*Love* Or *Six Degrees Of Seperation* Or ***What*** ??????


It was a merry birthday party.

He was one of those hyper-over-ever-active uncles who always have something to say about everything they hear and then their thought is followed by a stark, black or white judgment on the issue at hand…

I am sure we all have at least ONE such in our circles.

There were an eminent Doctor and Astrologer present, as well…

He, the hyper-over-ever-active uncle put forth a “hypothe-tactical situation” to the aforementioned two.

Spose karo, there is a girrl and a buoy. They have a common Great-grandparent. Let us assume, their pad-dada (Great-Grandfather) was the same person who ‘sired’ their respective Grandfathers. Now, this girrl and buoy wants to marry. In your ‘esteemed’ judgments, is it proper? What are the medical and astrological conclusions?” (I am sure, he meant IMPLICATIONS.)

The Doctor informed about the biological degrees of separation fundamental and the astrologer also gave a kind of similar opinion that this is not a match that is a good one.

Hyper-over-ever-active uncle went into deep thought and blurted out, “So I MUST stop this marriage from happening…” (Just then he had that look on his face that said. “Oops I did it again…” followed by that sheepish grin that denotes, “Okay, I messed this one up as well, please allow me to come clean.” And Clean, he did come out…)

“Actually, aisaa hai, this girrl and this buoy are in our family. They grew up together and ‘Naturally’ they got attracted and attached and now are wanting to marrying. And I am to advice the parents. I will use all my wisdom to un-persuade the children to not marrying as this is not done. I have medical and astrological proof.” (What was so “natural” in two cousins falling for each other, I failed to comprehend.)

All were discussing the demerits of such a union, the genetic factor involved, the stars and planets factor and suchlike.

Now, by the time I grow that old, I think I will transform into that kind of uncle as well… I have the thing in making, I guess. I without looking to anyone, apparently addressing my over laden dinner plate, said, “If it is a question of love, then one thought that I have is that they both get nasbandi done and then marry and then adopt a kid as the only tangible effect of such an intercourse is a genetically defective Child…”

The sweet dish, homemade Yoghurt based Fruit Salad turned sour that very moment.

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  1. Posted Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 20:05 | Permalink

    wriiten in so very typical style of urs..i could actually imagine u narrating this incident/accident ….

    funny creatures..


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