Unfinished, drunk, misspelt psot.

Happy New Year, Mr. Lal,

Last time that I wanted to write to you was on your ‘Horse Sense’ about ‘The Spirit of Cerrone


However, yesterdays piece was disturbingly depressing and I could not resist picking up this stupid-phone.

Yes, we have destroyed their homes and continue to do it. There is a favade in fvromt of my house and about 50 pigeons reside’ there. Their day long guttering and shitting by the bagful B AGFUL, semiannually gets me.

I am a fairly non violent and dumb character but am also creative, in my own sense.

Just the other day, I got thye idea to throw a stone with a string attached to the highest angle-iron and let it drop. Now tie a KFC bucket with a Jeero-waat- ka-bulb in it and hoist it to the level where most of ‘then’ congregate. This can be ascertained by the kilos of potty on the ground.

This might disrupt them. Wait for 2-3-5-20 days for them to resume their daily chats at the same place and at the apt moment, turn the bulb on.

problem (if it is one) solved!

The glass of the bulb would have been gently broken and placed on its filament would be 3-5 Sutli bombs from Diwali collection. 3-4 pigeons would die of the shock wave, 5-6 of the mental shock and rest would leave forever due to the terror.

How vile and evil we are!

Humans, methinks, are an alien-genetic experiment and that is what sets us SO apart from the reswt of thye animal-dom.

Come to think of it, how many laalchi-kutte do you know of who have burried and stasded 9,634 Crore bones?

Over a kutiya, they, like us may tear eacdh ofther to pieces but over a full caracass for the taking of a fish, in CR park market, have you seen tyhem fighting?

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