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Football’s Gender Pay Gap Problem

Originally posted on The Invisible Atheist:
A few nights ago, my Husband and I were sitting together in the living room of our London apartment having a fairly typical Saturday evening. It had been a rather stressful day so we’d settled in with a bottle of wine to enjoy a relaxing evening together. While we…

The New Indian Arms Rule, 2015

***UPDATE*** 16th June, 2016. Please visit and request the DGCA to instruct airlines to revise policy on weapons on board, *BEFORE* 26th June, 2016. New Indian Arms Rule 2015 is coming up. Please go through the proposed changes. Some changes are RIDICULOUS like all bullets to have serial and batch number and these to […]

Domestic violence – the anti-male bias of politicians and public bodies which leads to a lack of support for male victims of domestic violence

#4sqDay is when FourSquare died on my Home Screen!

Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit by Foursquare Labs, Inc. 16/04/2015:-( hopeless app without the checkin feature! Totally bullshit application update. Cannot even see my old tips. Not uninstalling for nostalgia sake. Removing from home screen. चुत्तड़ app! They killed it! It was on my home screens for the last 6 […]

War of Choices – If you have, HE HAS TOO!

War of Choices – If you have, HE HAS TOO!.

Some Rules About Consent Are ‘Unfair to Male Students’

Originally posted on TIME:
Matthew Kaiser is a white-collar criminal defense attorney who has represented a number of students accused of sexual assault at colleges and universities. The Vice-President recently spoke out on campus sexual assault, reminding us that “No means No.” And he’s right; if a woman says no, and a man doesn’t respect…

Letter to my father!

Here are the No.s of the PWD Minister Mr. MK Muneer (R) 314601, 317651Mr Kunha Hamed PS 335366. 326771 I could not get his numbers. I shall call him on Monday… The problem is that I am very busy during the day as out of the regularcrowd of 5 Assistant Managers, we 2 are left… […]

Eighteen Year Old Woman Goes On Killing Spree, Declares War On The Patriarchy, Divides Feminists

Originally posted on Diversity Chronicle:
By Werombi Towradji “Every male is a legitimate target. Every male is a rapist and an abuser of women! There are no exceptions! Even little boys will grow up to one day abuse women in some way or another. They too are legitimate targets.” So said young Anna Feldman in…

Bread. Daily Bread.

Unfinished, drunk, misspelt psot.

Happy New Year, Mr. Lal, Last time that I wanted to write to you was on your ‘Horse Sense’ about ‘The Spirit of Cerrone‘ However, yesterdays piece was disturbingly depressing and I could not resist picking up this stupid-phone. Yes, we have destroyed their homes and continue to do it. There is a favade in […]

I hugged my father, today at dawn!

Two Dreams.

My thoughts on Susu vs Swamy page

इन विराट उल्लू-के-पठ्ठओं को क्या कभी समझ आएगी? राष्टवाद के नाम पर देश की नाक कटा रहे हैं! No one can identify the parody and the stupid account based on this Vatican post from the real account. If the real page was, indeed, deleted, can you blame facebook’s operator and not Swamy for nurturing such […]

Fuck you Google, and Goodbye

Originally posted on An Insight into my Hindside…:
I was introduced to Google back in school, when it was just a search engine. Now it has its fingers and feet in almost every product/service category and is undoubtedly the market leader in most of them. After Google search, I started using Gmail, then Google Chrome.…

Modi Bhakts ki Mahimaa!

Modi Bhakts are really some thing. Got this message. “Finally Japan’s Bullet train has come (for trial) to India. In the picture the train is at Billimoria station in Gujarat. Naturally people are crowding to see it. Hats off to our PM Narendra Modi.” Bullet train drumming on broad gauge??? Actually, Hats off to Modi […]


<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p><a href=””>@RichardDawkins</a&gt; The idea that me drinking reduces me to a child with no agency is fucking offensive to me.</p>&mdash; Alix Veno (@alixveno) <a href=”″>September 13, 2014</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Height of Customer Service!

Something that amazed me! Height of Customer Service. ModiJi DOES stand a chance of changing the country by technology. #Hi Rahul Ji This side Rajesh, tour & travels,paschim puri, I just conform that u hire taxi Innova by me for dehradun. Its comfortable or some issue. If any issue pls contact me any time. Thanks# […]

The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions!

This is The CLOSEST that a magazine article has come to express my feelings on my asshole friends and relatives. “Chhotu? Toone hamaara computer phhir se kharaab karr diyaa??” By my calculations, about 96 percent of all computer repairs are done, not by the local computer guy or the Geek Squad, but by The Friend […]

InterNatz ke aapko dhhakkan banaane ki trick nambar 7.

Just like this unsubstantiated story, the internet is rife with such videos. That video, in my post, or at least the appeal, turned out to be fake. That is why I wondered if this was also a very old/fake video. And it is! Last night, my first thought on seeing the video was that these […]

I don’t want to live in this world anymore!

