Ms. Bhutto

Last night reminded me of the night when I heard the news about Mr. Rajiv Gandhi!

The feeling was just-so the same!

The anger, the helplessness and the futility of it all…

I *do* mind this scheme of things.



  1. Diaz
    Posted Sun, Jan 20, 2008 at 01:18 | Permalink

    Of all the people, I least expected to see a comment on Bhutto incidence on your blog. And again of all the blogs this would be the only one where I would bother to give my 2 cents.
    I am not sure but, what the news about Beta R. Gandhi made you feel, but I used to go to a summer tennis camp and that days practice got cancelled and that bothered me more than news about RG. After many years as I got more informed about the ‘facts of life..especially political ones’ and the refelction on 1984 riots, 91 riots, first gulf war, the long Iran Iraq war that only BBC urdu would report in detail about in the pre-cable tv era, and then the latest 9/11 US, 7/7 UK, 12/13 India etc. the one thing that I realized is we will probably never know the truth in this ‘oh so Orwellian’ world of ours. I rememberd feeling bad in 4th grade about Mama I. Gandhi’s assasination and now that I know a few facts from here and there about the real Mama Gandhi I feel so bad about those bad feelings of a 4th grader. IN the present times nothing of this sort makes me feelthat bad be it soldiers’families mourning at the coffins coming from Iraq or those insurgents who are getting killedin Iraq and other places. What hurts most is the people who lose lives and (especially of children) in the crossfire. Bhuto, IG, RG are irrelevant.. they might even have deserved what they got.. but no child in the world deserves to die due to violence of either the defenders or the offenders , of the occupiers or the freedom fighters. What saddens me and scares me is the possibility of my kids being subjected to or even witnessing such violence.Many would disagree but the so called uncivilized barabarians of the past who sorted out thier differnces in the battle fields on a one to one basis were probably not getting innocent kids and women or even men involved.
    Like every other major event (I won’t call it a tragedy) Bhutto’s assasination is and will be used by every quarter to suit their benefit. In addition to the default suspects (the west hating Islamists) everey one else, the US govt, the British govt, the opposition parties in Pak, the military in Pak, and many others would gain from her death. What bothers me is everytime one of these well-privleged power hungry poltical sleezebags and manipulators get killed by one of their own the media and (so do the people) go on to this pseudo-philosopical and pseudo sympathetic tirade of concern and ‘oh-whys’ and ‘oh-how-unfortnate and trageic’. The media dictates and sets the mood for how the people should react and the people duly oblige.

    Ra. You express the anger, helplessness and the futility of it all and complain about the scheme of things, but these are the very people (Bhutto and every one else between DC and Islamabad) who are responsible this scheme of things and for making us angry and helpless. And the irony is that it is the assasination of one these very people and not those of their pawns, the common man, the innocent children (who get killed DAILY) that makes one of your types to write a blog entry and one my type to take time to respond to it. Otherwise we let these people be and switch back to our, movies, sports and entertatinment et. al.
    Stretch your imagination to the max and then think what would have happend if the media and the whole world reacted in this manner to the death of every innocent life and treated the death of one these (Bhutto etc,)as just another life lost. To put in someone else’s words “Where is our sense of outrage?”

    Ra. There you hit the right one, yet once again !!! More to follow…


  2. Posted Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 23:36 | Permalink

    Take a look at and,9171,1699877,00.html

    She was Ms. Bhutto and not Mrs. Bhutto, since the latter seems to imply that she was married to some one called Mr. Bhutto.

    Re. the Mrs / Ms I stand corrected. Ra.


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