Air Arabia and Kenya Health staff involved in Yellow Fever scam at Nairobi airport and in en-flight.

Dear #AirArabia,

  1. You may constitute a rewards programme / lucky draw for passengers who enter the food bill number in your website / system, after the flight. En-flight, the attendants just “forget” to give the bill and when one asks for it later, they give such a glaring look! On my flight to Nairobi (Delhi to Sharjah sector), the hostess gave me the bill voluntarily and explained the entire conversion from USD to AED. Sharjah to Nairobi, I had to ask for it, nearing the end of the flight. From Nairobi to Sharjah, those guys actually became aggressive on my insisting upon the bill! Wow!

  2. I hope that you are also aware of the other scam, the Yellow Fever scam that I knowingly fell for at Nairobi airport. If you start printing that one line in the itinerary, “passengers returning to India need Yellow Fever vaccination” you will save your passengers from this trap. The police do this scam, usually; this time it was the girl at the Air Arabia check in counter. She can easily claim that she did it for the best benefit of the customer to save him from harassment at the arrival airport. ( However, no one in India gave a damn if I was vaccinated before leaving or at arrival!

I am sure the Air Arabia check in girl got a good cut from the bribe money that I paid at the “Port Health” for backdating that vaccination receipt for something that I did not even get!

The nurse came with a needle that might be used to vaccinate a wildebeest or even an elephant and I started sweating! She, magnanimously, made an exception, “especially” in my case as I was so scared of that dagger of a needle!

  1. I kept trying your various call-centres and even online to change my date of departure. I got in touch with your people on Twitter. The call centres were not responding till I dialled back in India from Nairobi and got good assistance. The Twitter chap replied to my tweets selectively and chose to respond ONLY to the complimentary ones and ignoring the ones where I specifically asked for assistance / guidance.

Finally, I got it changed in your Pension Building office. (You may consider changing the address on Google Maps to something more specific, rather than Nairobi, Nairobi. I have done that.)

  1. Your iOS app is quite buggy. It tells that the email is invalid. I am sure the program is unable to comprehend the <-> (the dash) in the email expecting an underscore <_>


Apart from these, the flight was great.

I wish you all the best and see you in December!



PS. In that feedback form, first one is asked to give as many details as possible and then one is told that the limit is 1024 words! That is funny! Let us see that what happens here!
How gullible do they think that people are? And, you are screwing tourists on whom your economy runs! #MOH_Kenya, #TourismInKenya, #TouristsScammedInKenya

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