Contentious Voter.

Sadly he belongs to 43%...

Sadly he belongs to 43%...

I went to the voting booth early as to avoid the rush. I should not have!

There are 20 votes at our address. (My Father was an MLA from this constituency and hence many people got themselves registered at our address)

ALL the names were there except mine!

Tried to inquire with the officials and they said, “It is not there and that is it!”

Who is responsible for this fiasco?

  1. I, who did not verify my existence in time and was complacent (or is it CONFIDENT) about the system and did assUme that my name shall be there?

  1. The system/System?

  1. The lack of awareness and any campaign to tell people to verify their damned‑GodForsaken-poll-I-tical existence? ( missed this one!)

  1. Some political sabotage? (Ahem!)

I spent about 3 hours in the Congress booth at the voting station and noticed about 40% of very indignant people coming out with BLANK finger tips. About the same number as in the BJP and BSP booths. Their names were just not there!

Then there is a harping that there is low voter turnout in India and people do not care!

Fcuk Democracy and the Election Commission and me too (the Hardest), for being unworried!

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  1. Nadeem
    Posted Mon, May 11, 2009 at 17:56 | Permalink

    Better take care & get yourself register right now atleast & dont wait for next elections…anyways, i think we will have to vote again very soon


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