Driving Instructions


To Current, Past and Future homes. (Houses?)

This direction is to an old house.

Coming from New Delhi AirPort / IFFCO Chowk:-

Take a Left from Signature Tower.

There is a Business Center (On Right Side) 1-2 Kms down the road, and JUST after that we have a small 3-way roundabout with right road going to Sohna…

Take the Left road, you get another roundabout, with left going to IFFCO, straight going to Galleria Area,

Take a right from here…

3 Kms down, we see Tau Devi Lal Herbal park on to the Left.

1 KM down the road, Scottish High School on Right.

Take Left from the Daroo Ka Thhekka that is just on the T-Point intersection.

T Point take Right.

Some Crappy Medical Center, just after that, take left.

1 Society, 2 Society , 3 Empty Plot, 4th Plot/3rd Society. PiB Gharonda.

House Number 1-D. Diagonally Opposite to the gate, in 3-D (3 Dimensions).

Home Phone o987l97422O.

Kailash or Prakash would pick it up!

While returning from Daksh, take a left from IFFCO chowk.

From the first red light, just before the Malls, 40-50 meters down on this Mehrouli Gurgaon road, take a right.
After about 6.5 kms, you will see a Tau Devi Lal park on your left.
Cross it.
You will come across Royal Properties on the right, opposite to it, on the right side, there is a road going to Devender Vihar (It will be on your left). Take that.
On the end-T, take a right.
There will be Anand Medical Center.
Right next to it, take the first left going towards Priyadarshini Apartments.

PIB Gharonda is just prior to it. We are the III society in the line, though not that famous.

See you there…
Rahul Sharma

My Silver Bullet Bike, DL 4S AK 8629, in the parking lot shall confirm your worst doubts… Hehehe… DL4SAK8629 DL 4 S AK 8629 DL 4S AK 8629 DL4SAK 8629 DL4 SAK8629 DL 4SAK8629 DL4S AK8629


  1. Posted Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 12:54 | Permalink

    And, no, this Silver Bullet has nothing to do with slaying were-wolves and the like… :D


  2. himanshu
    Posted Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 09:38 | Permalink

    This is hillarious…
    I wait for Y! or google maps…
    can they be so illustrative? Ever…

    have u ever wondered – why while every other techno stuff we get in india a couple of years later….y!google maps could not make their way in???


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