Some Rules About Consent Are ‘Unfair to Male Students’



Matthew Kaiser is a white-collar criminal defense attorney who has represented a number of students accused of sexual assault at colleges and universities.

The Vice-President recently spoke out on campus sexual assault, reminding us that “No means No.” And he’s right; if a woman says no, and a man doesn’t respect that, it’s rape.

But I’ve represented a number of male students accused of sexual assault on campus, and I haven’t yet seen a case of the kind Joe Biden is talking about.

The cases that are prosecuted by schools tend to be much more ambiguous. And a lot of that has to do with how schools view alcohol and consent.

Of course, if someone has sex with an unconscious woman, that’s sexual assault. And if a woman is drunk and another person forces sex on her because she’s vulnerable because she’s drunk, that’s also rape.

But many schools take…

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