AskMeBazaar Customer care is worse than UP Government office

Hello JaswinderJi and other contact personnel,

1. Thanks a tonne for that, however, I received just one phone call from your pickup person and that call was disconnected by me as I was in a meeting.

2. I am subscribed to missed call alert, so would have known via SMS, if there were more calls while my phone was out of reach.

3. Within 100 minutes I got an SMS telling, “(1/5) Dear buyer, in regards to your complaint logged for Prepaid, DGA8476287, we made multiple failed attempts to pick up your order. Kindly send the…”
4. Do you tolerate lying and irresponsible vendors? झूठे, स्साले!
4. There was no call on my secondary number, I would like to point out.
5. Your number being out-going only, probably, was unavailable for my return call.
***6. I feel that you take your customers for a liability. It is the customer’s mistake to trouble you by contacting you and “She must be made to suffer! Slow, painful torture.”
7. Attached are the relevant screenshots with time stamps.

8. I will deliver the mis-sold stools at Kapashera. But, I am very disappointed by your company and am NEVER buying again, even my mother’s life saving medicine, if needed, from your lousy and shitty company.

9. One of the worst customer support.

10. Worse than Government office in Uttar Pradesh!

Tell the powers of your company to go to hell and screw themselves. You may also help yourselves to it, while the screw-fest is going on.
Early morning, a very Good morning.
Yours truly,


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On शनिवार, मार्च १९, २०१६, ५:०१ अ, Helpdesk <> wrote:

Hi Rahul,
Greetings from AskmeBazaar!
We have arranged for the reverse pick up of your product which will be concluded in the next 4 to 6 working days. 
Once the product is picked up, your refund will be processed in the next 5 to 7 working days.
We are closing the ticket. However, if you have any further query, you can re-open the ticket. 


Team AskmeBazaar

On Thu, 17 Mar at 7:04 PM , Rahul<> wrote:

Alternate number is 719

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