VIP SkyBags hopeless customer care.

Subject :- I am going to be killed. Please save me.

Dear Madam / Sir,

Please go through the following Tweet.
I purchased this bag and the raincover was porous!
Your Social Media team coordinated across Facebook and Twitter and sent me a new raincover after 20+ reminders and 2-3 months.
The joke?
The new raincover is torn!
Like, what nonsensical idiocy is this!
We are VIPs, in more sense than one, for the last 3 generations.
Your customer care is going to kill me as a customer.
Please save me!
Yours truly,


On Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 11:37, Sonali Desai<> wrote:

Dear Sir,

I regret for the inconvenience caused to you…..

Please send us the photograph of issue in bag along with warranty card / bill copy details so that we can give you required service

Let us know your exact location to provide you service center address.



Customer Service

Dear Madam,

5 months!

I am on to this mess for 5 months.

And, I don’t think that you went through my Tweet where in all photos are present.

For your benefit and perusal, here it is, again.



Though the photos have been optimised for web, everything is still legible.

Do let me know if you need the 2000 pixel, original photos.

I was, in a matter of days, going to pack this junk and post it to your Bombay HO as your Twitter and Facebook teams work as if they are waiting me to beg!

My grandfather, a VIP Governor, gave me my first VIP, when I was 6, going to hostel. I still have it and store my insane stuff like restaurant or hotel bills signed by all members present with memories scribbled. (Shubir, I have the GK bar bills from 1999)

My father, another VIP cabinet minister gave me my second, a VIP Odyssey, in which I store all my documents.

I thought that buying a VIP would make me a VIP.

What a bloddy fool I was at 40!


Sent from my Y! phone so please excuse any possible typos that this phone
almost always catches. But then, we all are mistake prone humans! +91 93545 RAHUL.

Rahul Sharma,

123, EWS (Economically Weaker Section)



Dear Ma’am,

I have ‘submitted’ the said bag with Mr Ali.

I regret to inform you that your people have been unable to understand the issue.

It was the leaking rain-cover in July, 2016.

It transformed to the problem of torn rain-cover on 23rd October, 2016.

It metamorphosised into your customer care taking me for a bloddy beggar who kept asking for responses for a few months.

The tweetstorm, for your perusal, once again.

Search Twitter – %40vipbagsindia %40rahul_does

Search Twitter – %40vipbagsindia %40rahul_does

Here, screenshots of Facebook chats can also be seen.

Now, you may keep it where it belongs!

I wanted to go for a but now, going through all this bloddy nonsense, I would rather use a grocery bag to carry all my stuff that you see in the photo above!

Thanking you,

With deepest condolences and sympathies on my deathly demise,

Yours truly,


Sent from my Y! phone so please excuse any possible typos that this phone

almost always catches. But then, we all are mistake prone humans! +91 935 RAHUL.

Edited 27/04/2019: This is THE MOST VERSATILE bag!
Pocket, pockets, pouches, pockets! This bag fit my life as a glove! And became an inseparable partner.
Excellently designed, this bag grabbed my complete devotion, by the balls, (eye-balls).from the first second.

In spite of the five stars, there are some sore points, though.
The sternum strap is quite weak and the rain-cover is a joke, as many have mentioned.

Invest in a separate rain-cover and this would become your EDC bag.

My Amazon review for the same is at I am on to my second such bag and unfortunately, this shall be the last as this amazing bag is out of production. I keep enquiring about it wherever I go and shall buy ALL the units that may be available at the outlet.
VIP Pacific Eating shoe
Dear SonaliJi,

With my foot in my mouth, chewing on my shoe, I request you to please let me know, post haste, if  Pacific 35 in Black could be bought from you.

We would buy 2 pieces.

That bag was a marvel with so many pockets. It was the rain-cover and, then, the customer care that made me so mad.

That bag is my soul-mate, I have just realized and have found a blue one at some online sites.

If I can get it from VIP, I would be obliged to pay there.

I shall wait for your reply, till EOD, today as I do not want to take any chance with the bag available online with the third party site.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,

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