Choosy Beggar…

She was dressed in inexpensive *designer-types* salwaar-kameez with a jhola to boot! Looked like one of those social-cause waali AuntyJi.

We were in our car at AIIMS crossing. That was the time when there was a Red-Light there. (I wonder why we do not call it Green-Light???)

“Hi Guys! How are doing today? Now, look, that light is going to turn green soon. Make up your minds fast. Give me 10 rupees so that I can have some tea. Come On!”

All in one breath!

We gave the money and WITHOUT a single word reached our destination!



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  1. Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 00:06 | Permalink

    A ‘red light’ can very conveniently be referred to as a ‘traffic signal’. In fact, a director called Madhur Bhandarkar has recently made a movie by that name.

    Interesting beggar meanwhile…


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