#4sqDay is when FourSquare died on my Home Screen!

Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit by Foursquare Labs, Inc. https://appsto.re/in/ms3ss.i

16/04/2015:-( hopeless app without the checkin feature! Totally bullshit application update. Cannot even see my old tips.

Not uninstalling for nostalgia sake. Removing from home screen. चुत्तड़ app!

They killed it!

It was on my home screens for the last 6 years, ever since I got into smart phones! Sometimes mine, most of the times loaned! Managed to install it in so many friend’s mobile phones and got them to use it. The feeling one got after using this application was pretty heart-warming. (If that is the right word!)

Bloddy wankers’ management! “this was not our vision” Screw your butt-holed vision! This was my MOST USED app and is now being relegated to the last page of the extra folder.
Let Mr. Crowley follow his/His/its/xer/their/zeir vision, I will save my time on this application. This is the last time that I bother with it.

That I am writing this review/ rant at 531AM should indicate how seriously passionate I WAS about foursquare!

January, 2015:- The application is great but only makes one feel like a cripple IF one has been a pre-Swarm user.

I, for the love of Gol-Gappe, cannot understand the logic behind taking away the Check-In feature!

“They” tried to fix something that ain’t broke and destroyed the user experience!

I used it only for disseminating information about little known GREAT-food dispensers.

Now, I cannot add a new place with the same enthusiasm as the CheckIn is gone!

Still, as a loyal user, I do my bit but miss the CheckIn sorely!y

This is less of a review and more of a rant against the removal of CheckIn but, as we Indians say, “What to do only!”

nb 14th March 2015. Zomato has brought in Check-In! Foursquare??? Please do not force me to abandon you!!!


#GFY #4sqDay

Uninstalled! 15/12/2015
Empty iphone extra screen

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