My Latest Original Theory.No Questions shall be entertained!

In order to get chickens you have to HATCH the eggs and not break them.

However, to make an OMLETTE, you need to break the eggs


Also, Eggs once Broken and Words once squeaken cannot be done anything about.

So now …

I am so thoroughly confused if I already did the right thing to have the omlette Right-AWAY, or the-wrong to have lost the Chick!!! And that too ONLY because of my haste.

I shall know soon. Please pray for me and my american-mcgee-alice.jpg -ish sanity!



  1. Diaz
    Posted Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 22:54 | Permalink

    If your ultimate aim was to have (devour it , i mean) the chick after it hatched, how does it matter if you had it (in the shape of omlette) before it hatched.
    And BTW in this maaard-urn age most eggs do not hatch into chicks (you see ..vegetarian eggs)

    Your knowledge of me for the last 28 years makes your perspective comments BANG-ON! As I said once, YOU are ME! Thanks, Mate!!!


  2. Diaz
    Posted Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 17:40 | Permalink

    This is unrelated to your post but.. click on the link below..
    I am sure you will find hundreds of simialr lins on the web. BUT the the point is if these are some of the realiaties of OUR time then are we not guilty of going on with our lives as usual. This might be a very pessismistic and sadistic way of looking at things but I think the least we can do about it FEEL depressed, pessimistic about all this.
    I for one deal with this by not looking at such pictures. But that is such an escapist and “Ostrich putting head in sand” way of dealing with it. Seriuosly.. I would want to ask you fellow bloogers.. what can we as a generation do about it? Are we going to keep running from it and wait until it catches up with us? What scares me most is the reality that we are all (including our loved ones.. elders, kids, friends) vulnerable to it. If and when a similar calamity comes at our door steps woudl we expect the rest of the world to sit and sigh and gasp like we do and then move on to the next website that reivews the latest movie and talks about the latest celebrity move go through pages and pages full of detailed analysis of sledging in cricket and persoanl and public lives of movie stars, discuss on blogs which hollywood or bollywood celebrity is a real activist. If we really want to do something about all the wrongs and to me the worst being the suffering of children…I am not even sure where do I start.. primarily becasue I am too selfish to spend time thinking about it let alone doing something.

    Just Ranting… I guess!

    Diaz, we both have been through it far too many times, in person and on phones and on emails and cried HOT tears and I Admit even I am selfish and coward enough to put my head/hand in the sand.

    There are times, though, I proudly/un-humbly proclaim when my Beretta 418 has come to the rescue of Dhhaba children being beaten, and their OWNERS getting their “teri maa ki and teri bhains ki and tu bhhonsd! ke pille” and all that other choisesttt of HINDI abuses poured like lead in their ears right in front of the terror-ees, and other amused onlookers who shall talk, for a long time about it all, with my Chhuchhoo pointing at their speechless heads and/or actionless testicles; but then there is always a tomorrow in THEIR lives as well and by then I am in a distant land. My Own LOST selfish WORLD!!! Sorry to have failed so many others!!!

    But then even this today has a tomorrow, I reckon.

    We shall see what best we can do through CP, whenever we are able to deliver THE BABY… And I swear, we intend and have already planned a lot that shall be done… Amen!”


  3. Posted Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 19:57 | Permalink

    I like the song! :)

    I knew YOU’d find this song as well!!!


  4. dontdatethatdude
    Posted Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 21:07 | Permalink

    Perhaps you could look at it under the light that you did what you did and it was perfect in that moment, now you can learn from that moment. I know it’s kind of lame but it helps me to think that way when I feel I have made a mistake. A friend once told me there are no mistakes, just learning!

    It was! I too believe that no decision is wrong. It was taken, keeping in mind the most natural of all feelings, Selfishness. It did not work out the way you wanted, Destiny! Learn from it and do it again as this time the destiny might be different.


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