15th August. No Dreaded dream this time that I care to remember…

Yester-night I was scared of this on-going LONG weekend… There was nothing that i could think of doing. And I am off drinking here… I had resolved this before coming that I shall drink only in Delhi or in Bombay and that too NOT with a particular set of friends. Never here…. And I am keeping it good… There is always some lying in my house. My LandLord hides it there and keeps on offering me some, all the time… But not ME!!! But the time pass factor that daroo afforded is gone… Anyway, I finished the book that I’d started for the 4th time, by about 4:30 AM and then went to sleep.
I was woken up at 9 by two kids inviting me, like all other 160 house-holders in our society, to the inauguration of their “Papa’s new Mobile phone shop.” They were a Cute sight… Though I was Oh-so-sleepy, I could not help smile at the 5-6 year old child’s invitation.
Got up at 10 and cleaned up the house a bit. I have not yet completely settled here at Ahmedabad and thus I have not asked for my belongings from up north to be sent here and have also put the arrival of my Man-Friday, Prakash, on hold. Anyway. I cleaned up the place as little as I could with that stupid plastic broom.
Soaked the few shirts I’ll wash tomorrow morning.
Walked about 1 Km to the “Papa’s new Mobile phone shop” inauguration and got myself a 201 kaa fullam-full takltime recharge for the Reliance phone, just as a shagun. The Papa was all excited when I told him about his two too cute kids… And he shook BOTH my hands oh-so-profusely when he realized that I’d come to that side of the area JUST for the recharge… Sharp business man. The mother was more interested in knowing if I paid 200 or 201 for the recharge. This much Gujurati I can understand! And the Papa wanted her to hushup and get some IceScream for me that I had to decline on account of my jehad against my regained 7 Kgs.
Talked to a property dealer to show me some houses and he asked for “about 1 hour.” I thought of browzing through the local outlet of Crossword as I have not got my books here and constantly crave for something to read. I think they stock up on pirated books. Some of them GENUINELY looked pirated… I will take up the matter at my level, later, Much later…
His one hour took a good 4 hours and by the end of the un-wait for his phone call, I was richer by 6 Books. The randiest of them all, “The Ultimate Book of Filthy Jokes. This one takes the cake when it comes to raunchy joke books. I read only three jokes and I was in SPLITS in there… and it was SOLD!!! There were so many stares.. I tell you! I had to close it not due to them, but due to my aching stmach. Then in the coffee shop I could not resist it. I AGAIN had to SHUT IT UP as I might have tipped the table over with my laughter… Get this one! Highly recomended.
Others are 5 different collections of short stories by, Maxim Jakubowski, M. Christainson, Franz Kafka, James Joyce and one assorted.
There were more there that I wanted but then postponed them for the next month’s shopping.
Checked out 3 houses. All not upto it. Tomorrow I shall be going to check more houses. I have talked to 3 dealers and I am sure, between those three, I shall be able to find a suitable one. This way, tomorrow shall be taken care of as well. tell me I am smart bean!
Then I came to office to just have one last look at our preparations for the dreaded Auditors’ visit on Monday. Everything was as I had left it yesterday! PERFECTLY organized! I am jolly proud of this one!
That’s all folks. I am tired.
P.S. Though I did think of updating this blog….I could not think of anything to write about. Not in the right mood. Just got the idea that I might steal some content off this email that I had written to a friend and post it there about this EXCI-frigging-TING weekend… And that is what you just read. A small stolen piece from an email.

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