Eighteen Year Old Woman Goes On Killing Spree, Declares War On The Patriarchy, Divides Feminists

Brilliantly written!

Diversity Chronicle

Fighting Patriarchy

By Werombi Towradji

“Every male is a legitimate target. Every male is a rapist and an abuser of women! There are no exceptions! Even little boys will grow up to one day abuse women in some way or another. They too are legitimate targets.” So said young Anna Feldman in a politically charged “woman-ifesto” released over the internet hours before she grabbed an M-16 military style assault rifle and began her one woman war on patriarchal sexism at her college.

Many Feminists and Human Rights activists agree with Feldman; all males are potential rapists and they justly deserve to die for their collective crimes against women. Unfortunately, Feldman did not limit her killing to males. Several women were seriously injured and several died during her attack at Washington Progressive Community College.

Because Anna chose not to limit her attacks to men only, her actions remain controversial among feminists and progressives…

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