Letter to my father!

Here are the No.s of the PWD Minister

Mr. MK Muneer (R) 314601, 317651
Mr Kunha Hamed PS 335366. 326771

I could not get his numbers. I shall call him on Monday… The problem is that I am very busy during the day as out of the regular
crowd of 5 Assistant Managers, we 2 are left… So during the day I am running around these beautiful mountains… by the time I get
back, the offices have closed… But on this Monday, there is a new assistant coming and I shall be in his house to welcome him.
From his house I shall call the PWD minister. The Internet here is also acting up. I shall buy BSNL account next week. This Satyam
account is gifted by a friend who closed his cyber cafe… so till November, I have free Internet… Unlimited. This laalach is
stopping me from going in for a new account. But for emergencies, like this mail which has been lying in my outbox for the last 4
days, I shall buy one 25 hour one.

On Monday I shall post you the requisite certificate/ whatever from the company saying that it won’t be too bad if I have a firearm
with me while bringing cash from the bank. You shall get it be Wednesday. And also, tell me if you need an affidavit from me. And if
you do, then what shall I write in it. Sahil shall be coming to you within 10-15 days and he can handle the double chambering
problem of Beretta. What is the status of the carbine???

Rest later.

That Parminder called and thanked for your help that shall be coming forth. I assured him that everything shall be fine… Let us

Here is the mail in text format…

Hello OM

1 I shall let you know of the rubberized roads in a day or two. There are these Onam holidays going on here and the secretariat is
closed. The PS of the Surface Transport Minister shall help me. I shall ask if he has email and then get you two together if
anything develops.

2 I am unable to connect to the internet for long enough time to search for an appropriate digital diary. I shall ask my
Kottayam-native assistant to look around a few shops and even ask for a Casio distributor/showroom and get me details of the
available models. He is an intelligent man and I am sure that he will understand what I want and get me the same. Till then there is
not much that can be done in this respect.

3 Today I had a half day due to Onam and the WHOLE day I spent reading the Saad Ali book and ARRL radio handbook. And now I am
having BIG TIME acidity!!! Hi. Is there a way to get that rig from that BAS$%^& VU2LMP??? The rig I have is having the same problem
or blown up display and there is nothing that can be done here. So if you mobilize VU2MY or someone else and get these things done,
then it shall be fun and right now MY shall be too happy to oblige. If you are in good terms with MY, then even I shall write him a
sentimental Uncle-letter. That LMP does not respond. So many letters, so many years.

a. This place and the job are really conducive for the hobby. There is a lot of spare time and I am living at a top of a hill. There
are a lot of trees around but I don’t think that shall matter too much as I shall be using an inverted v, and can change the
direction at will. That is the best thing to have.
b. On second thoughts, I can even make a 3 element Yagi or Loop Sky wire or X Beam or something like that as there are 2 factories
with FULL workshops and a lot of scrap at my disposal. HeHeHe. ;-)
c. Am also ready for I Grade license. Morse is good and theory I can read and cram up. But then I DID complete 40 contacts in one
year so I automatically am eligible for the Upgrade. I have lost my license but do have the number.

4 The Beretta Letter, I shall let you know tomorrow. I shall ask the GM to tell me whether or not I shall get the letter and if not
then we can manage without the bloody letter, I am sure.

5 The Beretta needs a new grip. I searched the internet but could not find one. That sardar in Jagadhary promised to make one. But I
don’t trust him, somehow. Look what he did to the Marlin. Did you get the sighting pin cover back? I don’t think so as I am SO SURE
he lost it. So you can try some good guy in Chandigarh and get it serviced as well. The double shot thing was there when I fired it
the last time. One shot shall go, that shell will come out, taking an unspent bullet with it while chambering a fresh round. That
doesn’t seem like a serious problem. Even Rakesh mentioned this one.

6 There is this problem in the passport form that they want the current address so I think I shall not take any stoopid chance and
fill it up with all correct knowledge. If I mention the present address as Dy CM’s, then it might become a BIG issue if caught. So
shall go the honest way. And tomorrow shall go and get the snap snapped and send you a few extra copies as well. But the quality of
passport form and the stickers for the signature tell a lot about the state of the nation! Even Pakistani passports are better, MUCH
better than ours. You Politicians! HiHiHi

7 My friend sent me two Maglites and I have already lost one. :-(  But this torch is SOMETHING!!! Right now I have the 3 D size
thing. The small one fell in some jeep when we were going to the club on a RAINY night! Anyway. It had to happen!

8 Rest tomorrow as and when I get the information about that road thing. This might be postponed till Monday as they might have an
extended Onam.

9 Write soon. In the same vein.

—– Original Message —–
From: Rahul Sharma>
To: Rajesh Kumar Sharma <RAJESH@DCPBHARYANA.COM>; Rajesh Kumar Sharma <rajeshji@india.com>; RAJESH KUMAR SHARMA
<Rajeshji@haryana-online.com>; Rajesh Kumar <spice511810@mailspice.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:35 PM
Subject: Long Mail

Print this mail so you can follow up the points.

Call me some day, Will you???

Rahul Sharma

Assistant Manager

“Kuduakarnam” Estate

Hope Plantations

Peermade. Idukki

Kerela. INDIA. 685 531

Ph:-)  +91-486-332370


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