Hunter “Sex” Yelton

How viperous this appropriately named, menacingly evil, sexual harasser is! “Hunter”. He started by kissing his classmate’s hand. Poor girl shall be traumatized for the rest of her life. But, rejoice. She is safe now. Hunter Yelton has been expelled from school and today and in the remaining future, till InterNatz lives, the entire world and its schools shall know about this Hunter paedophile whose photo is all over the internet and has “sex-offender” written over his school record. By the time he starts getting erections, in another 6-8 years, methinks, he would have been completely disciplined and admitted to the Gynophobiaized innards of maledom. To make a better start, get this man chemically/surgically castrated ASAP. Whether or not it makes him the next Ted Bundy, we don’t have to worry. He is a man, after all and can take care of all his emotions. Long live femiNazism.

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