Feminism and Karl Marx!

Karl Marx wanted family to be dead, he succeeded!

He succeeded by convincing the Western women that they were powerless pieces of helpless #अबला_नारी who were being abused by the Family System. The women drank that propaganda like #MaleTears, without even belching!

Now, most of the progressive Indian women are following their lead, utterly mindlessly and results speak for themselves!

I say it openly; my male friends sugar-coat it by adding a disclaimer, “I तो, personally, am not a “””chauvinist””” but, yeah, I attended a discourse where GuruJi explained the concept of Shiva and Shakti!” (Looks forlornly into the horses’ eyes,) “Hmmm, makes sense.”

  1. When are you getting your divorce?
  2. Are you hanging in there for the sake of the children, while your wife is on an “””Overseas””” in Philippines?
  3. For the last 3 years.
  4. You miserable piece of dog pile!

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