Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam Sab ko sanmati de Bhagwaan

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Is every *M*iddle finger worth it’s 3.2 grammes of weight that you KNOW that you don’t deserve?


Say something, people, say SOMETHING! I am tired of the middle fingers. They taste awful. They really do!

Like the place they have been most. You …know where!

How would this kid taste? Tandoori? Half-Fried? Or let it stew in its own juice, it shall bring out the flavour!

Gursharan S. Sidhu
Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam
Sab ko sanmati de Bhagwaan

Rahul Sharma
Oh badle badle lagde ne, ohna dil ucheya naal la laye ne. Kehnde tuhadi na koi lod rahi, asi sajjan hor

bana laye ne.

Asi akkhiyan bhar ke keh ditta “jitthe marzi parakh ke dekh lawo”…. Read more

*Kehnde-se-lagde-ne* “sahnu tuhanu vart len di lor nahi, saade kol rabb de diye bhot hain. Tusi dasso,

tussi *kinnu* vart ke dekhoge? Hain Jee? Tell Tell, PushPaa…”

Ohde bol goonjde kanna vich ajj v, dil utte bhhi laune rehnde ne, kadon kadon…

Hun dushman labbde firde haa, asi yaar bnaune di koshish band karte rehnde haa.

Fuck it, going to Railway Station for a Smoke, I think I need one!
Guri, I swear by my dead and gone father, this is the EXACT and ONLY prayer I chant in-front of my rather unusual Pooja-Ghar.

Rahul Sharma

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