4 Posts waiting to be finished!


However, I am blank and cannot finish those.

I HAVE started all 4 here…

Getting them soon once I am back in my mind. I am OUT, actually! Out in HELL!!!




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    Here for the first time. This looks like performance metrices of some kind? What are you trying to do with them? And Rahul, thanks a lot for your comment at my post.


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    Mridula, you are welcome!

    Guri, That was the most PROFOUNDEST thing anyone ever said anywhere!



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    Shake you head feel free
    we are waiting for your posts :)


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    once I give my post a break….. I am never able to finish it


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    You will learn with time that some thoughts and words will always remain unsaid, unexpressed and incomplete. Thats life and I feel such thoughts and words were nver meant to be finished becoz that is what they are “incomplete thoughts”. If they were for real they wouldhave been done with the expression. If you feel ike you have to make taht extra effort to compelete then I suggest delete them, they were never meant to be.. They were more of a result of a self imposition that ” I should express myself in such and suc way too” but when you go out and try to do it…after a while its big phussssssssssssssssssss (like that tire on the hill)


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    Not me, guys not me….

    https://rahuldoes.wordpress.com/2007/02/24/being-crazy-various-versions/ This is one.

    Other three… shall come in soon…



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