To My Friends…


This one goes to my most dear best-est friends who, presently, are going out of their way to placate and appease me, on these very frustrating and saddening days.



Like a nursery kid being pushed to the much hated school, his lips pouted pathetically sadly, and he being bathed and dressed forcibly, I push myself with a lot of cajoling by Manik, almost every day to come to the office that I USED to LOVE.

This ONE job, for the first time in my life of many odd-jobs, has gotten the good of me. Or is it something else that is the reason that I am unable to put s finger on and am blaming the well paying job.

I can write on and on about my present and disturbing state of mind, however, this one post is for MY FRIENDS, my reasons for my long lasting survival.

So, my friends, YOU, and you guys know who all you are, make me feel Blessed…In spite of all that is there to make it otherwise, and you know what all, THANKS a TONNE…

Manik, Vikrant & Veenu, Aunty, Ashu, Ashar, Himanshu, P&SB, Sheetal, Anshuman & Alok, Shine, Nitin

Thanks a Tonne, to you all…Thanks for putting up with me and my tantrums and at times, outright rude behaviour.


  1. Ashar
    Posted Tue, May 20, 2008 at 05:07 | Permalink

    Your friendly neighborhood… Hehe hehe

    I still have ALL your letters, Ashar, dating back to 1984, ALL Signed, “Your friendly neighborhood“… And reading them, over and over again, along with others, NEVER fails to raise my Spirits… Thanks for Being there…Even then in December of 1979…


  2. Posted Tue, May 20, 2008 at 11:33 | Permalink

    Jai ho!

    Aapki Bhhi…


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