Bihar and Magic of ModiJi!

Decimated is too strong a word for them for the 90 seats but, yes, ModiJi’s Magic has started waning.
He is, probably, the most जादुई charismatic one; for the shortest time, as well!
I have seen an AuntyJi turn off the gas with a roti on the tawa when her husband shouted, “ओेए चंचल्ल! ओेए ऐत्थे आ! ओए वेख, मोद्दी ने जर्मन की चाए पीने से मना कर दित्ता।”
while the चाटू India TV was going on and on and on AND on with the burning questions,
१. आख़िर क्या है राज़?
२. क्यों नहीं पी मोदी ने मर्कल की चाय?
३. क्यों?
४. क्या है रहस्य?
५. किस कारणवश नहीं पी, मोदी ने चाय?
६. क्यों।
and she watched, fascinated, as if he is her son or grandson!
All the while cups and plates and tea-cozies were revolving and breaking and bursting around Modi and Merkel! 


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