Kenya, #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी and others.

Even in Kenya, where I am presently, हमारे #हरामी_हिन्दुस्तानी भाइयों ने इस देश की भी G ले रखी है।
As soon as I reached Kakamega, near the bus stop, just by looking at the garbage heap, I was reminded of home and, YES, that building is housed by Indians, I was later informed.
A Kenyan would brake his car to let you pass; just visit Nairobi, the chaaddarmod Indian would go honk-honk-honk hooooooonnnnnnkkkkkk, as soon as the traffic EVEN SLOWS DOWN!
We were climbing a steep slope on our टुच्ची 100 CC bike near Karen, the POSHEST locality. GK or Jor Bagh would look like MIG housing society, in comparison. To give us right of way, at last 7 cars (none worth less than 1 Crore, even one 6 wheeled Mercedes SUV) braked and waited for our dumb and dumber for nearly 10 seconds!!! Absolutely heart touching.

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