Today’s kids will have really weird yaadein. Actually, I doubt if they’ll have any, at all. Nearly all ALL the kids I have seen, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (literally) have spent the entire evenings watching Doremon. It is so sad and scary! We used to conduct Auditions for a movie in a basketball court. It […]

Hunter “Sex” Yelton

How viperous this appropriately named, menacingly evil, sexual harasser is! “Hunter”. He started by kissing his classmate’s hand. Poor girl shall be traumatized for the rest of her life. But, rejoice. She is safe now. Hunter Yelton has been expelled from school and today and in the remaining future, till InterNatz lives, the entire world […]

ClearTrip Customer support (NOT!)

After a long time, I had to visit online resources for a ticket booking and I was reminded of my “Kiruba incident” with ClearTrip. The sense of closure is still deluding me. It always does. Even after 20 years. Neither My Dear Niraj, the CMO of ClearTrip nor did anyone else bother to respond to […]

Prohibition on Carrying fire arm in Delhi Metro (DMRC)

Hello All. Following is the email thread that I have been exchanging with Delhi Metro. CISF has never bothered to reply. I am filing some RTI applications and then initiating a PIL for getting this right to carry arms restored. Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 05:58:28 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Re: DMRC From: Rahul Sharma To: […]

The Yahoo Bar that scrolls. AKA, My Darling Yahoo! is Dying.

Screen shots pasted here as cannot email them to Yahoo customer care and cannot also explain my problem.

4PM on the Court.

4PM on the Court’s The UnderDogs

Rains and R.

Unforgotten Language Skills.

Edd left India in 1998. Following is his Hindi comment on facebook. Rahul Sharma My next to-watch musical movie, the poster of which I just saw in Bahadurgarh. “Ek baar bajaaoge naa?” Edwin Orieva Kya tum doe logonko bolrahahe. Nick confused hojayega. Hindi vow bhulgaye. Rahul, me soshtahu mera hindi bohot acha. Konsa movie ye […]

Happy of the BirthDay!

Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam Sab ko sanmati de Bhagwaan

Copied and pasted from FaceBook. Is every *M*iddle finger worth it’s 3.2 grammes of weight that you KNOW that you don’t deserve?

“Whoroscope” is how this one started!

From today’s IndianExpress. Libra : – Most of the pieces should now have been fitted into an emotional jigsaw. There may be one or two items still causing some doubt, and if you have any sense you will rely on your experience rather than vague hopes. And that’s before you even begin to apply your […]

Memory / Memories / Delete / Un-delete / Forget / Forgive…

My Father presented me with His Digital Diary, Casio SF-R20 in 1993. He took a backup of it in his newer model and gave the thing to me with all its paraphernalia, the two memory cards and the data cable et al. I was pretty sure that He shall be with us for ever and […]

Happiness… … …is being with YOU… …

New Year HAppy?

If If you can keep your head when all about you  Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;  If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,  But make allowance for their doubting too;  If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,  Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,  Or, […]

BabaLog! The chosen ones! (It’s all about me, ALWAYS!) years ago, just as his hold over the television watching public in India had peaked, Lalu Prasad made a trip to Pakistan, the land of the well-heeled, well-spoken and khandani politician. He charmed his hosts with his ready wit, one-liners and, most of all, the shocking revelation that he was a first generation politician […]

Sticky Post…

Time heals many wounds. Time wounds many heels. I use Titan and Vaseline Intensive Care… You???

15th August. No Dreaded dream this time that I care to remember…

Yester-night I was scared of this on-going LONG weekend… There was nothing that i could think of doing. And I am off drinking here… I had resolved this before coming that I shall drink only in Delhi or in Bombay and that too NOT with a particular set of friends. Never here…. And I am keeping […]


Friendship: Na jaane kyon dil use meherbaan samajhta hai Woh dost hai to bus itna kay Ajnabi kum hai (extrapolation: — the less Ajnabi a friend is to you… the better friend he probably is) Hum wafaayen kar ke rakhtay hain wafaaon ki umeed Dosti main is qadar saudagiri bhi jurm hai (muhabbat main nahi…. […]

Go And Catch A Falling Star

  Go And Catch A Falling Star Go and catch a falling star, Get with child a mandrake root, Tell me where all past years are, Or who cleft the Devil’s foot, Teach me to hear mermaids singing, Or to keep off envy’s stinging, And find What wind Serves to advance an honest mind.If thou […]

Protected: PlainJanes ??? Beauty Queens !!!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Caps Lock On… Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnn…… Next time, I better be careful-er. Ra.

My Cellular Phone; Nokia 2280 and The Scare Ver.2.

My Cellular Phone; Nokia 2280 and The Scare Ver.2. In December 2004, I was in Pondha, trying to participate in a shooting competition. We were staying in a Gurukul as it was:- i. close-by, ii. a new experience and iii. quite less crowded than the Shooting Range. The REAL participants used to wake up at […]

Turnaround ???

1) After being in 40” Waist size slab, all my Adult life, I have come down to 32”, with a small tyre bulging here and there, now and then. And by this coming birthday, I intend to get rid of the tyre as well and maybe aim for 30”. 2) After close to 27 years […]

A dream.

Yesterday, I dreamt a dream, set in today! I was the last one to arrive. You all were there with your parents. Parul, the MasterNi was in charge of all the kids and was conducting those class games to keep the noisy children शांत in those VAST lawns. Even Shweta was a kid in the […]