Royal Enfield

Hello Royal (?) Enfield,
How it is hanging?
Is there a place on the internet where one could get the technical names of various OEM parts? It is very disgusting to ask, “भैया, *ये* वाला देना”!!!
My email regarding the same is also unanswered, for the last few months.
You, after becoming the whopper of a market leader, have gone down the Najafgarh Nullah in customer service. (Had I bought shares, in 2004, in stead of the Electra, I would be having ~6 Crores in my kitty!)

I remember that on 31 st October, 2005, the right foot peg fell and it was a Sunday and I was riding back home, drunk, after my night shift, at 9 AM!
(Alan Boss rode the bike from Gurgaon to Nangloi and I continued.)
I called Mr. Jagdish Sharma (, a BOSS, and he promptly sent someone with a spare foot rest!
Where are those days!
They shall never come back.
Here is the email:-
Date: Friday, 2 September 2016 3:28 PM
Dear Sir,
I am still waiting for the owner’s manual of Electra 2004.
Sector 69, Gurgaon.
Subject: Re: The technical names of the bulb sockets.
From: Rahul Sharma
Date: Thursday, 14 July 2016 6:39 PM
Dear Sir,
I do not need any kind of specific help.
That email was just about suggesting that you include the technical names and requesting an owner’s manual.
If that helps, I am staying at Sector 69, Gurgaon.
Rahul Sharma.
From: customerservice Royal Enfield <>
To: Rahul Sharma
Sent: Wednesday, 13 July 2016 2:48 PM
Subject: Re: The technical names of the bulb sockets.
Dear Sir,
Greetings from Royal Enfield !
Thanks for your mail, Please provide your Location for our further communication thru concerned Area Manager..
Your’s Sincerely,
Customer Service, Royal Enfield
On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 9:32 PM, Rahul Sharma wrote:
Dear Madam / Sir,
Please refer to the attached image from the Electra owner’s manual.


It would be a lot more customer friendly to publish the technical name of the socket in the list.
Otherwise, it becomes an exercise in “ये वाला देना” while carrying the fused bulb for reference.
Even the dispensers at your authorised shops are not up to the requisite knowledge when it comes to the spare parts. The Internationally official name shall make it fool-proof.
The person at the spare parts counter (Opposite Sector 14, Manzil Motors?) gave me a wrong front brake switch by referring only to the year of the motorcycle’s production. (2004)
Those 70 (?) Rupees hurt me a lot, coming from a supposedly knowledgeable sales person!
It took great effort to get to know that the pilot lamp is (probably) T10! (Maybe, T11?)
Rahul Sharma.
PS. Could you please send me the owner’s manual for 2004 Electra?

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