Animal meat meet meat lover.

I know someone who shouted, screamed at me, “ज़ख़्मी कर दिया तूने; बुज़दिल, नपुंसक इंसान, उस बेचारी को” when I hit, with a stone, a bitch who was trying to get to my marinade. (The तलफ़्फ़ुज़ has to be stressed!)
I looked around to the horrified and disgusted looks from the nubile PYTs sitting around our campfire. They were even pointing at me with their long, lithe fingers and exchanging ‘those glances’.
The alcohol helped.
“If any animal lover even touches this thing on the grill, By Gawd, I am going to use my pistol!”
Within 3 hours, after I was sufficiently drunk, they all were savouring my grilled organic elephant!

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  1. The Scurvy Dawg
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    Hypocrite, kahiki!

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