Happy of the BirthDay!

Question asked by my OLDEST friend.

Best friend since 08th December, 1979.

Most of you have know Rahul alias chotu fr quite some time and are more than aware of his PERSONALTA..Please check on of the following options that apply to him at this newly acquired agestone..

  • Rahul kay bachpanay ka ek saal aur kam ho gaya
  • Rahul ki jawanni ka ek saal aur kam ho gaya
  • Rahul has grown JAWANer by one more year
  • Rahul kay budhapy ka ek saal aur badh gaya
  • bachpan, jawani and budhapa do not apply in Rahul’s case..he has just grown RAHULer by one more year

You can change your vote until the moderator closes this poll.

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