The only Cheapo!

Methinks, all companies try to make their product look better and costlier/expensive-er/un-cheaper than it actually is.

However, this  pen that I got form Ahmadabad is a total paradox!

The dear designers at Zhenjue (there is no website) have actually worked on the design to make it look less expensive than it is.

This one looks like a gel pen, replete with the ink-tank markings that are found on most of the pens of this category.

The Pen.

Here it is, with the cap closed. However, once we open it, what do we see?

The Fountain Pen

It is one of the smoothest fountain pens that I have ever used, and though not as expensive as others, cost nearly 15 times what a normal gel pen would have!

The guys went to lengths to deck the fountain pen in a gel pen’s garb.

I wonder why!

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  1. Ashu
    Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 21:01 | Permalink

    Where is your Parker 75 and Pilot Quatro? Also other COSTly ones that many in MLN hostel wanted to steal and you still kept there?


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