Playing The Rape-Game.

Rubens Rape

They get into a verbal, disenchanting fight at 3 AM and he walks out of her house.

Next morning.

She, on phone, “Hello baby! What are you doing?”

He, “Reading Indian Express.”

She, “Baby, I am getting ready to take a bath and then go to the Police Station for a rape FIR against you.”

He thinks about last night, smiles at the God-sent inaction, “Go right ahead. Should I send a Radio Cab to your place?”

She, “You sound pretty unconcerned! I wonder?”

He, “Never you mind. Go right ahead.”

She, “Baby, guess what I did to all your used condoms the last time you came a-visiting last month?”

He, “…”

She, “I put them all in the freezer! Now, after calling my last boy friend home and playing Rape-Rape with him, I am going to paint even my ceiling fan with ‘The Incriminating Evidence’. You have a good day there!”

He starts sweating. One year now, he still is!

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