Honourable Railway Minister.

I have thought at least a hundred times, since 6:25, after catching this train at 4:50, “To tweet or not to tweet!” Some people earn this way, their daily bread.
The reasoning of the TTji is that they’re’nt hawkers but pantry car employees and are out of the purview of point 9 mentioned in The Charter.
In this Punjab Mail, not one stretch of 5 minutes has passed, in the last 8 hours that 1-2-4 people have not walked the aisle, selling…… without pause, chai-chai-chai, omelette-cutlet, paani-juice-frootti, and what not; NON STOP!
The hawkers are so much better. At least, they stop when their round is complete or they run out of their wares. No such problem with this staff. Full of energy, even after 9 hours of hawking the wares for the commission. Mean of me as this is the way they earn but I have gone and grown mad after enduring all these 4,978 minutes of …
Watch videos; note time stamps.
PNR:2114650125,TRAIN:12138,DOJ:07-02-2016,TIME:05:15,3A,NDLS TO BPL,Rahul Sharma,B4 30.

Update: 3rd May, 2017.  http://wp.me/p2FQ2-fQ

PNR : 2807798852
Boarding Date : 3-5-2017
06:09 YJUD → 20:40 GKP
Class : Sleeper Class
Passenger 1 S12 , 59
Passenger 2 S12 , 58
Passenger 3 S12 , 62
Passenger 4 S12 , 57
Passenger 5 S12 , 60

To tag or not to tweet, that is the question; important for the second time!

How does one ask fellow citizens/children to vacate your 6 mo. pre-booked seat?

सबसे पहले, गौ-धन (a very slick and pious and miraculous mixture of cow dung and cow urine) से चुपड़ कर #BulletTrain को हम विराट हिन्दू राष्ट्रवासी अपने चूतड़ों में डलवा लें, expecting / providing basic facilities (like, say, SEATS) to non Bullet train तो बाद में देख लेंगे!


This unreserved girl in purple is sitting on my 6 month old pre-booked seat.
Do I kick her off?
Also her father?
And three others, following them?
She is a mental case, by the way!

The worst part is that every wait listed squatter that we see here has already paid more fine than we paid for our reservation!

( By the way, can we say, conservatively, that this paying capacity was enabled by the 60 year mis(?)rule!)

But, I digress! Let’s continue with Bullet Trains!

The point is not THIS girl but Bullet train, costing 10,00,00,00,00,00,000! We could be running 1000 more trains on this Bihari-Jharkhandi-labourer route in half of that money!

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