I, Rahul Sharma, recently got a DeathWish….




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A deathwish is English idiom for the complete disregard of one’s own personal safety, well-being or best interests.

For example, an individual who walks alone and unarmed in an area notorious for mugging may be said to have a deathwish. A deathwish does not necessarily indicate a desire to die, but rather an indifference to the prospect of death or negative consequence.

The reasons for an individual having a deathwish are numerous. Examples include:

1. Naivety or ignorance of the circumstances.

2. An uncontrollable rage.

3. An all-consuming obsession for revenge.

4. Mental illness or personality disorder.

5. Loss of the will to live.

There is always some underlying cause of a deathwish which needs to be addressed before the individual comes to harm.

What about mine…. ????

I will write it someday…


Saturday June 10, 2006 – 03:57am (IST)

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  1. Posted Wed, Jan 31, 2007 at 20:08 | Permalink

    u got a deathwish ….

    i alomst died and then resurrected….


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