HardWiring and Other Wiring…

Olivia Heat Seeker

There is, methinks, one “Hi” and ONE “Bye” per day in normal social intercourse.

Gawd only knows what her agenda was.

There was a “Hi” and then after a some time, maybe 45 minutes or 3 hours later, another one!!!

Then there was that innocuous touching that is considered to be the first tender steps of flirting. Invading the personal space of the flirtee…

Then there were irrelevant, however, professional questions being asked on a daily basis.

Irrelevant, as the relevant department was just across the bay! (SHE IS TRYING TO CONVEY SOMETHING…The bRAIN told the mIND!!! The Stupid mind, in turn, conveyed the message to this Old and lonely heart and other associated anatomical parts… Assholes, all!!!)

Then the second “Hi” got accompanied by tangling of her really LONG fingers in my receding and remaining hair.

Then my nape of neck started getting small brushes and ‘scratches’ and more “Haaai’s”.

And when, ONCE, a “Hi” and 24 Red Roses went FIRST from MY Side, ALL Stopped!

As INNOCENTLY as she had started!!

Not even a half-decent social acknowledgment or a nod!!!

Maybe she wanted to prove to herself that she can drive any virile man off  his hook with her supposedly killer looks, that were, in any case there only because of her skin and skeleton…

And THEN, they have to audacity to say, “YOU MEN are So SICK!!! ”

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  1. Posted Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 14:37 | Permalink

    Was I being sexually http://youtu.be/FaAUycmpMN4 assaulted???


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