My Cellular Phone; Nokia 2280 and The Scare Ver.2.

My Cellular Phone; Nokia 2280 and The Scare Ver.2.

In December 2004, I was in Pondha, trying to participate in a shooting competition. We were staying in a Gurukul as it was:-

i. close-by,

ii. a new experience and

iii. quite less crowded than the Shooting Range.

The REAL participants used to wake up at 5, take a COLD bath under an overhead OPEN mass shower,(I was told it was ONE hell of an experience, considering the temperature was close to 2-5 degrees Centigrade), have their SUPER-HOT Gurukul-Kangri Tea and leave in their Maruti Gypsies by 7.

I, however, used to get up at 7-8-9, have my Gukukul-Kangri tea and then walk to the place as walking there was fun…

One day, in the middle of the competition, I lost my Cellular Phone. (That story some other day…) I found it after 3 months when the guy who found it below the seat of his for-hire jeep, got to know what the thing was and some one had a charger. As soon as it was switched on, one of my weekly pending messages was delivered!

Losing by beloved 15 Month old phone was The Scare Ver.1

Version 2, MUCH Serious, happened last night…

At about 7 PM, my phone went BLANK, as it usually does as it is Java Based. It usually comes back to life in about 5-10 seconds.

HOWEVER, this time, 5 seconds became 10 became 20 became 60 became 1,500 became 16,420 and my heartbeat went up by a dissimilar proportion as :-

A) This is a Non-SIM-Card based phone and has about 750 telephone numbers. (And this figure of 750 is a VERY Very Conservative one….)

B) I do not have a backup, either on Paper or Digital.

C) I did buy a USB Data Cable about 8-9 months ago, but it was not the right model, so I had been using the WORLD’s MOST Expensive Radio (Guess this One, First winner gets a Pizza!!!) to charge my Phone using the World’s MOST Expensive Charger.

Till about 11 PM I worried myself about it… Then, the best thing I could do was,get philosophical about it…

I decided to buy a new phone and

Make a FRESH Start….

(I have been forced to make many of these, these days…Very sorrily/desperately/forcibly so, at times!!!)

But the entire night I had, apart from my other disturbing dreams, dreams about losing touch with the people whom I used to call.. People Dear and Careless enough to NOT call, EVER…

But after a lot of effort to go to sleep, (in the MOST awesome bedroom of my life, by the way!) I went down having drawn the conclusions -:

  1. A) BackUp.
  2. B) backUp.
  3. C) backUP.
  4. D) Be ready, ever-ready, to make a fresh beginning. As Robert de Niro said in Heat…

Tomorrow morning, I am sending my Cook to go up to Nehru Place and get the entire thing backed up and get a data cable as well.

Much relieved,


P.S. It did come up at about 1 PM, today.

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