“Bemurravat Logon ke tarle karte karte thhak gayaa hoon main!”


Apathetic People… Do they really deserve the concern that one, on account of one’s character, showers on them??? And for HOW Long can one go on without becoming apathetic oneself???

I have been thinking about this for QUITE some time… I do not get any answers. I do not WANT any answers. As I already know them. And them answers, too damned hurtful. Hurtful to Ego, to self… on the most basic level, To Self Respect!

And then, THEY say, no one can hurt/insult you without your consent! And I cannot counter this one… However, to be immune to such emotions, one’s self needs to heartless and apathetic enough, and that is where the story started! Right???

So, who wins the war?

This reminds me of the last scene of the movie Verdict.

Who do you think won that case???


  1. Posted Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 07:13 | Permalink

    I write at times… I read more… And then, i get fanatically Tired !!! I like this. So true.


  2. Posted Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 09:15 | Permalink

    I see apathy all around me, even among those very close to me and those that I call my own. It makes me feel very lonely. As if no one cares for and no one loves any one or anything the way I do and therefore no one can understand the way I think and feel… Sometimes apathy gets the better of me too!


  3. Posted Monday, June 18, 2007 at 22:23 | Permalink

    I was sent a poem-on-request by Sanix, in response to what I read at Unique’s Blog Comment
    Here it is… I thought this one fits here… But that one is about NOT doing it deliberately.
    Yun hi hansi hansi main
    hum dilon se khel jate hain
    koi choti si teekhi baat
    koi chubhta hoa jumla
    koi zehar aalod lehja
    sunne wale ke dil par ghao laga jaati hai
    phir kitene hi talafi ke marham lagao
    qatrah qatrah khon
    tapakta hi rehta hai
    woh ansoo
    jo aankh se girta hi nahin
    andar hi andar jam jaata hai
    barf par gire garam mom ke qatre ki tarah
    aur woh barf toh shayed
    waqt ki garmi se pighal jaati hai
    magar woh qatra
    jab bhi pighalne lagta hai phail jaata hai
    badh jaata hai bas khatam nahin hota
    yun hi hansi hansi main
    hum dilon se khel jaate hain


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