My 3 year long association with Idea mobile services come to a bad end.

So! A “valuable customer” who was satisfied, generally speaking, with the services, was driven away by the customer care, just like he was by Reliance who drove him to Idea after having him for nearly 10 years! Full circle, anyone!

Having returned recently from Kenya, I had developed some strange kind of fever.

By 13th, it was not too good, the weakness was breaking my body but I took my motorcycle and rode to the Idea office for getting the following done.

ToDo of 13th Sept
ToDo for Idea office
The Idea care personnel told me that to verify item number 4, I may call 198 and, while I am at it, I could also get my plan changed, item number 3, as call center change would be faster than her system.

I called and got one Ms. Samrudhhi. She guided me to a 99 Rupees plan as I was leaving Idea to port out to BSNL and I requested her to immediately do that. (They say that they have heard the call and I never did that. Why won’t I?) She was so good at her job, in fact, that I sent an appreciation email to all the Idea addresses in my address book.

To confirm the status, I again called on 6th October and by coincidence again got Samrudhhi. Miraculous connection with Samrudhhi. Was it my evil design after hacking Idea’s call centre? She did not remember, quite obviously, our previous conversation of 13th Sept but lodged my complaint that got resolved today with that chap calling from Idea telling me that my plan has been changed to 99. OKAY?

When I asked him that what about the last two months when I was charged unnecessarily, a rental of 999 when I had not used any internet and what about that adjustment, he kept telling me that my original issue has been addressed. OKAY? (Why do your guys ask OKAY, so much?)

2 months too late! It has cost me 1800+ in rent and because it is not 180, the corresponding amount of tax is also high!

I need a refund of the rental and the tax that has been levied upon that, even after I went to the Idea care center in a rather unwell condition and requested a plan change on 13th September.

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    Problem solved. Rental waived off.


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