High Time?

Yesterday I went to the marriage and later reception of Jaideep, son of Gursharan Uncle. I met many of my Father’s old friends and was especially impressed by the unforgettable social skills of Raman Saluja and his devoted wife.

Had two large ones of Smirnoff Vanilla on both occasions. Came home and slept.

Now come the dreams! Weird ones.

I, Rahul Sharma, declare ::: All the interpretations, Now OPEN.

I, Rahul Sharma, declare all the interpretations, now, OPEN.

In the first, I joined some company and they accommodated me in top floor of some nice airy and well-lit high rise apartment on sharing basis. And who turned out to be my flatmate? Thankfully not Megan Fox or Carmen Electra as my sub-conscious does dwell on the exaggerated, like in these two previous posts! Along with some other colleagues; mye-ole-timer-lassie. It was one of those big apartments and we all had separate rooms. Over the days (this one single night) things went on and we both moved in one room. Things followed and we ended up marrying! Like it had to happen2 years ago.

This re-meeting was predicted to my Dearest Mausi by an astrologer that I shall be meeting someone and getting engaged. It shall not go through. However, later, it shall materialize with the same girl.

Is this some kind of strange omen? Have I gotten into too lonely a mind-set? Or was it the effect of the wedding and the reception and the daroo that I had partaken? Whatever! That one ended soon enough and I woke up parched.

Found that the water bottle had spilt over and thus got a new one from downstairs at about 3 AM. Then came the second!

This one was short and simple. I was biking in some mountains, alone. Met and MUTUALLY fell in love and married and honeymoon-ed this OLD favourite of mine, high up in the mountains of Himachal, the Land of Gods.

p.s. The second one did compliment the obvious exaggeration that my id dwells on!


  1. Pavit
    Posted Thu, May 28, 2009 at 16:51 | Permalink

    And what happened later?? Rahul how was the feeling of being in love??

    Come on, share on the mail id.


  2. Posted Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 02:45 | Permalink

    Sweet dreams…eh? :D


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