Still Blank…

There is quite a lot that has happened over these few months and might even be written over here and shared.

Especially about my coming to Aapdo Aamdabad (Our Ahmedabad) and the various experiences.

However, whenever I sit with this page in front of me, I get BLANK.

Today, again the same happened. For how long, I do not know. :-(


Lets try to fill in the Blanks..

After shifting to Aapdo Aamdabad  I am working day shifts after working night shifts for sooo long  in Good Gaanva  and may be this is one big reason that I am drawing BLANK.

I want to write about so many things but then something new happens and I am not sure which  one should I be writing about.  I mean I end up composing sentences and then I delete them thinking “who cares”. But then I sit down again next time thinking “Well! some do and at least I will get someone thoughts on the happening in my life!”

Do I compare the Dilliwallahs and the Dil_lee(but never dee)_walis with “I a m not sure anything about them” Aamdabad wallahs and walis OR do  I write about my recent  “SPIRIT less”  life or  do I write about the Mumbai attacks that everybody is talking about or may be how the Dilliwallahs and Aamdabaad waallahs differ in their reaction to Mumbai.



  1. Posted Monday, December 22, 2008 at 20:56 | Permalink

    Hi! I am still alive and am glad to know that you are too. :)


  2. Posted Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 03:37 | Permalink

    Just keep writing. NO such thing as a ‘spiritless’ life-unless you’re a rock.
    Be a mountain-see yourself, your goodness, your compassion.
    You are worth this life, live it!

    RL Phelps

    I shall keep writing. In fact, I have even started writing my will and and last testament. But, I am feeling more like a rock, these days. But how do you know that I am compassionate enough to have a worthy life?


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