Update : 7:47 AM, 07/02/2016.

Just dreamt about you, Nandu Bhende Sir.

I returned home, present day, to find you, a 26-27 year old sitting at my station with his rig connected.

We got talking and as I hadn’t yet recognized that younger version of you, I JUMPED from the chair, 13 feet in air (it was a dream) on hearing your name and with trembling hands took out the cassettes.

Sensations being the top!

I asked that when had you created that master piece.

Very demurely and with a proper blush, (I was nearly twice your age, you see!) you answered, “At 19.”

I woke up with tears; happy tears!

Today is going to be one hell of a day!

UPDATE : 05th o’ October, 2017. D I G I T I Z E D! Yeah!

One of the gladdest days of my life! The music of my life, Sensations, found!!! after being lost for 10 odd years! Last time, it got lost for ~5 years. This is fate! This cassette has been playing on and on in my life for the last 20+ years!

But, where are you, Nandu Bhende Sir? :(

Nandu Bhende

Nandu Bhende’s Sensations, Babla Disco Dandiya, Our own, Eruptions due to delayed ejaculations

Nandu Bhende Sensations Chords

Chords and scales of Sensations by Late Sh. Nandu Bhende

Babla V Shah Disco Dandia, dubbed and rearranged by my father, Rajesh Kumar Sharma! Please forgive the piracy.

Digitizing them all, ASAP!

Messages from/to Bhende Sir:

Dear Sir.
Could one get a CD of Sensations?
My cassette is there but it is pretty much worn out! (It was lost, I did not know.)
Thanks for the answer.

Septembarrr 10, 2010, Nandu Bhende, 7:01in the mornin’

A CD was never made commercially available. Let me c if I can do anything about it.
Great to know that something one did way back in the eighties is still being heard!
All the best,
Nandu Bhende


Being HEARD!!! Almost all of the song’s chords were “researched” and then noted down on the cover page / jacket during 1995. The arrangement “studied” and various instruments assigned to friends with various talents. We were to recreate it!”

An email that was to become a letter never sent.

Dear Sir,

I have happy tears in my eyes as I listen to this, after so many years; something that I grew on!
I was force fed a constant diet of Babla since 1979, at 4 years of age. Jayanti-Honey followed and then came Sensations. It was THE constant on my so many cassette players.
The cassette, along with other gems got lost (a relative had taken them, without telling/asking) in 1996 2002. I found all the lost cassettes in her house in 2007 and I remember crying on the discovery!
And, the tears turn to a deluge when I open this link that does not even LIST/Mention “Sensations”, the music that I listened to for close to 10+ years, tried to emulate with my friends, lost for 11 years and found again and LOST again!
There is no mention of that Sensational album or Jayanti-Honey anywhere on the internet except for my short review.
Whenever I visit this relative’s place where I lost the 4 MOST PRECIOUS of my cassettes, I get this physical kind of a blow, somewhere in my lower abdomen.
1. Sensations,
2. my best of Babla in a 90 minute Sony tape,
3. Jayanti and Honey’s 1985 hits and a
4. 90 minute tape of our band’s “Eruptions’, if it could be called thus.I had got these 4 MOST precious cassettes to get them converted into MP3 and she seems to have forgotten where she kept them in stead of giving them to the neighbour who has this facility.

Sirjee, kuchh karo! Please. I NEED Sensations.

I have been pestering you for the last few years and shall continue to do so.

Your most Bhayanakally BHAYANKAR Fan,
Rahul Sharma.

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