Hanuman Chhati. We rode non stop till Kuwa and had a nice Coffee and Omelets, cooked on wood fire. Omelettes are another Story… I was building up fire UP there and Naveen had gone DOWN there to get some Milk and newspapers… (That was my First one out, so I WANTED my daily Dose…) I wore my Helmet and talked into it to tell Naveen to get some eggs as well and he acknowledged *in* The Helmet…

    Later Naveen told that the people down there looked at him as if

    i. he were Crazy

    ii. he was an Alien.

    iii. Whad-ever…..

    Continued and on our way to Hanuman Chhati, I saw such sights that I was an instant Convert….

    I Quote …


    By night we reached there and found an abandoned CRPF Check-Post. Decided to make that our Base. Then we continued to the town/hamlet, and saw HEAVEN… About 30 Shops, 12 each to the left and right and 6 in the Front where the ROAD ENDED in a cul-de-sac.

    The shop ringt in the center was Rahul and was selling Rahul Milk Powder. :-D. Made me Immensely happy… Some Egotist that I am!!!

    Naveen asked me to hold the bike while he bought things… I was wearing some rather HEAVY shoes with SEXY Soles; however not sexy enough for Hanuman Chhati ICED Roads. I slipped right-way (sprawled all-eagle on the ground), the bike went the left-way, the head light broke and went the straight-way…

    Anyway, after laughing for about 3-5 minutes, we SOMEhow got the bike and me and headlight together and continued to our BASE…

    Naveen flicked a big piece of log from one abandoned Rain Shelter, and we split it up there at the Post and started a ROARING Fire Going at -2 or -3 * C.

    Had a Nice dinner… I was an ASS, so I had made a rule of no Daroo…. And Naveen was gracious enough to follow it…

    Then we Slept in that Cold, wearing 2-3 Sweaters, Jackets and covered in Rajai… We were cash-strapped enough to not have proper sleeping bags. We did not have a tent either, so it was a Plastic thing that Naveen had got-up together…

    The question still is asked by Naveen, “Rahul, WHY did you do that???” This is what I did.

    While asleep, I took out my knife and slashed the entire tent in shreds… Probably, Claustrophobia !!!

    We mended it as best as we could, using duct taope and Safety Pins and an uneventful night….

    Woke up at 9-ish to the MOST BEAUTIFULLEST SIGHT of my ENTIRE LIFE….. Right there in Front of me… I would give my Left Pinky to have a home there!!!

    We kept on sitting there till afternoon.

    We were running short on Fuel so decided to go to Barkot and get some from there… There was a shortage there as well… ” Hum Pyaase Honge to Samandar bhhi Sookhh jaayegaa.”

    We decided to go to the Police Station and ask for help. There was none available. Then we decided the SDM. He had gone out and we had to wait. There Naveen saw a the CMO’s daughter and was DEAD, Immidietly…. Her UP waalaa accent and all that… She said, “Aap ghar aayiye , naa???” And the PLAYBOY of them all was speechless…. “Nahi, hum bahar intezaar karenge…”

    Anyway, we waityed and when Mr. SDM came, he oblioged us by giving us a Slip for 10 Litres of Petrol. Nice Chap! Young guy, interested in all that what we were doing but the bureaucracy had eaten another Jewel!!!

    The petrol Pump guy gave us 5 as that was all he could afford to…

    We decided to go to, Naogaon, and were NEARLY murdered in Attempt.

    That being Dusserra season, there was a Ram-Leela going on there. We passed the village and continued on our path. We reached an unsurpassable landslide and STOPPED! There, again, as the norm, lit a fire and took the Map out to explore options. Mussurie was close bye and we knew that we shall be unable to slwwp back at home so we decided to go there and sleep in comfprt and then get back home.

    Counted Monies and we had close to 200 Left!!!

    Started back and before the village, found the road strewn with logs… I got down to clear the road and Naveen showed the Light…. Then, he, the quick thinker, shouted, “Rahul, RUN!!!” I, the blind follower, ran and jumped on his moving bike and broke the FM Antenna attached to the bike. And then I heard the sound… the WHOOOOOOSH….. that still sends tingles down our spines, whenever we discuss it…

    There were 3-4-9 men, Raamji Jaane how many!!! I don’t… The Whhoosh, was a sword, a Laathhi, or what, I do not know… But I know what effect it would have had if it had met its mark… My head would have opened op like a sadaa Tarbooze….Just like it happened in Satte pe Satta when Amitabh Bacchan gave one to Hema Malini and she returned it with Élan!!!


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