InterNatz ke aapko dhhakkan banaane ki trick nambar 7.

Just like this unsubstantiated story, the internet is rife with such videos.

That video, in my post, or at least the appeal, turned out to be fake.

That is why I wondered if this was also a very old/fake video.

And it is!

Last night, my first thought on seeing the video was that these were orphans and saying that share fast so that the parents could reach the hostel sounded like -“Bhaiyo Behno… Sale ke aakhri 2 din. 2000 k@a maal sirf 95.99 mein. Jaldi karein!”

and that was not untrue, either!

Sorry buddy, they, the spammers got the best of you and your insaaniyat!

I hope that we learn this new “Internet ki Choo banane ki Ability” ka lesson!

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