rOtring Initial F Fountain pen, lousy cap and $ 110!

Dear Ma’am / Sir,

I purchased a Rotring Initial (F) pen, last year, from ( and got it delivered to a friend who was coming to India, from the USA.

I could not get a Rotring converter so I went to William Penn and got myself a $ 11 Visconti converter!

Having owned Parkers (cheap ones and a Sterling 75 for 20 odd years till my Super Boss stole it) till now, I wanted change.

This Rotring is hardly that change!

This purchase was inspired by the legendary Rotring 600 that belonged to my Uncle! The ‘clack’ of its cap! Pure music!

I treat it with due respect, often rudely refusing strangers this pen and take the pains to take off my bag from the back and offer them a ball point pen.

However, it seems, this pen shall be relegated to the drawer because I just can’t carry it in my pocket without constantly adjusting it so that it doesn’t slip out of its cap; and, it still does!

Just a gentle tap is enough to get it off!

Normal bodily movements dislodge it from the cap, staining clothes!

Disappointed and disgusted at this ‘German’ quality!


UPDATE : It does not even stay in the cap! Watch the disgusting video! I am so sad about this “German Engineering”!

Do I buy the Mercedes l, next year?

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