My thoughts on Susu vs Swamy page

इन विराट उल्लू-के-पठ्ठओं को क्या कभी समझ आएगी? राष्टवाद के नाम पर देश की नाक कटा रहे हैं!

No one can identify the parody and the stupid account based on this Vatican post from the real account.

If the real page was, indeed, deleted, can you blame facebook’s operator and not Swamy for nurturing such delusional/marijuanical विराट विचार?

गाए हमारी माता है, सांड़ हमारा बाप!

I am cooking some stir-fry beef marinated in Soya+Fish sauce and lemon juice.

Later, I will take the peelings from the vegetables (that I have collected over the last few days) to the nearby Shiv-Mandir and feed them to the cows.

Am I a good Hindu, Bhaskar Gaur?

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  1. slyronit
    Posted Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 12:17 | Permalink

    It is understandable that you want to give the cows, the best diet possible, as you are in-directly feeding yourself.

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