It was a Joyous overture to a wedding. There were some guests from Pakistan as well, all catching up on old times and gossiping and basically having a good time.

It was Namaaz Time and all the Faithful did their Wuzu and the Groom’s Father led the prayer.

After it was over, one first time India-Comer Pakistani Uncle commented, “In this country, Namaaz in the Mosque must be pretty different from ours…”

The groom, my friend, my brother, ME, looked at me and gave that smile and I knew he shall say what he shall!!!

“Yes, it is pretty different here. We go to the Mosque, offer prayers and come back home. Not like in your Pakistan… No excitement here, you see??? No AK-47 firings, no hand-grenade lobbings, no bomb blasts while we are praying… Yes, you are right, Namaaz in Indian Mosques IS DIFFERENT from that in your country.”

That day, it was good…

Today, some one EVIL had the last laugh!!!

I am Sorry, Guys, I really Am!

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