House That Father PRODUCED…


No professional architect or contractor was engaged.

Using his PC and Brains, he designed each and every detail! He Slogged here…ALONE… Day and at times at NIGHTS!

He PRODUCED This ONE, like a BABY…

This was HIM




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    The HOUSE was PRODUCED ALONE like a BABY…. so how was the BABY produced … by OTHERS like a HOUSE ?

    I see your posts full of travel, friends, anecdotes, father and even grandpa (in the pics) but why no mention of mother and the 3 siblings (Sorry to read father is no more.. but the tribune article said..survived by a wife and 4 kids).

    IS there a lot be read “between the lines”? or am I being a sadistic buffoon?


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    Architects do a lot of ‘ctrl+c’ ‘ctrl+v’ stuff these days…or most of them, at least…So, I suppose it is best to do it on your own, as far as possible…


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    O Diaz! You are a sadist. Buffoon… I do not know.


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