What is Beauty? Collection of right Skin and Bones, inherited from Parents ???


Now t h i s a r t i c l e hits the Hard Spot… Oh So Sweetly…

Somewhere deep…Deep there where you do not know you even existed…

Deep where your wet dreams cry out loud

:::H A V O C :::

and let loose the dogs of wild SEX-ED Up fantasies…

In mind and in heart… and other places of the anatomy and psyche…

And I am THINKING… And I shall be thinking for quite some time now…


P.S. In Case the Link up there is dead or the article has been removed, you can read it here

The image up there can be found in all these places… All me takes, here.

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  1. […] https://rahuldoes.wordpress.com/2006/12/30/beauty-2/ 21 April at 15:39 · Nitin’s Latest. Why only aim at stopping one sensation. For control, food, sleep, sight, smell are contending too.


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