rOtring Initial F Fountain pen, lousy cap and $ 110!

Dear Ma’am / Sir,

I purchased a Rotring Initial (F) pen, last year, from  and got it delivered to a friend who was coming to India, from the USA.

I could not get a Rotring converter so I went to William Penn and got myself a $ 11 Visconti converter!

Having owned Parkers (cheap ones and a Sterling 75 for 20 odd years till my Super Boss stole it) till now, I wanted change.

This Rotring is hardly that change!

This purchase was inspired by the legendary Rotring 600 that belonged to my Uncle! The ‘clack’ of its cap! Pure music!

I treat it with due respect, often rudely refusing strangers this pen and take the pains to take off my bag from the back and offer them a ball point pen.

However, it seems, this pen shall be relegated to the drawer because I just can’t carry it in my pocket without constantly adjusting it so that it doesn’t slip out of its cap; and, it still does!

Just a gentle tap is enough to get it off! (The replaced cap is no different.)

Normal bodily movements dislodge it from the cap, staining clothes!

Disappointed and disgusted at this ‘German’ quality!


UPDATE : It does not even stay in the cap! Watch the disgusting video! I am so sad about this “German Engineering”!

Do I buy the Mercedes l, next year?

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